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Would love to see more Jordon in the first 11 this season, no rush though ;) And welcome back Stewie, great goal indeed!
4th Jul 2013 16:05
4th Jul 2013 16:16
"Why is every video only for members? I like to watch behind the scenes and training videos too you know."
4th Jul 2013 16:17
"few goals and you will be sorted early this season get the confidence going YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 18:26
"Not being rude but he needs to be sold. For the little he offers to the team, he takes up much more in his over inflated wages."
4th Jul 2013 19:25
"Jordan Ibe, a Liverpool star of the future. Keep working hard, show the right atude and you've every chance of succeeding."
4th Jul 2013 19:46
"Lets get behind Stewie, he's an experienced player and is needed. He's put in plenty of good perfomances. Fair Do's he's not set LFC alight like expected but he can still grow into a great player for us. Love to see him emulate his previous clubs good form. A useful tool to pick out of the box. No pun intended:)"
4th Jul 2013 20:08
"Great. Bring me to an article and then refuse to show it to me!!"
"I wander why some pipo get against stewart D,hes an experienced lad who needs some game time am sure hes going to prove some ppl wrong lets go stewi.NYWA"
4th Jul 2013 20:53
"I think old stewie a class act.. I hope he stays this season.."
4th Jul 2013 21:35
"Love it how dedicated Kolo Toure was on Ibe goal. That man has a point to prove!"
4th Jul 2013 21:56
"iwantMESSI, well picked up on the Kolo act.. I must say I looked more at the Mignolet effort haha.. and how about BR giving Jordon that nice shout out.. lets hope he doesn't become a teachers pet like Jonjo and then suffer the same fate! J/k, Ibe's a future star! Anyway, alternate kits aside, I'm excited for 13/14!"
LfC sheen
4th Jul 2013 22:53
"Downing has had enough chances.. He's not an exciting player, he doesn't score goals and he doesn't assist that many either what does he bring to the team?? No the kind of experience I want in the team IMO "
4th Jul 2013 23:54
"People moaning about not getting to view these clips,well get an online membership then its only 2.99 a month not hardly going to brake the bank. You probably spend that on crap every day quit moaning wanting everything for free. Anyway peach of a goal from downing he needs to start doing that more next season cut in let rip if you dont take the chance you dont score. "
5th Jul 2013 2:21
"our new keeper is useless,i can c tat from this video!"
5th Jul 2013 2:43
"what was that thing Simon did in goal? YNWA"
5th Jul 2013 6:15
"man,many hurry!he's only 17 years old!He's on the team Liverpool!I was at his age smoked marijuana much,even me police arrested,luck was that I was underage so I got 6 months of supervision!both goals were great,it would not be just to the Liverpool website!just let them continue and to achieve these goals in the match as the Stevie-G makes in years ago. captain fantastic of England and Liverpool!"
5th Jul 2013 8:38
"you should be a member muppet juvenile"