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Who is he any way. just get ka donesk guy and we are gud to go.
2nd Jul 2013 13:58
2nd Jul 2013 14:21
"my favourite defenders... coentrao--------left back sakho/agger-----centre back papadapalous /illori----centre back johnson---------right back"
2nd Jul 2013 14:31
"BR is sorting out a midfield player, and two more defenders to join us before we go on tour. ... I really like the way our transfers are being handled. The press have no clue, and other clubs do not have time to hijack deals. ... Great work BR and thanks FSG."
2nd Jul 2013 14:40
"Are we really going to give a clear run for Tottenham for the two brightest teenager of the football world, Alen Halilovic and Tim jedvaj! Let's pursuade them with more exciting project than any other team."
2nd Jul 2013 14:46
"-ehimwema- he is probably one of the best young defenders in Europe and if we get him it will be a great signing.we need 2 gd defenders,1 cb and a gd rb as Johnson is not gd enough at defending (would move him forward as cover for wide attackers). have a feeling that Mkhitaryan will be a mistake form player only!"
2nd Jul 2013 16:45
"would be a great purchase, look at varane of real madrid hes young but got in the team last season and done class!"
2nd Jul 2013 23:48
"Future France captain? If he's going to turn out anything like Varane he's got to be worth a look"
3rd Jul 2013 10:50
"Probably my favorite central defender, after Agger and David Luiz. Great signing if it happens."