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When can LFC Philippines be recognize??? =)
3rd Jul 2013 13:11
3rd Jul 2013 13:30
"Fantastic story. "Keep calm & stay red; love it... & with 90.000 tickets sold for the Melbourne game in Australia - of those 70.000 Liverpool fans from down under - the future is certainly bright for the Reds in there quest for world domination :) YNWA "
3rd Jul 2013 13:37
"brilliant - I know Vietnam very well, and while many of the population blindly follow the evil manure like sheep, the more special, thoughtful and conscientious Vietnamese prefer LFC, in my experience..! Vinapool!!!"
3rd Jul 2013 13:46
"Proud to be Liverpool fan in Vietnam "
3rd Jul 2013 15:48
"Message for RedPH... You Never Walk Alone :)"
3rd Jul 2013 17:07
"Proud to be a Liverpool supporter in Vietnam. My facebook account here: add me :))"