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get alderweireld+eriksen+wanyama+jose callejon mkhitaryan for 30 euros is too much
4th Jul 2013 14:29
4th Jul 2013 14:30
"Boom, get him signed then, good competition at the back but probably means my man Martin is outta here!"
4th Jul 2013 14:33
"This would be a good for us should he come to anfield. It would put so much stability at the back and allows attacking play to do its make it happen"
4th Jul 2013 14:48
"9xcommander: how can you calculate all of them 30 euros?? "
4th Jul 2013 15:08
"Yes, Alderweireld, Eriksen, Wanyama>>>Top 4 here we go."
4th Jul 2013 15:10
"ari89 i mean there are better alternatives than paying 30 euros for him"
4th Jul 2013 15:11
"Alderweireld 11m, Eriksen 15m(but rationally I think hes worth 20m+), Wanyama 10m = 36m Euros"
4th Jul 2013 15:14
"would love it if we got him but talksport seem to be profiling every player under the sun"
4th Jul 2013 15:17
"if he joined us that would be 4 good cb agger toure skertal and alderweirid that should keep each of them on their toes.."
4th Jul 2013 15:38
"Like i said its better to have one world class player. than to have a bunch of unseful players arround anfield.get mkhitayan and papadopolous.they are magic."
4th Jul 2013 15:43
"Get Papa, Wanyama, Mcmanaman, Mkhitaryan, Hooper....if Suarez leaves sign Benteke."
4th Jul 2013 15:55
"belgians are like buses at anfield, u wait for 1 and 2 arrive(hopefully)"
4th Jul 2013 15:57
"If we can get Mkhitaryan and Toby/Papa then can close the business. Mkhi will be a hit, a perfect no.10. If we can play with two no. 10 players in Coutinho and Mkhi, it will be really exciting. If Luis leaves, then should get a replacement."
4th Jul 2013 17:11
"Along with this guy we must get Eriksen and the Icing on the cake will be Mkitaryan, if we can get him. Norwich seem to be hesitant on Ola Toiven but we could get the guy for under 10mil and he is a player I feel would really flourish at LFC, Tom Ince is another for the squad we need to get."
4th Jul 2013 17:19
"In the days before the internet.... well what Kenny should do is get rushie back from juventus, Staunton has still got it, play barnes in the middle, and we've got some youngsters called Robbie fowler and steve mcmanaman that I think will turn out to be great players, maybe give them a few games in the first team. Just thought i'd be different and have a laugh "
4th Jul 2013 17:20
"Disclaimer: I know they were different eras, so don't point it out, it was just a joke ;-)"
4th Jul 2013 18:06
"9commander do you know how much 30euros in sterling ( I mean English sterling not Raheem Sterling in case you get confused for one more time)."
4th Jul 2013 18:31
"pls get him and let Martin Skrtel quit.. he has done well "
4th Jul 2013 19:24
"Bistry that comment really made me chuckle! Some people eh? At least there's still some sane people posting on these forums!"
4th Jul 2013 20:47
"I know we are a family club, but we do need either MAMA Sakho or PAPA as in Papadopulos,, Who's next BILLY THE KID ???? "
4th Jul 2013 23:44
"9xcommander Lool you mean 30 million euros. Come on fellow lfc fans, instead of mocking 9xcommander you should explain the mistake to him/her. "
5th Jul 2013 2:51
"Toby looks a better player than Pappadop."
5th Jul 2013 3:34
"ya lets just get xavi,iniesta messi ronaldo wanyama alonso pogba etc etc.. you sound like such idiots with your 5 million targets,fools,keep quiet... We will only get one or two more signings.. a defender and an attacking midfielder.. alderweireld and mkhitaryan... possibly one youngster ince.. thats it.. not another 10 people calm down unrealistic fools"
5th Jul 2013 4:15
"Spending little moneys on cheaper players makes us no different from what other midtable teams do! I'd rather have +25m class player than few cheaper players!"
5th Jul 2013 6:40
"You all think FSG has no money? They just rebuild the Boston Red Sox team to be a contender again in MLB. They'll buy players if BR needs them. But not KD style........"
5th Jul 2013 8:43
"Oh no buy a LB forget Alderweireld "