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A Ballotelli look alike for me ???? Looks decent and the age fits into BR's way of signing people who he can use for the next 4-5 seasons or sell and break even or make a profit. That means the squad will only need tinkering and not a complete overhaul which is taking place at the moment,,
2nd Jul 2013 21:18
2nd Jul 2013 23:05
"would still prefer either alderweld or papa with illori "
3rd Jul 2013 2:05
"this is one guy i would not mind to see in a red shirt. "
3rd Jul 2013 8:13
"pls buy him we need a good central defender and he s young he will be the next thuram ,and buy a defensif midfield allen is not good "
3rd Jul 2013 10:19
"Get him instead of alderweireld"