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This is one of the best articles LFC have ever produced. God bless all contributors who explained so vividly how great it feels to be part of the global Liverpool family. To all YWNA
4th Jul 2013 15:32
4th Jul 2013 16:53
"wow i feel emotional reading all about are fans in the states. I love the reds. come on the boys"
4th Jul 2013 17:14
"As an LFC supporter from upstate NY this article hits home. I love this club with everything I have. My son was born on May 2nd. Whenever I need a smile I think of the future with him on Saturday mornings, skipping cartoons to watch our beloved Reds over breakfast. I can't wait to see him light up as we discover our starting 11 before each match, and talk tactics as my wife rolls her eyes."
4th Jul 2013 17:43
"Spread the word to the younger generation - we want to build LFC globally. YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 19:54
"good read. ynwa "
4th Jul 2013 20:13
"Reading the comments of our fellow LFC supporters over in the States, it made me feel lucky being Liverpool born and having had no problems or obstacles in supporting our club. But it makes me feel proud how large our LFC family is. Wherever in the world we are we all have the same feeling for our club â"
Ed Looney
4th Jul 2013 20:28
"My 15-yo daughter signed on with the Liverpool FC America club here in North Texas last year. So, naturally, I was interested in what all this "Liverpool" stuff was about. Then, I got to watching Luis Suarez. Wow. Stephen Gerrard and Carra? What awesome men! The flash of Luis and the rock-fast steadiness of The Captain and his mate. I'll remember this first year as a Liverpudlian forever."
4th Jul 2013 21:04
"Nice idea with this!"
4th Jul 2013 21:44
"Well done LFC, great article. All you fellow American Red made me proud. Walk on, family... Walk on! Warm regard from Southern California. #LFCLosAngeles #YNWA "
5th Jul 2013 6:53
"global Liverpool family :) S :) U :) P :) E :) R :) B :) L :) U :)"
5th Jul 2013 13:56
"When is the England edition coming. Could have had one in April when it was St George's Day."