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Do u mean hanging out with Alex ? Just funny...
2nd Jul 2013 17:48
2nd Jul 2013 17:48
" Steven Gerrard the heart of Liverpool.Humble, great player,Y N WA"
2nd Jul 2013 17:50
"welcome back captain fantastic! "
2nd Jul 2013 17:54
"Great news our stevie is in good condition- i think he can go on and on........"
2nd Jul 2013 18:18
"Thankfully, most of our first team squad should have had a good rest this summer. With early signings and a strong pre-season we will hopefully be ready to get next season off to a good start especially due to our early fixture list. "
2nd Jul 2013 18:42
"Stevie is driven to succeed. He has a lot of football played but would be great to get another 2 or 3 top seasons out of him."
2nd Jul 2013 19:32
"Unbelievable commitment from SG. Did he even get a family break ?? Lets hope the new boys look up to him and follow his example. Now that Carra has moved on, Stevie is the last link with '05 and now only local legend still playing."
2nd Jul 2013 19:39
"WhelanR- ok lad fair does on your previous comment at 19.12- lets hope we have a good season with a trophy or two and back into europe where we belong.come on you reds- we are liverpool fc today tmrw and always- ynwa"
2nd Jul 2013 21:20
"Gerrard sporting flashy green boots, i never thought i'd see the day "
2nd Jul 2013 21:51
"am so excited.... I honestly believe next season is going to be amazing with the talent of iago,downing,alberto.borini,joe allen,mignolet and kolo toure, all waiting in the wings along with the youth of sterling, ibe this side look strong and full of classâ"
2nd Jul 2013 23:51
"Captain fantastic leads the way for years to come... great news. Lets show the prem league we are LFC. ynwa redmen."
2nd Jul 2013 23:55
"Stevie's a game changer. I'm hoping improvements to the team will mean seeing him storming forward and scoring goals more often next season."
3rd Jul 2013 1:34
"fantastic captain, for the umpteenth time I write :)shows in the photos that he is in top form :)"
3rd Jul 2013 12:39
"Wow, Stevie G has a goatee! Looks well different man haha legend!"