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Welcome to LFC. like your atude. We would also like to welcome your brother. YNWA
2nd Jul 2013 16:22
2nd Jul 2013 16:25
"sounds like good buisiness ,hope he can still do it and cover for carra , but we do still need a top c/d for competition , "
2nd Jul 2013 16:29
"Speaks like a real pro, could be the bargain of the season."
2nd Jul 2013 16:32
"Welcome! YNWA!"
2nd Jul 2013 16:33
"Welcome kolo(; S.G is a legend if u needed anything u could come to see me our captain Stevie YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 16:42
"talk a gd talk,, looking good , now a good walk up the leauge "
2nd Jul 2013 16:49
"Nice to have you at LFC enjoy the moment. And look forward to your leadership in defence. "
2nd Jul 2013 17:05
"This is ANFIELD!"
2nd Jul 2013 17:11
"Welcome Kolo!!"
2nd Jul 2013 17:20
"That smile Stevie G. I feel a good season coming YWNA"
2nd Jul 2013 17:27
"great player carnt wait now for new season YNWA"
Vosta Lee
2nd Jul 2013 17:28
"Welcome to LFC. Tell your brother it's not too late for him to join you again..."
2nd Jul 2013 17:30
"We are too! YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 17:35
"Great interview speaks like a real professional. Welcome ynwa"
2nd Jul 2013 17:47
"Welcome to Reds family....YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 18:02
"Really great atude. "
2nd Jul 2013 18:28
"I think his hunger & desire to do well for us is very clear from the interview and his looking into the camera to give the fans his message at the end shows he means business & is very sincere at the same time. Come on LFC lets have a great season!"
2nd Jul 2013 18:45
"Spot on, he hasn't played much over past three years and that will be to LFCs benefit. Skrtel and Agger are in for a dogfight for their places this season and that's what is needed - competition for places"
2nd Jul 2013 18:53
"Great to hear that and a very warm welcome to you Kolo. YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 21:17
"Welcome to LFC Kolo! YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 21:56
"reina Johnson Agger Skrtel Enrique Gerrad Lucas Suarez Henrik Coutinho Sturridge"
2nd Jul 2013 22:47
"For me Toure has been City's best defender for the past few seasons. Manchini seemed to rotate his defence alot."
Tossed and torn
2nd Jul 2013 23:12
"Long may you run"
2nd Jul 2013 23:20
"It's good that Kolo is willing to speak up at the back and add his organisational skills. I am sure his leadership will come to the fore. Other players should listen to his ideas because he's already acheived quite a bit."
2nd Jul 2013 23:29
"Can only improve the other players in competition for the spot, including Kelly and Wisdom. Welcome to the club Kolo. YNWA"
3rd Jul 2013 0:07
"Welcome to the family Kolo. Great transfer. Great player. Great guy. Get ready to feel the love!"
Buckie LFC Supporter
3rd Jul 2013 0:18
"I didn't really rate this guy previously (like I didn't SD), but he says he's a speaker, & that's what we need. We don't necessarily need the world best def, we just need someone who can organise on the pitch. On that basis I can see him being the main CB"
3rd Jul 2013 0:32
"fantastic acquisition. great work by the club and looking forward to seeing kolo demonstrate this desire"
3rd Jul 2013 1:30
"All Liverpool fans are hungry for success and the whole team and you with them :) Stevie G has 33 years has,what a player :) many defenders who played great even though they were older and not only defenders :) you are still in top form! :)player who shall be replaced is 35 years old and then went into retirement :)"
3rd Jul 2013 7:07
"Awesome he has the passion no doubt we will benefit from it"
3rd Jul 2013 8:21
"This is a good signing, a clever one. Experience is vital and he's got plenty. I like his physique, strength and all round ability. He'll fit right into the back four, no problem."
3rd Jul 2013 9:45
"I believe with the acquisitions of Toure, Aspas, Alberto Luiz & Mignolet, Liverpool will once again be a force to rekon with in England. With no Europe competitions for us this coming season, it will afford the team to concentrate on winning games week in week out. I'm still looking forward to other interesting signning. YNWA"