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ahahaha what a . nice one for that tom. handy 4mill
2nd Jul 2013 12:26
2nd Jul 2013 12:29
"Step on Mkhitaryan before Ince"
2nd Jul 2013 12:30
"Step on Mkhitaryan before Ince"
2nd Jul 2013 12:46
"good, glad were not getting him."
2nd Jul 2013 12:52
"The Mirror are absolutely full of s*t. It's nowhere near that much. Papers have absolutely no accountability for the pages and pages of lies they write..It's laughable"
2nd Jul 2013 12:59
"thought it was 35%"
2nd Jul 2013 13:06
"I agree its only 35% or 2.8mil. Would it not make sense to offer 5.2m and buy him. I think thats a fair price or maybe thats why he is selling Shelvey for 5 mil."
2nd Jul 2013 13:50
"Thought we might have gone for ince - an ideal and better replacement for Downing! Looks to have all the tools but then we don't know everything ie: what's his character like, has he a stable personal life? etc, etc - it all counts! Same goes for everyone single player we look at. That's one of the reasons why old purple nose was so successful :/"
2nd Jul 2013 13:53
"Nice one to LFC for smart in inlcuding that clause in the contract, a good way of gaining if a player progresses by selling cheap enough but gain from future sale..should be added to our transfer kitty."
2nd Jul 2013 14:19
"Over rated and priced English player. For the same amount we bought better in Coutinho, Aspas, who almost got himself into the Spanish national team, and Alberto. ... If he doesn't have the desire to put on the red shirt like these players, we don't want you at LFC."
2nd Jul 2013 16:46
"Why didn't we just give them 4mil to have him here with us? Maybe he would be surplus is the only thing I can think of and he does need first team football. "