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I feel he is the holder LFC.
4th Jul 2013 8:55
4th Jul 2013 9:00
"Having good reliable reserves on the benc is the sign of a good team! Keep up the good work Brendan...make sure we get Henrikh Mkhitaryan at Liverpool! The fans are clamouring for him! YNWA!"
4th Jul 2013 9:07
"I understand where he is coming from but still worried we are going to lose Pepe, even brad done well for us last season when we needed him , still a worry, but great to see Simon here think he will be a great addition to the team "
Brazilian meastro10
4th Jul 2013 9:15
"This will be a fantastic competition for keeper"
4th Jul 2013 9:17
"We all love Brad Jones but he isn't a sufficient number 2 because it was always the mentality Pepe was no.1, now though, he isn't guaranteed. IF and that is still an if, he leaves, we still have a top GK but not as much competition but when Pepe stays, he is looking over his shoulder and he needs it. He was dodgy last year not untouchable by any means."
4th Jul 2013 9:17
"Phew - it sounds like Pepe is on board and we're not losing him. While I agree that Brad did a great job when he came in over the last couple of seasons, especially at Wembley against the Toffees, there isn't a manager anywhere who'd use him over a fit Pepe Reina, meaning that there wasn't any real competition. Simon will give Pepe a real run for his first team place - excellent news!"
4th Jul 2013 9:22
"The more likely reason is because Pepe may be leaving, but even so, a good transfer. I am not sure if we will be able to attract anyone as good as LS if and when he leaves? And where is that creative midfielder we need? I hope the lesser known transfers turn out to be hidden gems."
4th Jul 2013 9:22
"Why would you be worried 'if' we loose Pepe LeeRob1313? Mignolet was the best GK in the country last year, it's not often a stopper racks 11 clean sheets during a relegation scrap. Mignolet has this amazing ability where he handles the ball at every moment, how many times did Pepe lose us a goal last year? Would cost a team a le any other season mate. Pepe needs to know he isn't untouchable."
4th Jul 2013 9:26
"Rubbish. Pepe will leave and everyone knows it. Why would either one of them risk their ticket to Brazil by warming the bench all season. Ridiculous that we end up paying the same for Mignolet as what Chelski paid for Courtois who is younger and two times the quality."
4th Jul 2013 9:28
"Get a good left back that can challenge Enrique, probably one straight from Africa ))"
4th Jul 2013 9:33
"But he aint come here to warm the bench and BR knows that. Pepe must have indicated a desire to move this season, so i reckon he will be on his way. He might be happy to warm the bench at Barca and evolve into Valdez replacement"
4th Jul 2013 9:59
"its a welcome development, cuz last season was abit woeful on the goalkeeping department. "
4th Jul 2013 10:07
"Completely agree with Kingwillis. Pepe and The Mig have different uses. Mig's definitely the better keeper managing the 11 clean sheets even at Sunderland but Pepe's got the leadership to command a backline. These qualities are both important and can't just be taken to be better than the other quality."
4th Jul 2013 10:16
"I still think Pepe will be with us this season, but suspect that he'll be at Barca next season. IF thats the case, Simon will learn a bit from Pepe before he goes,and we will have a v.good keeper to step in if Pep moves on."
4th Jul 2013 10:21
"hope we not downgrading again like last year when we got Borini assaidi and Allen for maxi bellamy and kuyt no wonder we flopped miserably on all fronts."
4th Jul 2013 10:22
"reina is over-rated goalkepper. I hope Mignolet suceed here and we will have far better one."
4th Jul 2013 10:23
"I hope Mignolet will be the n.1!"
4th Jul 2013 10:48
"He is very very very goooooooooood! Let him start YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 10:55
"i just hope, whoever plays.. He can make all of team feel comfortable.. "
4th Jul 2013 11:10
"I have complete trust in Brendan. Roll on 2013/14"
4th Jul 2013 11:16
"Pepe and simon to play alternate games and each get a cup?"
4th Jul 2013 11:43
"True competition always gets the best out of players but I think LFC see in Mignolet a better stopper in the long run."
4th Jul 2013 11:47
"Mignolet, will take over. There is no way he will contend with the subs bench. It also sends a strong message to everyone that no one is above LFC. Because, Reina, at times, talked like he was doing us a favour by staying, but now he will be nervous looking over at his shoulder. Finally he knows he is truly playing for a huge club. "
4th Jul 2013 11:50
"For me this is another statement from Rodgers that I do not believe, FSG would not spend nearly 10m on a G/K for him to sit on the bench. I will be very surprised if Pepe is still here come Aug 17th.Also I believe they will give him a huge pay-off to go.Same as Andy Carroll. I reckon Pepe is one of the top earners now at the club so they are going to have to persuade him to go."
4th Jul 2013 11:53
"Its obvious Reina is eyeing the situation at Barca and would jump to join them - and who would blame him. But we can't be carrying a player who has ambitions elsewhere. That is why I am so happy that BR is showing his mettle and letting every one know that we are a big club and will not tolerate anyone treating us as not. Now those who questioned us can hang their heads in shame. "
4th Jul 2013 11:55
"Lets get some competition at Left-Back & Defensive Midfield too! "
4th Jul 2013 12:07
"Ok we getting there ,, we have to sell Henderson, downing, Borini and even maybe sterling and hopefully keep suarez and get Henrich and a CB "
4th Jul 2013 12:11
"I think it is the right decision too, Reina was not focused enough at the beginning of last season and cost us at times.. Everyone has off days, and I know Reina is class regardless but a bit of healthy competition can't be a bad thing for Reina too.. YNWA"
4th Jul 2013 12:40
"We definetly need another left back- enrque needs competion"
4th Jul 2013 12:58
"VERY SMART MOVE AS LONG AS PEPE STAYS! I think he will leave next season, to get a proper transition... "
4th Jul 2013 13:02
"If it is for competition rather than because Reina is leaving I think that money could of been spent more wisely elsewhere. For example; A left back or more importantly A CENTRE BACK where we have a massive hole, an extra keeper is a bonus, but surely you need to buy "needs" before buying "wants" its like buying a tv before buying chairs."
4th Jul 2013 13:13
"It was a no-brainer, we needed a new quality keeper. What we had were making mistakes/not playing their best."
4th Jul 2013 13:15
"Pepe has been a top keeper for us but in recent seasons he has slipped a lot. I wonder did this talk br had with pepe coincide with his improved form last season. Maybe downing was not the only one to get a bit of a steel toecap!"
4th Jul 2013 13:15
"Pepe has been a great servant but competition for each and every position is vital. Hopefully a centre back next"
4th Jul 2013 13:29
"It's good when the team has two top-class goalkeeper. not the only one to defend the other to warm the bench and nibbling sunflower :)"
4th Jul 2013 13:32
"The acquisition of Mignolet has signalled a significant change in philosophy. We are now sending out a clear and stark message to everyone that we are a huge team. We have been allowing some players to think that we need them more then they need us and this has to stop. Its great psychological move on BR part, cont.. "
4th Jul 2013 13:33
"Gulacsi looks to be a decent young keeper. I wish him well."
4th Jul 2013 13:35
"Although, I am pained that we let Jonjo go, he had to go. I am hearing that he was openly griping about his treatment and that he thought he should be playing. BR had to send out a message to any other upstart - that this kind of moaning won't be tolerated. So players like Sterling and Suso will have taken note, cont.. "
4th Jul 2013 13:39
"At times, last season, even fully untried players like Sterling could hold us to ransom with the will he or will he not sign saga. He knows now that nonsense scenario is gone as he now is not even sure of a place and, if doesn't like it, he can do one. This is how we know we have progressed. Well done BR and FSG!!!"
4th Jul 2013 13:42
"You signed another keeper because you have planned to sell pepe "
4th Jul 2013 13:49
"It amazes me, because, there is a huge possibility that Pepe will stay. I honestly don't see a problem with a massive club like us wanting two top GK's. Pepe went sour last season, your fickle if you didn't see it. Is his heart really in it? He is passion defined but we all lose spirit. He needs a compeor to fight that place."
4th Jul 2013 14:20
"we still lack competition in l/b and d/m tho "
4th Jul 2013 14:32
"Mignolet #1"
4th Jul 2013 14:45
"So getting a great goal keeper from Sunderland had nothing to do with the hidden threats from Reina about being interested in a move back to his homeland and his old club, really!!!!"
4th Jul 2013 14:53
"Not seen much of Mignolet cos Sunderland for me were one of those teams unless playing us i'd switch off when MOTD came on! People who actualy know about football do really seem to rate him though."
4th Jul 2013 15:26
"all the morons, muppets and idiots thinking BR is trying to sell pepe, its called competition for places, a professional squad for once! And Pepe has clearly stated he would love to play for barca one day and he has been honest enough about it!its called succession planning!"
4th Jul 2013 15:56
4th Jul 2013 16:19
"this guy will turn out to be a bargain, he will be double in a few years time."
4th Jul 2013 16:25
"A good buy. Expect Reina to stay one more season then head off next summer, which will give Mignolet a season to settle in and learn from Reina. Mignolet will probably play in the Cup games."
4th Jul 2013 17:46
"This is a good buy if Reina stays and we still strengthen in the necessary areas. This is a good buy if Reina leaves, BR preparing for life without Reina. This is a bad buy if Reina stays and we don't strengthen in the necessary areas, because then that money could/should be spent where most needed. Time will tell"
4th Jul 2013 17:58
"Lpdcollier- Exactly. "
4th Jul 2013 18:12
"While in theory (and maybe in practice) it might seem good to have two first team quality goalkeepers vying for the first team place.....having a 90kpw world class goalie or a £9mill valued newly signed goalie on presumably large wages on the bench does contradict the club hierarchy's stance on the club needing to cut its financial cloth accordingly..."
4th Jul 2013 18:13
"Having two big wage/value keepers also undermines one of the arguments the club hierarchy used in justifying offloading Carroll....that LFC in its current supposed poor financial state (forget the fact we are tenth most valuable club in the world) "couldn't afford to have a 80kpw striker on the bench"..."
4th Jul 2013 18:13
"In short - seemingly very few teams have two obviously first team value/wage/quality goalkeepers on the books at once.....the usual practice is to have a first choice and a very capable understudy."
4th Jul 2013 18:14
"A few quick calculations - if Pepe does stay and Mignolet fails to dislodge him as Number 1....then FSG, and Ian Ayre, who keep pushing the idea that LFC have to spend more this time next year will have spent £9mill on a (disgruntled) number 2 plus £2.8mill on wages (assuming he's 60kpw) = best part of £12 million, and his value will have halved at least..."
4th Jul 2013 18:14
"Conversely - we already have a world class keeper in Reina, but if Reina on 90kpw (conservative estimate) spends a year on the bench, we'll get a diminished fee if/when he asks to move and will have spent a cool £4.4 million or so on a world class benchwarmer.... Answers on a postcard please"
4th Jul 2013 18:32
""He's part of the Belgian set-up and it's really their golden era of players. Him coming here will hopefully increase his opportunities there also." How? You don't get to be No.1 choice national keeper by playing reserve team club football, and £10m rated keepers don't just warm the bench. I feel there is something we arn't being told here - namely Reina is off pretty soon"
4th Jul 2013 19:24
"It's nice having depth in goal, but I doubt either will be happy bench warming. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out. Still, both Mignolet and Reina are top keepers so we'll be strong there no matter who wins and loses."
4th Jul 2013 19:55
"Mignolet signing should excite all of us as its a statement of intent. We now have a sent out a clear message that LFC is an elite club. Reina is flirting with the idea of going to Barca so we are showing him that he is not beyond being replaced. He now knows we are not a feeder club"
4th Jul 2013 20:57
"Quality keeper.. Quality squad can't wait for next season.. this is our year.. we need to stop aiming for top 4 and start aiming for the le.. "
4th Jul 2013 21:55
"Cheer up Buddha and smile more.This is your season.All your dreams are answered.We muppets watch and learn.BR IS THE NEW KING."
4th Jul 2013 22:07
"Buddha-Elite club ??? That was way back when.Elite clubs are in EUROPE or have you noticed we are NOT. Wise up fella.Like I say we watch and learn this season."
5th Jul 2013 6:32
"Brendan is absolutely right ! Pep and Simon are holder of net ! the rest are in charge of captain fantastic, manager and other team!"
5th Jul 2013 17:27
"Why does BR sound sad to have had Gulacsi go? If he'd played him a bit more, he might still be here. I miss Gulacsi. YNWA"