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Why unveil it? Really should keep it covered up. The keeper kit is alright, though.
4th Jul 2013 10:32
4th Jul 2013 10:33
"That is the ugliest KIT I have ever seen!!!! Can't believe that warrior can go uglier than that damn ugly away kit! Home kit is the only one im buying! Sort it out Warrior we are a laughing stock with these kits!"
4th Jul 2013 10:33
"I will repeat what I said after the unveiling of the 2nd kit. My advice to Warrior is 'the fans want tradition'. Hence, if they produced a plain away kit (white shirt, black shorts, white socks) and third kit (yellow shirt, yellow shorts and yellow socks) then they would see sales rocket!"
4th Jul 2013 10:33
"I'm wondering what's wrong with those Warrior guys..."
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"Oh Lord!"
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"It actually looks better than I first thought when I saw only the shirt a few months ago... "
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"Again disgusting wont waste money on this "
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"Here we come abomination kit :D Howevere, remembering last years 3d shirt was actually quite succesfull, Liverpool did score many goals in it, so nevermind the layout really as far team will play well and win games! YNWA!!"
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"what a shame warrior....never gonna buy this one....rubbish..."
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"Just when you thought the away kit was the worst ever. Here you go, have a bit more of this. "
4th Jul 2013 10:34
"This is a rdiculous strip a 10 year old could design better"
4th Jul 2013 10:35
"shame on you Warrior..."
Jonny Red
4th Jul 2013 10:35
"This Has got to be the worst LFC kit of all time...."
4th Jul 2013 10:37
"Rip it up and start again"
4th Jul 2013 10:37
"Oh my god - who designed this kit??????????? The away-kit is not very goodlooking but this....."
4th Jul 2013 10:38
"Maybe it'll confuse the opposition into submission "
4th Jul 2013 10:38
"I guess it's better than the away strip, still very poor though :("
4th Jul 2013 10:39
"LoL this is all tactic from Warrior - our opponents will have to laugh that much that they forget to play football! "
Yazz Man
4th Jul 2013 10:40
"dont look so bad looks alright the away is ugly but this aint bad at all i like it really do. it aint ugly might consider buying it accually "
4th Jul 2013 10:42
"beta than away kit"
4th Jul 2013 10:43
"i think the 3rd kit is awful!! do not like the 2nd kit much either, what was wrong with sticking to one colour??? red for home, yellow for away and maybe black for the 3rd kit? "
4th Jul 2013 10:43
"Really think we should get rid of warrior. Kits are supposed to bring in extra income. These kits wont make half as much money as kits in the past. Needs sorting out for next season. Apart from the home kit we look a laughing stock, maybe that's the plan. Make the other teams eyes hurt so we win easier. "
4th Jul 2013 10:44
"such a sharp striking kit, I love what warrior are doing! all our kits are very contemporary!"
4th Jul 2013 10:44
"Oh my days :( Warrior, please get RedHH83 to help your design team ."
4th Jul 2013 10:45
4th Jul 2013 10:45
"The first away top looks like Space Invaders and now i dont know how to describe this one. But on the upside the other teams might spend more time laughing at them it will give us a chance on the attack."
4th Jul 2013 10:47
"oh dear... Has warrior just looked at all the leftover material in their factory and just sewed it together? Reminds me of an old patchwork quilt I had when I was a kid. Try again Warrior."
4th Jul 2013 10:48
"Honestly it would be less embarrassing wearing an Everton top "
4th Jul 2013 10:48
"That is FUGLY! It's even got odd socks . What ever are they thinking...?!"
4th Jul 2013 10:49
"i dont see why liverpool third kit like this.. "
4th Jul 2013 10:49
"AWFUL KIT i wont be buying this kit for my kids"
4th Jul 2013 10:51
"My eeeyyyyeeessssss, it's horrible, whoever at our club is saying yes to these disigns really wants having a word with, the away and now the third are an absolute disaster,"
4th Jul 2013 10:51
"what's with the socks it's really so bad I hope somebody from LFC are reading the fans comments "
4th Jul 2013 10:51
"No it doesnt"
4th Jul 2013 10:53
"Goal keeper kit is nice. "
4th Jul 2013 10:53
"Finally some new socks for the carnival..."
4th Jul 2013 10:55
"Second and third kits are poorest design for many years. Who at the club passed these off?"
4th Jul 2013 10:55
4th Jul 2013 10:57
"I saw somebody worn it several days before. It has been leaked out already before launching day - 4th July???!!! "
4th Jul 2013 10:58
"Last season´s third kit got me thinking that something like this is coming. This season´s away and third kit are the worst kits I´ve ever seen. And I´ve seen Jorge Campos playing! I saw these kits somewhere in the internet months ago and I was sure these were some bad asian replicas."
4th Jul 2013 11:00
"Its appalling I don't understand how this could have been ok'd it looks like something a clown would wear at a cheap circus."
4th Jul 2013 11:01
"Anybody who buys this Kit I will give £100 to buy it off him/her, so I can burn it. Hope nobody buys any, so Warrior has to ghange producing this trash for our great club"
4th Jul 2013 11:02
"thank you warrior sports for making LFC a joke in football"
4th Jul 2013 11:02
"WARRIOR needs to change the designers (all of them)."
4th Jul 2013 11:03
"Oh jeez! Another monstrosity. You'd have thought they'd have learned from the 2nd kit debacle but, no."
4th Jul 2013 11:04
"Oh Dear !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 11:04
"I was simply speechless when I first saw the shirt but add those socks and this is completely offensive to the eyes!!.. How many more years are we 'tied in' to Warrior?? An absolute joke of kit. You can imagine the stick wearing these clown clothes.."
4th Jul 2013 11:04
"I was simply speechless when I first saw the shirt but add those socks and this is completely offensive to the eyes!!.. How many more years are we 'tied in' to Warrior?? An absolute joke of kit. You can imagine the stick wearing these clown clothes.."
4th Jul 2013 11:06
"The views here are not those of LFC but are the views of their supporters someone please take note!!! Awful kit!!"
4th Jul 2013 11:06
"oh no.. "
4th Jul 2013 11:09
"5555 wooow:-) why?:-( is it warrior or a gang from Disney? this year i hope they have something i want to buy..the keeper shirt was cool.."
4th Jul 2013 11:10
"Hideous kit! Worst I have ever seen! Only the shorts look okay and the keeper kit but the rest is a disgrace. I didn't think it could get much worse after the abomination of a 2nd kit but how wrong I was. Guess the home kit will top the sales this season. "
4th Jul 2013 11:11
"I thought that the next Rio Carneval was not till next February. There you can wear this shirt Warrior designers. "
4th Jul 2013 11:12
"The keepers kit is actually really nice"
4th Jul 2013 11:13
"was it a blind person that designed this horrendous monstrosity of a third kit! I hope they never have to wear it for a match"
4th Jul 2013 11:13
"come on warrior you cant be serious is this a joke,its just as bad as our new away kit,both are shocking the worst kits ive ever seen us design in a long while."
4th Jul 2013 11:13
4th Jul 2013 11:14
"I actually like it!!! Whats all the fuss about???"
4th Jul 2013 11:17
"Looks horrible Keeper kit isn't bad but the way the sections divide and the colour scheme is ridiculous. The only good new kit is the home one. We will be a laughing stock to away fans"
4th Jul 2013 11:17
"well Iv loaded my gun. Now get the person who designed away and 3rd kit asap."
4th Jul 2013 11:18
"If I had the money I would buy 5000000 of them and burn them at the Headquarters of the Warrior store."
4th Jul 2013 11:18
"Typical yanks, have no style and making us a complete laughing stock, no one in there right mind would buy the away an 3rd kit and even the home kit is the same as last years just with some white stripes added, waste of time"
4th Jul 2013 11:19
"I was hoping that you'll never reveal it"
4th Jul 2013 11:19
4th Jul 2013 11:20
"Warrior better give us a lot of money for this. What a horrible 2nd and 3rd kit. Embarassing they have to wear that. First year in a long time I'm not buying a kit"
4th Jul 2013 11:21
"Note to Warrior: The new home goalkeeper kit should be the Away Kit. The new black/grey training kit should be the 3rd kit. Anyone agree?"
4th Jul 2013 11:24
"so why are the socks different ? one is blue and the other is black !!"
4th Jul 2013 11:25
"People still don't get it, we are not just a laughing stock with this jerseys but also with our league position. We can't even sign good players anymore but have to settle down for average ones. God help us. FSG priority is the money not trophy "
4th Jul 2013 11:27
"Who's guide dog designed this? Who pays these so called designers? Did they consult the supporters? Red, Yellow, white.. That's what we are. Get rid NOW. "
4th Jul 2013 11:27
"Hahahahaha are you kiddin' me warrior ? You can't be serious -.-"
4th Jul 2013 11:28
4th Jul 2013 11:28
"what is going on with our kits there like something out of Alice and wonderland...."
4th Jul 2013 11:29
"They aren't as bad as I initially thought. The golie strip is actually great."
4th Jul 2013 11:29
4th Jul 2013 11:30
"I start to think Worrior is a money laundry firm."
4th Jul 2013 11:30
"Last years home kit was awesome. The simple deep red!! That was amazing. Not so sure about this seasons"
4th Jul 2013 11:31
"i love it. unique kit for a unique club...i swear you would buy 3 kits at the same time if we reach top4 with it so relax :D"
4th Jul 2013 11:33
"Its innovative and eye catching. I'm glad we arent being "me too". Another great job by Warrior."
4th Jul 2013 11:34
"what the............. Oh dear lord, what is going on?? That is shockingly ugly. -Trying to be positive, the keeper kit is nice."
4th Jul 2013 11:35
"Nicest Goalkeeping kit I've seen for a long time... Shame about the rest of it though..."
4th Jul 2013 11:36
"Haha look at those socks...ha ha. Is somebody learning how to use adobe?"
4th Jul 2013 11:37
"OMG....How can LFC let this muck pass as a kit, I look forward to someone paying with their job for this fiasco. Yet another kit I wont have to buy, thanks LFC for saving me a fortune in these economic times."
4th Jul 2013 11:37
"The club motto is no longer YNWA. It is now: YNWAK You'll never wear away kits."
4th Jul 2013 11:37
"I just bought one and will send to Fergie"
4th Jul 2013 11:38
"why oh why has it got blue in it i just cant understand why people who make are kits always try to put that awful color in are team is famous round the world and blue kits dont sell to liverpool fans so i for one am out."
4th Jul 2013 11:39
"Horrendous! Ridiculous! Embarrassing!"
4th Jul 2013 11:43
"Absolutely dire!!! Come back Adidas, all is forgiven!"
4th Jul 2013 11:44
"Did warrior designers used to work at the circus?What a load of clowns!"
4th Jul 2013 11:44
"I feel sorry for the lads who are forced to wear this rubbish! "
4th Jul 2013 11:46
"somebody please tell coco that we have found his socks!!!! Dam yanks have ballsed up again, should be black with gold trim"
4th Jul 2013 11:47
"If we play in this Kit away against Manure you`ll hear 72000 laughing and not booing us."
4th Jul 2013 11:47
"Once again Yanks prove they haven't got a clue !"
4th Jul 2013 11:47
"Supporters, don't buy any of these awful away kits until Warrior learns that they are not acceptable like the one that looks like a Christmas shirt and the other one with the purple/blue that looks like a funeral colour. Attractive designs are not difficult."
4th Jul 2013 11:48
"ARRRGGGHHHH!! Yukky. Should have used the grey training top as a third kit. Much better design."
big red dave
4th Jul 2013 11:49
"I sort of get what Warrior are trying to do, but they have really shot themselves in the foot with regard to shirt sales because nobody in their right mind is going to buy this kit or the away kit. It's awful!! The first kit is bad enough!"
4th Jul 2013 11:49
"Can't believe noone has mentioned the blue - if there's one colour that should not be on a Liverpool kit, surely ... did they know which team they were designing for?"
4th Jul 2013 11:54
"Also, didn't Shanks change us to all red because it was meant to look more impressive and imposing to opposition? This looks pretty schizophrenic and not particularly imposing or attractive."
4th Jul 2013 11:54
"Why do they have to change the Kits every year anyway, Brazil play since 100 years in their yellow and blue Kit and never Change, but still sell thousands of them every year. "
4th Jul 2013 11:55
"That is one ugly kit... Thats an "ugly kit Joe".. and then some.. At least we will be winning something this year and that will be the ugly kit contest."
4th Jul 2013 11:55
"I actually like this. Much better than the Away kit."
4th Jul 2013 11:55
"oh my god L.F.C. please drop worrier if this is there best it very substandard . not good enough not even close . want be wasting a penny on this rubbish "
4th Jul 2013 11:56
"What are we? Power Rangers?"
4th Jul 2013 11:58
"Honestly, I think it might grow on you. But at the moment, if you go to a Halloween party and you want to dress as Blackburn Rovers, then maybe this would be the kit to buy. Also, it seems like Warrior has this money-making scheme where we poor fans have to buy two pairs of socks just so that they match. "
4th Jul 2013 11:59
"think its better than the 2nd kit, so that makes it the second worse kit, i have ever seen with the away kit, been the worse kit i have seen good job warrior!"
4th Jul 2013 12:03
"Come to think of it.. Who does this?? even the socks don't match. Why would anybody produce it knowing that by the end of the year they will have a mountain of kits unsold by the end of the year. And what kind of idiot thinks this is good for Warrior, they will be known as the Ugly kit contenders, people will be waiting to see how ugly they will be next season."
4th Jul 2013 12:03
"Now I know where Warrior got this from, it is from the latest Batman Movie the Joker always wears purple blue coats and capes."
4th Jul 2013 12:07
"Furthermore... Talk about being a sellout.. What are LFC thinking?? Why don't they don´t just dress up like clowns and march on?? if someone is willing to pay, would that be a worse way of selling out than to wear that kit for money?? I think that there must be a better way to look ridiculous for money than that, and if we are going to sink this low we should be payed more!! "
4th Jul 2013 12:07
"I think someone should remind Warrior that we play 'socceerr', not basebaall or Americaan Foootballl, nor are we entering a fashion show on Broooadwaayy. Just thank someone that we won't have to use it often and hope the cameras' break down that day! And finally, can someone please find Ian Ayre's 2 missing items for him. "
4th Jul 2013 12:14
"Hideous! Hint to kit designers: Liverpool are known as the REDS Colours associated with us RED, white, sometimes green and sometimes yellow"
4th Jul 2013 12:17
"Even though this isn't one of my favorite kits (no where near it)I don't mind at least warrior are giving us a different kit each year unlike Adidas or Nike who give you the same kit template as everyone else with a different colour way which still looks the same as the previous year "
4th Jul 2013 12:19
"Generally not a bad kit, but different coloured socks? Laughable. Really pathetic."
4th Jul 2013 12:20
"Why the odd socks?"
4th Jul 2013 12:20
"Does anyone at the club look at these remarks. Absolutely shocking. NO WAY this will end up in my kids hands. GET A GRIP LFC & Warrior !!!!!!!!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 12:22
"Just when you think Warrior have produced the most hideous kit EVER they outdo themselves by revealing something infinitely worse. The hideousness of the 2nd strip pales in comparison to this kit! Warrior's ability to design kits that are progressively more dire than previous efforts would be most impressive if not for the fact that the team will have to wear these monstrosities at some point!"
4th Jul 2013 12:26
"And another disaster from warrior. How do you manage to make the socks look so bad? Sigh, a new low."
4th Jul 2013 12:27
"OMG!!!! Are warrior getting def moles to design our kit? the only decent thing about this is the gold detail, that's it. I mean the socks dont even match for gods sake! and I dont mean they dont match the kit, they dont match each other! Still think the away is worse - they need to rethink thier name, warrior? more like powergirls!"
4th Jul 2013 12:27
"Looks like Blackburn Rovers on Acid!!! Yoicks!!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 12:27
"Will there be betting odds on which player is first to put their socks on the wrong feet?"
4th Jul 2013 12:28
"Well, at least we can say that our summer transfers, bar Touré, are alligned with our new away kit designs"
4th Jul 2013 12:28
"that was meant to say power p u ff girls - the word check function on this site is just as pants as the kit design!"
4th Jul 2013 12:29
"'Kin Blue "
4th Jul 2013 12:31
"I love it - the kit is completely bonkers!"
4th Jul 2013 12:31
"Seriously! What is going on, this is just as awful as the away kit. I certainly won't be buying this."
4th Jul 2013 12:33
"Please,please give Warrior their sponsor money back and go back to Adidas or Nike asap."
4th Jul 2013 12:33
"Different socks, really?"
4th Jul 2013 12:35
"Why have one at all, if we are not in Europe? Or is only gonna be for Cup games?"
4th Jul 2013 12:37
"OMG what an eyesore!!!!!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 12:38
"How and why are warrior getting these away kits so wrong,, the home kit, really nice, but these away kits are really really poor, I have not heard or eve read of one person saying "ah it's not bad" everyone think its rubbish, this for me shows it's truly all about money, as long as warrior pay LFC a good price, we'll wear anything they put in front of us,, "
4th Jul 2013 12:44
"Embarrassing. I'm buying just the home kit. Warrior, what's wrong with you?"
4th Jul 2013 12:47
"i do hope the owners get to read these comments, as then they will know how much us fans hate this type of strip. although i reckon these will appeal to the U.S. markets more. "
4th Jul 2013 12:48
"i do hope the owners get to read these comments, as then they will know how much us fans hate this type of strip. although i reckon these will appeal to the U.S. markets more. "
4th Jul 2013 12:50
"What they have managed to do is get rid of the controversy of the shocking away kit by releasing a worse kit"
4th Jul 2013 12:54
"How awful is that????"
4th Jul 2013 12:58
"a powerful, elegant and hotshot !"
4th Jul 2013 12:58
"This looks like the Harlequin outfit from the Italian "Commedia dell'arte" or even the "Joker" from Batman!!!"
4th Jul 2013 12:59
"That is disgusting. Its an embarrasment and not worthy of LFC. Totally horrendous."
4th Jul 2013 13:02
"its good its different "
4th Jul 2013 13:02
"I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE IT!!!! Not really I was going for shock tactics, New advertising slogan for Warrior, "Warrior - Making Adidas look great since taking over LFC kit design!!!!""
4th Jul 2013 13:03
"Gold on black or on white is very smart, but then we have all the mad patterns? better than the 2nd kit but still awful until I got to the "Odd socks" shiittteee. "
4th Jul 2013 13:03
"the socks are awful how can you get socks wrong?the stupid thing is the training kits are nice they would make much better kits.Id rather buy a toffee kit than this or the away thats how bad it is."
4th Jul 2013 13:03
"what an ugly kit,it belongs on a jockey not a footballer"
4th Jul 2013 13:06
"Obviously Carra had a preview of the 3rd kit for this year & thought I don't care if I'm a regular starter & playing out of my skin, I'm not wearing that!!!"
4th Jul 2013 13:06
"It's ridiculous that the training kits look far classier than all of the playing kits designed by Warrior for this season. Who is their designer,Sharon Osbourne?!!"
4th Jul 2013 13:08
"Has Mkhitaryan seen it ??? If he has then thats the end of that deal then !..... no wonder we were trying to get business done asap this season before any targets see what they are going to have to wear ! "
4th Jul 2013 13:10
"All the keeper kits are really nice. This is not too bad but the socks are where it really fails. Think most people would prefer the second keeper kit to be the outfield second kit. At least they trying to be different I suppose."
4th Jul 2013 13:13
"Just one question. Do you have to wear the purple sock on the right foot ... or doesn't it matter? If Luis Suarez sees this kit he's definitely NOT coming back to LFC. Downright pitiful!"
4th Jul 2013 13:18
"did we turn qpr at some point ?what the heck?"
4th Jul 2013 13:19
"Both away and third kits are awful .... not inspiring and aspiring at all"
4th Jul 2013 13:19
"I thought we'd been sponsored by Crown Paints again and that they'd spilled some cans of paint over the kit.Is there some kind of colour psychology going on?BR harks on about tradition so why not Red for home, White for away and ditch the 3rd or go back to black.Whatâ"
4th Jul 2013 13:21
"Just spotted John Henry and Tom Warner wearing their new kits trying to enter Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox game. They were turned away on grounds of "indecent exposure.""
4th Jul 2013 13:22
"Pippi longstockings Circus outfit. Very embarrasing! I feel so sorry for the players who have to model in this. Cannot possible play football in this Clown outfit! "
4th Jul 2013 13:23
"What's next Armani Cream?"
4th Jul 2013 13:29
"AWFUL. Warrior should be ashamed."
4th Jul 2013 13:30
"Reminds me of 80s and early 90s tracksuits."
4th Jul 2013 13:33
"It's awful, really awful...the second one also..i won't spend my money on this one that's for sure!!! "
4th Jul 2013 13:35
"Like the gold bits. Collar and shoulders parts really poor - who the hell designs these kits??? Why do all 3 have to be SO different - classic, contemporary styling with a consistent theme would be perfect. The club should ask supporters to submit design ideas next season!"
4th Jul 2013 13:35
"Who wants to wear this crap? I'm not gonna buy it. It's a disgrace! What on earth do they thnik at Warrior?"
4th Jul 2013 13:37
"Another terrible kit by Warrior. If the shorts were black and the socks actually matched each other it might be passable as an "ok" kit. As it stands it looks disgusting! Not buying the away or 3rd kit this season!"
4th Jul 2013 13:45
"odd socks.......sigh!!!"
Reds 96
4th Jul 2013 13:48
"John Henry's twitter account must be on fire now! Why didn't Warrior just keep it simple? Red for home, white for away and yellow for the third kit. Warrior should listen to the supporters. "
4th Jul 2013 13:49
"What have we ever done to Warrior or have Warrior employed a Manc to design our kits, absolutely appaling kit with socks like wicked witch of the east.No one will ever buy that it stinks. "
4th Jul 2013 13:50
"Are there left foot & right foot socks? Can see the dressing room now, with a few players having to hold up their index finger & thumb to work out their left & right foot! ;( In summary: shocking kit, up there with the away kit. Come on Warrior get your act together :("
4th Jul 2013 13:56
4th Jul 2013 13:58
"this kit will make Reina the happiest player on the team!"
4th Jul 2013 13:59
"Away kits are always a bit wierd, but even our warrior home kits have been poor, look cheap, look terrible. Hurting the power our red kit used to have. Please change it, even half way through the season and keep that one for a few years!! please i just cant buy this stuff. Having to use my old shirts"
4th Jul 2013 14:04
"I thought Warrior's efforts in the first season were pretty good, but now I think their designers are trying too hard and should stop taking illegal substances..."
4th Jul 2013 14:06
"I think i hould be a kit designer, in fact we all should. However, while Warrior seems to think this is baseball, we should also remember that someone at LFC has to give the ok...that person or persons needs to be free transfered out."
4th Jul 2013 14:07
"I'm not going to waste my money for this ugly product. Shame on you Warrior."
4th Jul 2013 14:09
"Warrior should realize what decade we are in.The away kit looks like an old mans jumper and so does the third kit.Today's best kits are plain and simple colors.None of this back to the 90s stuff.Keep the colors plain Warrior."
4th Jul 2013 14:11
"Hey warrior - any suggestions on what i should spend the $250 you saved me this year? (no fashion advise please)"
4th Jul 2013 14:18
"Is this a joke?"
4th Jul 2013 14:21
"Just ....Horrible"
4th Jul 2013 14:22
"i do not think it as ugly as what many said. I think its not bad, in matter of fact, i kind of like it and its quite interesting. i bought last season 3rd kit and i like it . I think its really fancy, artistic & contemporary and ,maybe its i am a artist/designer myself so maybe how designer see things far different than non-designers. "
4th Jul 2013 14:23
"We like to wear LFC's ( the greatest team ever ) kits to a BBQ or to the pub. Or when we are out and about. Does Warrior think anyone would like to be seen out in these kits? Great job on the red kit. Murder on the away kit and 3rd kit!"
4th Jul 2013 14:25
"Wouldn't wipe my bum with it!"
4th Jul 2013 14:28
"i actually dont mind it, far beta than away shirt. love the way they cut n pasted it on luis. lol"
4th Jul 2013 14:42
"Hell fire, who have they got designing these awful kits!!!!!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 14:43
"Not being funny, but that is the worst Liverpool kit of all time - 121 years, thats the worst. Even worse than the 92/3 green away one. (and even worse than the new 2nd choice strip!) Dreadful."
4th Jul 2013 14:43
"I've never felt so reluctant to buy an away kit or 3rd kit, than since Warrior took over. The whacky designs aren't right for this traditional club and I no longer have any faith in Warrior to do what's right for LFC and us fans. "
4th Jul 2013 14:49
"not as bad as most people here commenting make it out to be and seeing how we're receiving 25m a year from warrior i can live with their edgy designs as long as the home kit stays red it's no problem at all"
4th Jul 2013 15:01
"is this for real, what is going on at Warrior, have they employed a Manc to make us look stupid or what?"
4th Jul 2013 15:03
"be ridiculous if we're going to be ridiculous for real. YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 15:11
"That's visual warfare on a whole new level :-/"
4th Jul 2013 15:19
"Shocker !"
4th Jul 2013 15:23
"This kit is really embarrasing. are we kids."
4th Jul 2013 15:26
"I like the golden touch on the LFC, Warrior, and Standard Chartered. Thats nice.. But, sorry to say, the shoulder part, its make the kit looks ugly. Anyway Mr. Designer, Y U No make it simple with three color max :("
4th Jul 2013 15:26
"Better than the 'away' kit...but still not worthy of my money. Seriously Warrior, your Brain-Trust is letting us down. Apologize, the keeper strip is not too bad."
4th Jul 2013 15:41
"the guy who designed this is called "Noz Hyde"...... says it all really, he used too work for Joe Bloggs..... The away and 3rd are so bad they make me want to boycott and not even get the home kit.."
4th Jul 2013 15:42
"Just one word : Horrible!"
4th Jul 2013 15:45
"Warrior Don't listen to everyone on here who ain't got a clue and just wants to be the same as all the other boring clubs. I love these kits and think they are spot on. All u numptys ging it off need to get a life "
4th Jul 2013 15:46
"wow! its the nineties again. whats with the socks?????"
4th Jul 2013 15:46
"Liverpool is not a soccer club, not an american football club, not a hockey club, not a baseball club. We play FOOTBALL, so make us FOOTBALL kits like they are supposed to be!"
4th Jul 2013 15:46
"Liverpool is not a soccer club, not an american football club, not a hockey club, not a baseball club. We play FOOTBALL, so make us FOOTBALL kits like they are supposed to be!"
4th Jul 2013 15:49
"moonstar, do you work for warrior or are you mental???? no need to be over fancy with the designs its mad. typical over the top american merchandise "
The True Red Fan
4th Jul 2013 15:53
"Absolutely ed"
4th Jul 2013 16:00
"Am I the only one who likes it? Retro is 80s I love it!! "
4th Jul 2013 16:09
"what is that, this is a joke of a jersey, what on earth is happenong with these jerseys"
4th Jul 2013 16:11
"Warrior, what was you smoking when you designed this? The same stuff as last year maybe? Home kit looks great the others! Well I will be spending my money on something else this year"
4th Jul 2013 16:20
"did not think you could get any worse than the 2nd kit, but well done Liverpool, this is truely awful. We need to get rid of warrior asap. "
4th Jul 2013 16:43
"Worse than the venison tie die effort.bring back Adidas all is forgiven even reebock help us. "
4th Jul 2013 16:48
"why do we have to have 3 new shirts every season do they think us supporters r rich . and we use to have good looking shirts not the crap warrior r putting out bring back adidas"
4th Jul 2013 16:49
"HIDDIOUS ! .. very american and 1980s.. the person who signed this off with Warrior should be sacked .. our 2nd and 3rd kits are becoming a laughing stock !!! hopefully wont need a 3rd kit much Steve , Spain"
4th Jul 2013 16:51
"awful #boycott"
4th Jul 2013 16:54
"I can't believe they actually released this after all the bad comments it got after they leaked the first images. Surely the club realise no one will actually buy this abomination i wonder if they'll admit its a sales flop at the end of the season more lost income :( "
4th Jul 2013 16:57
"Worst kit ive seen in years. COP ONTO TO YOURSELFS WARRIOR. the 2nd kit is shocking too. "
4th Jul 2013 17:24
"How do they manage to design something so horrible?"
4th Jul 2013 17:30
"It gets worse and worse, the club will lose a lot of money over this. Who in their right mind would want any of these new kits. "
Bib l f c
4th Jul 2013 17:37
"This is S H I T !"
4th Jul 2013 17:38
4th Jul 2013 17:39
"Wow, cant see many buy that top - somebody needs to give these designers the door as it will cost the club money"
4th Jul 2013 17:42
"Love the socks no wonder Luis Saurez wants to leave !!!! i wouldnt wear that kit even if i had to walk down a street naked hahahahahahahahahahah lol wat nxt Warrior !! please adidas or nike come to our rescue LMFAO"
4th Jul 2013 18:03
"This is horrible even worse than the away kit, didn't think that was possible, but well done warrior you succeeded in making a worse kit. Would also like to point out that they have made odd socks. I would love to know who ok'd these kits for release. If warrior are paying LFC 25 mil/season to make our kits you would think they would make something people want to buy."
4th Jul 2013 18:06
"Does any1 from marketing or PR care about all the negative comments for these woeful kits? No tradition or class in the design,& in turn no revenue for our club. why do we have new kits every season now, £45 isnt exactly cheap &i'm going to have to let my young lad down this year as he just got the 12-13 kit in september, and i dont want him looking like a clown either! Shame on you warrior"
4th Jul 2013 18:07
"The kits are disgusting enough. What makes them even worse is the Standard Chartered logo, bearing in mind SC were fined $667 million for criminality (laundering billions of dollars from Iran through New York)."
4th Jul 2013 18:19
"Throw in a free away kit and i still wouldnt buy this 3rd kit. What the hell warrior!!! Horrible, absolutly horrible."
4th Jul 2013 18:34
"I think both this and the keepers kit are boss. Completely leftfield. Love it. Not sure about the socks though. Too Alice in Wonderland. If by the end of 2013/14, the kit is still the most we have to complain about I'll be very happy! YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 18:36
"Looks more like a kit to advertise warrior (very poorly I must add) than to represent LFC. This and the 2nd kit are the 2 worst kits I have seen for a very long time."
4th Jul 2013 18:58
"ooooohhh what that are we really seeing our players in that kit thats awful"
4th Jul 2013 18:58
"Warrior's kit means that I will for the second season on the bounce forego wearing at least ONE LFC shirt since I began wearing one back in '76. Warrior have TOTALLY dekc*f LFC over with sh!t kits & are in the mon£y as fans fork out money YET AGAIN, having worn Warrior's first soccer kits FOR JUST ONE SEASON! LFC fans will be fleeced EVERY YEAR for THREE new kits with binds us to Warrior Sports."
4th Jul 2013 19:17
"The socks are embarrassing..its embarrassing to the club, needs to be looked into and sorted"
4th Jul 2013 19:17
"Horrendous! Who the hell agreed to have that printed?!?!"
4th Jul 2013 19:22
"Thankfully,the home top is still okay,otherwise the club won't make any money off shirt sales.I don't think a football shirt has to look perfect,it's the football played in it,that counts really imo. However,when it becomes so horrible that it's actually embarrassing,we have to revise that theory,because this top looks like its been ripped severely and put back together in the wrong colours."
4th Jul 2013 19:35
"Ouchhh!!! My eyes are hurting..."
4th Jul 2013 19:47
"Aaahh the infamous third kit what on earth where they thinking of? "
4th Jul 2013 19:50
"Hopefully the kit will confuse the opposition players and they end up mistaking our players for the referees."
4th Jul 2013 19:56
"Why? Why? Why? Agree with the remark that the away shirt should be white with black shorts and the Third kit should be yellow. Simple"
4th Jul 2013 20:25
"oh my :o the further u go down the worse it gets. whats with the socks?!!! officially the worst kit ever!"
4th Jul 2013 21:02
"THE BLACK PANEL IS A BIG LOVE-HEART! What on Earth are they thinking? Three plain-ish panels might have been bearable, but they've put that ridiculous pattern on the purple and white ones, and THE BLACK ONE'S A BIG LOVE-HEART - eugh! I hope sales are through the floor, they pull out of the kit-deal and we can get a new contract with someone with more sense."
4th Jul 2013 21:08
"I think the players will end up swapping socks so that half the team have purple turnovers and the other half have black..."
4th Jul 2013 21:23
"Rubbish kit the black and grey training kits should be our kit."
4th Jul 2013 21:25
"I actually like it, it looks good on the actual players, and I like the colors. I think people are overreacting, tradition is all well and good, but I like that Warrior is trying out new things instead of the other "cookie-cutter" companies."
4th Jul 2013 21:27
"interesting ..... what happens when the players wear the wrong sock on the wrong leg?"
4th Jul 2013 21:38
4th Jul 2013 21:41
"Simply awful. I wont be buying that third kit, and it shames me to say that, but just look at it"
4th Jul 2013 21:47
"ITS GOT FJCKIN BLUE ON IT FOR FJCK SAKE!!!! Absolutely gobsmacked by this shirt!!"
4th Jul 2013 21:51
"Only thing good about this kit is.The teams we play when our team is wearing this kit will be keeled over laughing or big time depressed,.AWFUL."
4th Jul 2013 21:52
"AussieSuarezie 4th Jul 2013 10:42 I found your comment disgusting. Many blind people who are blind and try their best to live a normal life so when I log into the LFC home page I don't expect to read a discrimination comment on this website. Shame on you, I have 2 friends who are 70% and 90% blind ,, so sad to read this.."
4th Jul 2013 21:57
"How much is the club losing in lost sales due to atrocious kit design. This is the 2nd season where Warrior have produced "iffy" gear. Can't see them staying too long unless the up their game. These are just so very poor designs"
4th Jul 2013 22:01
"I think the second kit would be great if they had taken that stippled pattern off the centre panel of the shirt and just left it white, but this third kit is well ugly. I will certainly not be buy this and I hope nobody else does either. Vote with your wallet - it's the only way Warrior will learn what a real football kit looks like."
4th Jul 2013 22:06
"Proud to wear the shirt? "
4th Jul 2013 22:12
"that's the WORSTtttt i've ever seen.. oh!! i 4got the Away!! kit too... oh my!!! No creativity all.. what is this.. a Circus?? should've stick with the black or unified colors... RED is us.. what R U doing??!!!?? YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 22:26
"It's not that bad"
4th Jul 2013 22:33
"Sorry, had to add: Warrior - I'm going back to wearing my 2008 Adidas shirt and will not purchase any of your gear until you can release three classic, tasteful designs that show respect for this football club. LFC - Don't you have to approve these things? Stop signing off on crap strips that make us the laughing stock of the league."
4th Jul 2013 22:38
"That's a disgrace to the proud history of LFC. The socks are like something a munchkin would wear in Wizard of OZ ! The website says we will wear it in 4 league games and all away cup games. Can you imagine us walking out at Wembley wearing that sh!te !!!!!"
Billy B girl
4th Jul 2013 23:09
"Message to Ian Ayre - do the maths and tell the yanks how much they are losing then sort it out before we look even more stupid than we do now! any wonder Luis wants to leave we have become an absolute joke!"
4th Jul 2013 23:30
"Terrible . Warrior need to sort themselves out . This is not what the fans want !! What's with the odd socks ??"
5th Jul 2013 0:04
"Wheres the matching Jesters Hat with the g bells on it ?? Worrior , You know nothing of LFC or Football in general ... You should keep your designs on your side of the pond because they are worse than AWFUL . Pre-order it ? Wouldnt wipe my backside with it !"
5th Jul 2013 0:27
"Warrior please!!! That looks like 5 different people had an idea, no one could decide so we used a little of all of them?!? The sock look like Pipi Longstocking! Horrendous. We want classic. I said it with the second kit.LESS IS MORE!!! You don't have to go crazy with the design. Think class."
5th Jul 2013 0:39
"LFC management, I hope you are as ashamed of this kit as us fans are. How you have the audacity to ask £78 for this crap is unforgiveable. Not that you probably give a toss about a fans opinion... "
5th Jul 2013 0:46
"Is this some sort of belated April Fool? "
5th Jul 2013 1:29
"Truly awful. Unbelievably bad. Honestly, what clown at Warrior and LFC designed and approved this and thinks this is good? FSG, didn't you seen this before it was approved? Would you do this to the Boston Red Sox?! I think 90% of the comments here think this is a piece of e, same goes with the away kit. Are you going to listen or ignore them?"
5th Jul 2013 2:49
"As an ex-pat living in the US. FSG let me put this in a way you can understand. LFC have been around 100+ years! We are the Reds! We have classic uniforms and traditional colours! Imagine your Boston Red Sox or Bruins and their classic uniforms being absolutely destroyed! The fans are talking to you! Please listen. Most of us are not happy.. Sales should represent the feelings here - POOR!"
5th Jul 2013 5:50
"pity are not a lot of games to play in this kit :) the other is also great :)"
5th Jul 2013 7:14
"You got love for this if you bought kits in the nineties.. the nineties....."
5th Jul 2013 7:14
" was acceptable in the nineties "
5th Jul 2013 8:28
"This is nothing like 1995-96 away kit... That was green and white quarters. One of my fondest memories came whilst we were wearing that kit, God breaking the camera at s trafford"
5th Jul 2013 11:03
"only decent thing is that it is the 3rd kit so hopefully we wont use it often. Unbelievably bad kit, we will be the laughing stock of the league!"
5th Jul 2013 14:02
"Goal Keeper kit is the same as last season, so not new. Socks are odd. Kit nothing like 1995/1996 season kit, should not make us BS saying it's based on previous kit when it is not, insulting fans memories as we remember old kits. 1995/1996 we won nothing, so why not base it on an away kit we won things in."
5th Jul 2013 22:21
"Appalling. The Away kit is embarrassing but at least it's consistent with the club's colour scheme. I'd like to know whose shareholders demand the purple? We already sold our sold to Standard Chartered for the "historic" blue trimmed kit didn't we?"
9th Jul 2013 14:09
"Apart from not liking the colour, design, shirt, shorts and socks. I have one question... Why odd socks? It makes you look like you have lost one and can't afford to buy a new pair so have just grabbed another random one... Why don't warrior do a design competition?"
30th Jul 2013 13:38
"Actually quite like it, not bad at all, the away kit is just awful but this kit is growing on me."