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The Most Important People here are the ones that want to stay here.Sell suarez buy Mkhitaryan and onother top forward!
2nd Jul 2013 17:38
2nd Jul 2013 17:41
" What a great signing, wish you all the best luck and lets have a fantastic season, YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 17:45
"Welcome to anfield kolo- you will slot in just fine"
2nd Jul 2013 17:56
"gonna love this guy :) "
2nd Jul 2013 17:57
"Very good signing and a player with something to prove. Seriously think we'll give the league a good go this season, we may come up short but should definitely make top 4 with all the managerial switches going on. A good start to the first 6 games is needed even without Luis. Welcome Kolo."
2nd Jul 2013 18:13
"Well said lubaka. ."
2nd Jul 2013 18:21
"Mr Toure - Welcome to LFC"
2nd Jul 2013 18:26
"liverpool fc are as hard as hell......"
2nd Jul 2013 18:39
"For sure..this guy will surprise people"
2nd Jul 2013 18:43
"Well Brendan, I wouldn't give him the le of "Manchester City's best player" but he is very good"
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jul 2013 18:59
"Would just like to echo Lubaka comments."
2nd Jul 2013 19:00
"Yes u are right ubaka the most important players in lfc are the ones willing to stay and work with us."
2nd Jul 2013 19:06
"Still cant believe carras gone,We will miss him.Legend"
2nd Jul 2013 19:10
"Seems to have his head properly screwed on! I.e. seems like an intelligent man! All the best, may the force be with you!"
2nd Jul 2013 20:02
2nd Jul 2013 20:09
"My God, there is a God. Wheelan has made a positive comment, jeez, I am going to lie down.."
2nd Jul 2013 20:32
"he will prove to be one of the best signings of any club this summer!"
2nd Jul 2013 20:34
"Really like this guy. He will definitely give everything. Also Stevie G needs a new friend now that Carra has gone. "
2nd Jul 2013 20:39
"Welcome Kolo! YNWA!"
2nd Jul 2013 20:48
"Kolo is an experience defender but makes mistake sometimes but stil wish him the best"
2nd Jul 2013 21:51
"Many defenders have reached their peaks in their thirties. There's no reason why Kolo can't be the same. Nice one again to Brendan and the others for helping to bring someone of Toure's quality to the club."
3rd Jul 2013 11:14
"Not playing much last season will hopefully mean he's hungry to play and not tired or worn out. Quality player with bags of experience-important now Carra's gone."