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where is our marquee signing ?
6th Jul 2013 10:18
6th Jul 2013 11:10
"Apart from Kolo who is good player but coming to the end , the rest are nobody's (yet,give them time) from Jan until now and not one player of note , spends more on a goal keeper than an outfield player looks like Suarez is off, so BR who is going to score the goals , i know leave it to the youngsters again, that worked last season, yea, "
Chris Regie
6th Jul 2013 11:50
"These 4 signings are great, Iago to replace downing, kolo to fill Carra's place, Alberto could play behind sturridge and Mignolet a very gud replacement for reina who is smtimes inconsistent and sloppy. "
6th Jul 2013 12:49
"dis story should be renamed " most story people already know". instead of concetrating on reporting further signings,u are here ditching us old news."
6th Jul 2013 13:34
"We must all learn Spanish as we expect our signings to learn English/scouse. haha"
Vosta Lee
6th Jul 2013 17:23
"Last time I checked Luis Suarez was a Liverpool player. Where do all the fans claiming that Suarez is gone and we don't have a big name signing get their information from?"
6th Jul 2013 17:40
"Sign Michu"
6th Jul 2013 19:15
"Marquee signings are not the answer, I would be happy with 4 5mill players that can work as a team with the systems we use than 1 20mill player thinking he is better than the team. YNWA96"
7th Jul 2013 1:43
"apas energy on the left or right will b great 4 us. he a very hard worker. alberto got bags of talents. only c him getting better. he dribbling and passing skills r better then some of or older player. so he progress well. "
8th Jul 2013 8:39
"If they are not awning I do not know who is ! just so you know more reinforcements arrive !"
8th Jul 2013 11:00
"why is everybody going on about getting a marquee signing. Suarez has not left so why people talking as if he has. and why do we have to spend 20million plus to show what we are about, look at countinho cost 8million and is excellent, we spent 35million on Carroll and look how that turned out. Don't judge the new signings until they are playing on the pitch, "
8th Jul 2013 11:34
"so weve signed 4 players who are not english what happend to were only signing young english players or is that the other way aroound were only selling young english players rodgers what happened to the fella from shahktar just think another 2 mill and we would of had a world class midfielder "
8th Jul 2013 12:43
"We won't finish 4th. When you think about it Mingolet will play in some sort of rotation, Toure won't play every game he isn't in his 20s no more. Aspas will do well good dribbling and work rate. Alberto isn't starting 11 material and i have seen him play. Barcelona B to our first team come on, he has ability and potentional but we need someone like Eriksen. "
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 13:52
"I think we need to sign players who are better than our current players. I'm not sure we've done that yet. They've about the same as our current fringe players. IMO that won't improve our league posion. Toure could end up being important, but we need 3 more of his status imo."
8th Jul 2013 15:30
"wow shingaling doubting alberto before he has kicked a ball for us, I bet you also slated PC and sturridge before he arrived. without adding anyone, in the last six months of the league we would have finished 2nd! Alberto/aspas is better than hendo and downing, so our squad is stronger, Kolo is an immense player add to that a top keeper, the future looks bright!"
8th Jul 2013 15:33
"I believe we only need Alonso, for allen/hendo to learn from and provide quality from middle of the pitch! If saurez goes then buy a striker that is a team player (unlike saurez) with great movement and finishing ability, all the right cogs make a gearbox work properly not just one big cog and smaller ones!"
8th Jul 2013 16:47
"I hope LFC signs someone to excite the fans before the pre-season tour as this would counter some of the negative media LFC have had of late... FSG it's time to show the fans and the world that LFC are going to be challenging next season... YNWA"
LfC sheen
8th Jul 2013 23:19
"Love people moaning about players before they've even kicked a ball for us :s thought we were supposed to be the best fans in the world... Lets get behind the team"
8th Jul 2013 23:43
"IF Suarez stays we do not really need a 'marquee' signing as some seem to believe - we have strengthened the squad well with these players Im sure.BR's transfers have got consistently better since he arrived. IF Suarez leaves we could well use the cash to fund a strong replacement. Stop moaning so early into the TW and welcome the players we've bought please!YNWA"
9th Jul 2013 16:57
"The Light you are dumb my friend. If you watched other leagues you would know PC was good before he joined and even Inter fans were disappointed he left. Luis Alberto is good but not good enough right now we need better players as our mid is weak. "