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It appears that Toure is a starter as BR wants experience at the back. Kit is bad but looks better on players. Obviously a simple kit like 1st kit would be better. Does anyone know when Sturridge can start training?
4th Jul 2013 13:20
4th Jul 2013 13:22
"Where is Sturridge? "
4th Jul 2013 13:22
"Please please please don't even think about wearing this in Melbourne!"
4th Jul 2013 13:24
"No-one bothered with the socks then ? Still trying to figure out which of the Black or Purple tops goes on the L or R legs ... or doesn't it matter ... cant wait to see who gets it wrong on match day !!!!"
4th Jul 2013 13:24
"only 4 EPL fixtures?? does that mean away kit will be used more often? *facepalm*"
4th Jul 2013 13:24
"i dunno but think it looks a lot better than i expected"
4th Jul 2013 13:27
"i dunno but think it looks a lot better than i expected"
4th Jul 2013 13:28
"if i had 25million quid a year to spare id give it to liverpool so i could make our shirts and stop warrior making these monstrosities absolute joke."
4th Jul 2013 13:28
"Gerrard doesn't look to happy in it. Still, it's better than the away kit. I'm not sure if they've just bad designers or gone for an 80s retro style."
4th Jul 2013 13:28
"This shirt is even worse than I first thought. Did anyone at Warrior have a design degree of did they get a 6 year old to design the shirts this year?"
4th Jul 2013 13:31
"Better than the away kit..."
4th Jul 2013 13:31
"Looks alot better than 1st thought and is also alot nicer than the away kit. But no point in buying it as they will only wear it about 4 or 5 times all season!"
4th Jul 2013 13:32
"Can't help but feel reminded of Barney the dinosaur when looking at our boys.. All jokes aside though, training is looking good. Seems like Stevie and Kolo are forming a bond there. Can't wait for the upcoming games. Walk on you Mighty Reds! YNWA <3"
4th Jul 2013 13:34
"Looks like Stevie found himself a new mate :-)"
4th Jul 2013 13:34
"A lot of pictures of Steven Gerrad in the new KIt, Warrior are very desperate to sell these kits.."
4th Jul 2013 13:34
"Nice to see Ngoo training! hope to see more of him this season."
4th Jul 2013 13:38
"I really love this third kit. As you can see in the picture. After all its not as bad as some people think."
Brazilian meastro10
4th Jul 2013 13:41
"I swear the photographer is inlove with Stevie as much as I am,lol wonderful pics though, really don't care about the kit, I love every kit that we have, because our name and emblem is on there and that's more important. YNWA Oh is that David Ngoo I see their? #excited times!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 13:42
"Funny how we all concluded the AWAY KIT is already really bad. Now look at the THIRD KIT, so disgusting? Maybe our opponents will go blind..."
4th Jul 2013 13:46
"chrisLFCcyprus - I agree with ya, it's actually looks not that bad on players, better than away kit anyway :) "
4th Jul 2013 13:47
"Wonder if Warrior will ever grow some taste. Seen other teams with warrior and they are just as bad. I hope next season they put out a jersey i want to buy... PLEASE!!!"
4th Jul 2013 13:47
"Poor sods. It looks even worse from a distance. The 2nd kit looks like it was designed by granny at Christmas, and this one... was the designer on crack? Would love to hear the players true opinions on this, given 99.9% of the commenters hate it."
4th Jul 2013 13:50
"There is only one word for this Kit along with the away one, "Disgusting", thankfully its not Liverpool that lose out on the sales but Warrior. Seriously the owners need to get a grip of there kit makers or change them completely. "
Brazilian meastro10
4th Jul 2013 13:57
"no 1 cares if you don't like it and don't want to get it, does there always have to be negativity on this site??"
4th Jul 2013 13:58
"Warrior have made the worst kits in the clubs history.Last years away was really bad and this years away and third are equally horrible. I can't understand why the club is allowing this to happen.The players look uncomfortable and embarrassed in those kits.They need to put those kits in the bin,and wear the training tops."
4th Jul 2013 13:58
"Christ, Ngoo is tall"
4th Jul 2013 13:58
"can they just ware the kit without the socks on matchday ??? would be alot better "
4th Jul 2013 14:01
"All of the pictures feature Toure and Gerrard together. Hope they have a good friendship to replicate the Gerrard Carra one. "
4th Jul 2013 14:14
"It looks like a training kit! Seems Toure and Gerrard are already mates."
4th Jul 2013 14:24
"I just threw up in my mouth."
4th Jul 2013 14:33
"i love all liverpool kits for this season and i will buy it all.. hopefully, agger will be our vice captain.. newcomer are still not qualified..but toure-agger partner will be rock"
4th Jul 2013 14:43
"is that a new tatto that agger as on his left leg! [picture 11] "
4th Jul 2013 14:47
"Forgetting about the kit for a moment, if the Suarez-to-Arsenal story is true,its time for BR and the board to go!!"
4th Jul 2013 14:52
"Typical moron Internet fans got all huffy bout this outfit and it's not even that bad when you see it in action. Oh well I guess on the net stupidity is a virtue and intelligent thought is regarded with contempt"
4th Jul 2013 14:55
"pic nr. 16: is that Ngoo? Holy he is massive !"
4th Jul 2013 14:55
"Mpfhahahaha why on this green earth would Loui Vito arsenal? To view their empty trophy cabinet? Some fans are sooooo stu.....well just view my earlier post!"
4th Jul 2013 14:56
"some fans include me hate this jersey, but still hope maybe this jersey will bring trophy at the end of the season.. "
4th Jul 2013 15:01
"can somebody tell me where suarez is"
4th Jul 2013 15:03
"You have a stalker"
4th Jul 2013 15:10
"downing in pic 25.."
4th Jul 2013 15:16
"Any pictures of Stevie G in the kit? ;o)"
4th Jul 2013 15:18
"Toure is a beast! BR go for Mcmanaman from Wigan before Everton. The kid is a little wizard who ripped City apart! He would play well with Coutinho, Luis Alberto, Aspas."
4th Jul 2013 15:22
"How long we got left on this contract with warrior......I just want this horror to end ASAP.....I cant take it no more"
4th Jul 2013 15:37
"The kits look horrible. As an American, I feel like I should apologize .... in earnest, no one in American wears Warrior. I wish we would have gotten Under Armor as our sponsor or at least the parent company of Warrior (New Balance), they at least have some common sense. These jerseys are cartoonish and make us look like clowns. "
4th Jul 2013 15:45
"This kit looks fine yes it is very different to kits in the past but that is the whole point to break away from the run of the mill boring kits, adidas have no imagination when it comes to making kits every year the kits look near enough the same just different colours for different teams. If you don't like it don't buy it simple as that. y.n.w.a"
4th Jul 2013 15:46
"No one messes with Ngoo. Ngoo smash. "
4th Jul 2013 15:52
"I used to think we had the best fans in the world but judging by all these negative comments every day on every story I am beginning to doubt it myself and I am a hardcore Liverpool fan, it hurt's to see so many supporters negative comments all the time. you would do well to remember the saying if you ain't got nothing positive to say don't say nothing at all. "
4th Jul 2013 16:00
"Some of the people commenting here are pretty stupid huh? The kit is pretty bad, but you don't have to buy it so it doesn't really matter. As for anyone who thinks Luis will go to Arsenal...stop watching football now cos you clearly know nothing. If he goes, it'll be Real or maybe Bayern. Won't be for much less than £50million either..."
4th Jul 2013 16:03
"I wish that David Ngoo will be given chance, also Assaidi, Spearing, Suso and Sterling. The Coach can divide the team into two parts for league and FA cup. A player can drop out of league to FA cup team and others can be promoted to the league team"
4th Jul 2013 16:06
"Last picture (no.37) - is that Beckham or Gerrard? :)"
4th Jul 2013 16:09
"It's a strip - not a uniform. What next, helmet and shoulder pads?"
Gordon Ottershaw
4th Jul 2013 16:09
"Some well uniformed posters asking we're Suarez is. Doesn't he know he's is in training camp at Real Madrid!,,, holiday 3 weeks and will join up with team in Aussie. "
4th Jul 2013 16:13
"Sterling's hairdo is terrible "
Tampa Kop
4th Jul 2013 16:14
"I can't remember the last time the players trained in the actual kits. Sounds like PR damage control to me. Regardless, these kits are a disgrace. I will not be spending my hard earned money to look " unique and dynamic." What does that corporate babble even mean? WARRIOR ARE YOU READING OUR COMMENTS? Do you even care??"
4th Jul 2013 16:14
"I love the colour purple and actually think this kit aint that bad! not sure about the odd sock thing though! went a lil too far there! lol Cant wait for the season to start! "
4th Jul 2013 16:14
"that is a training jersey if anything. what are warrior doing"
4th Jul 2013 16:16
"Toure is a monster and Kelly looks like he's in the mob, haha go on lads! "
4th Jul 2013 16:20
" of the worst kits ever..warrior need to go."
4th Jul 2013 16:32
"Try On! I still ain't buying. "
4th Jul 2013 16:36
"Kit ok as long as they do not wear those horrendous socks "
4th Jul 2013 16:37
"Seems to suit Skrtel"
4th Jul 2013 16:37
"Seems to suit Skrtel"
4th Jul 2013 16:46
"Nice kit! Love the retro touch."
4th Jul 2013 16:50
"i will get my new one"
4th Jul 2013 17:13
"Ok...the only explanation for the 'retro' away and third kit is to confuse the opposition with the colour highlights....."
4th Jul 2013 17:20
" if the away kit isn't bad enough...this is absolutely disgusting....what was the person or persons who came up with this thinking of? The sooner Warrior or kicked to the kerb the better. I always look forward to the away and 3rd kits but I deffo won't be buying any this year..!!!"
4th Jul 2013 17:30
"Is it just me or did the photographer take a lot of pictures of Mr Gerrard? I was initially not too keen on the kit but its growing on me..."
4th Jul 2013 17:34
"There is science behind the designing of our jerseys. .... The purpose will come to fruition with our away games, more wins for sure. "
4th Jul 2013 17:40
"Isn't he injured from the international game."
4th Jul 2013 17:41
"OH MY.......Stephen Sama is a beast...ynwa "
4th Jul 2013 17:41
"This shirt/ outfit is fine much ado about nothing as usual. But if this is so irritating to some your watching the wrong sport! Why is it in football they have this urge to change the outfit every single year? In nba nfl etc I see the same outfits for the past 30 years keeping it classy and simple. Us soccer fans get ripped off every year for extra profits eh:) "
4th Jul 2013 18:29
"That's got to be one of the worst kits ever designed. How did no-one at LFC veto this??"
4th Jul 2013 18:29
"vanillafudge There is a L/R on each sock For those thickies it means LEFT RIGHT ;)"
4th Jul 2013 19:18
"Who on earth would wear socks like that...a clown maybe..embarrassing kit"
4th Jul 2013 19:34
"I saw it, felt peckish and went and got dairy milk"
4th Jul 2013 19:39
"its looks like Warrior run out of material and just patched it up with a load of off cuts!! Horrible"
4th Jul 2013 19:39
"3rd kit is an abortion, almost as bad as the 2nd kit. Warrior just don't have a clue. Should be TWO kits, one red with white trim, and one white with red trim. Like it used to be years ago. "
4th Jul 2013 19:56
"This kit is dreadful! looks like 2 or 3 jerseys meshed together by a 10 year old! Has to be the worst jersey I've ever seen! "
4th Jul 2013 20:03
"SAMELFC - I think the photographer wants Stevie's babies. "
4th Jul 2013 20:07
"I will let you into a little secret - I helped design the kit. Our players will be fitted with special contact lenses where as the opposition will suffer from dizziness and nausea caused by the blurriness of the tops thus dramatically increasing our chances of winning. keep it to yourselves though!"
4th Jul 2013 20:42
"Capture the Liverpool squad, looks like he's captured the Gerrard show....3rd kit still looks shocking"
4th Jul 2013 20:42
"Blue!!!!!!!!! In our third kit!!!!!!! blue????????? "
Billy B girl
4th Jul 2013 21:03
"LFC must be losing loads of money on these awful kits! by now my son would have all the kits including the training ones! Can't we get Adidas and Carlsberg back on our shirts - they would bring us luck too?"
Billy B girl
4th Jul 2013 21:05
"Woulde also love to know which Chelski loving person approved the third BLUE kit?"
Billy B girl
4th Jul 2013 21:07
"Oops I didn't scroll down before so only just seen the clown socks - shameful come on yanks time to pull your socks up and pull the plug on warrior !"
4th Jul 2013 21:25
"Lord Almighty those kits are absolutely and completely as UGLY as they possibly could be... Although there are to be found people with equally bad taste I do not think they are many enough to pay Warrior for expenses of putting them on the market.. "
4th Jul 2013 21:28
"was there only Stevie G and Kolo training!!! looks like it from the photos :) "
4th Jul 2013 21:35
"Thanks2shanks - I cant wait to see my royalties flooding in - What's 20% of nothing? I like the fact that someone designed it, it then went past that stage to the decision maker and he/she/they said YES that looks absolutely fantastic! Must have done a brail version of the shirt's design before it got signed off. "
4th Jul 2013 21:36
"Stevie has worked up quite a tan there! Thx for making us a even bigger laughing stock Warrior! Its just hard to take the players serious when they are wearing that"
4th Jul 2013 21:41
"1 QUESTION,, Why do we need a third kit, no Euro football so we only need an away and home kit. If we get a top 4 spot next season will we have 4 kits, 1 for the Prem, 1 for the FA Cup, 1 for Euro comps and 1 for the league cup. Looks like a rip of to me ??????"
4th Jul 2013 21:55
"it looks awful close up and worse from a distance!! unbelievable that they chose a kit that could look as bad as that!! and its got BLUE on it!!!! BLUE!!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 21:59
"For the a few colour blind supporters there is no blue in the 3rd kit it's purple, white, black and gold. I hadn't seen the socks everyone was referring to so I went and had a look. I laughed so hard when I saw the capital "L" and the capital "R" on them. I've never seen socks that come with instructions."
4th Jul 2013 22:04
"that's the worst i've ever seen.. oh!! i 4got the Away!! kit too... oh my!!! No creativity all.. what is this.. a Circus?? should've stick with the black or unified colors... RED is us.. what R U doing?? YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 22:08
"It looks like the photographer focused too mucch on Stevie and Kolo, Where are Aspas, Alberto, Mignolet and Countinho?"
4th Jul 2013 22:13
"The headline "Players try out new third kit" should read... "Players forced into PR stunt of wearing the third kit that is better that than the away kit but is still very unappealing, to try and Jedi mind trick supporters into thinking it doesn't look that bad really - think I'll buy the whole kit right now - where's my debit card? Is it in the pocket labelled "L" or the pocket labelled "R"?""
4th Jul 2013 22:13
"Good to see our boy Martin Kelly back in training! Oh and Raheem sort ya hair out for christs sake..You look like Grace in Jones ya big tart!"
4th Jul 2013 22:14
"sick of this daft censoring makes me posts look like a half wit wrote them..Was meant to say grace F.e.c.king Jones^^"
4th Jul 2013 22:27
"Pic 14, Skrts thumbs up ! Priceless. BTW, I do like this kit!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 22:28
"I think the kit isn't too bad actually. It looks better on the field than in the shop window."
4th Jul 2013 22:31
"Flamin Nora! D'yer think FSG think they bought EFC?"
4th Jul 2013 22:33
"I actually think it looks good"
4th Jul 2013 22:48
"Another howler from Warrior. They really do not have a g clue what makes a decent footy strip "
4th Jul 2013 22:56
"Oh For F's sake, im trying to view the pictures but it is becoming a pain in the arse having to move the F'g mouse every B'y time."
4th Jul 2013 23:01
"to thbMan, apparently sturridge refused to be pictured wearing that kit, still could have been worse, the could of worn those ODD socks."
Billy B girl
4th Jul 2013 23:10
"Message to Ian Ayre - do the maths and tell the yanks how much they are losing then sort it out before we look even more stupid than we do now! any wonder Luis wants to leave we have become an absolute joke!"
4th Jul 2013 23:51
"This kit SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! please keep it as your training kit...and the other one can be your warm-up kit.JEEZ....WTH were they thinking?"
5th Jul 2013 0:28
"Never mind how e it looks, why do we need a third kit?( apart from sucking out more money from the fans that is). Absolute disgrace. "
5th Jul 2013 0:31
"Christ, was the photographer Mrs Gerrard? There are other players at LFC you know. "
5th Jul 2013 0:35
"Dear Snaky, if people don't like the kit, then they are enled to express that view, if that view isn't the same as yours you have to deal with that. You don't have to call them abusive names, that's just childish. "
5th Jul 2013 0:40
"Why pay £78 for the kit when you can get the same effect for free by wiping your arse on a white t-shirt? "
5th Jul 2013 1:00
"Home kit = Nice-ish ! Away = Space Invader Skid marks ! Third = Well ..... Warrior , just pull your socks up and try to make them match whilst you are at it . Im soooooooo embarrassed for the players . We feel your pain guys ! "
5th Jul 2013 2:34
"It's like a train know you shouldn't look, but you can't take your eyes off it. Horrible!"
5th Jul 2013 2:40
"can someone please tell me if Suarez is back on training, cant find pics of him in training"
5th Jul 2013 2:53
"Peraxki - several players are on extended break because of their involvement in several summer tournaments"
5th Jul 2013 5:45
"of course Brendan want to experience, and the experience of Daniel and Martin ! can be framed kit :) what about you and such third kit? people where is your style? I understand that everyone has their own style but these jerseys are made â"
5th Jul 2013 6:34
"This is a terrible jersey, and warrior should stop making our jerseys. They've consistently made an ugly jersey since they took over. It's good thing we have handsome players who makes the kit appear better."
5th Jul 2013 6:43
"Where's the renown British sense of humor gone? Oh wait these days fans owners and players are from everywhere except Britain haha. I like this outfit, wouldn't buy it but then I'm happy with my 86 league and cup double crown paints shirt"
5th Jul 2013 7:21
"haha my girlfriend loves this kit. thats when you know we have brought out a ropey looking kit.still cant wait for new season, come on. Y.N.W.A"
5th Jul 2013 9:14
"Oh my god, they look so stupid. I hope they never wear this kit. So far this is the worst part of the new owners, getting a kit manufacturer that has no idea about the English game."
5th Jul 2013 9:29
"Nice photos, positive signs of Gerrard's shoulder not restricting him (I've gone through the same FRUSTRATING process). thinking 2 things -our2 away shirts interrupt opposition -the home jersey sales will go through the roof and the crowd shines RED"
5th Jul 2013 13:24
"Quite like the shirt and shorts, just think the top of the socks should be one colour it's as if they are odd socks!!!!!!! "
6th Jul 2013 3:00
"coulors are cool but the design is taking some getting use to..its brave."