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Welcome back guys. Lets hope for a great 2013-14 we can finally have something to cheer on! YNWA
2nd Jul 2013 9:59
2nd Jul 2013 10:02
"Come on our Reds!"
2nd Jul 2013 10:06
"would love to see alserweld,wanyama,llori,douglas and mkhitaryan arrive asap please"
2nd Jul 2013 10:06
"lets hope we have a great season with no excuses or bs like last one."
2nd Jul 2013 10:08
"Good to see Toure at Melwood! "
2nd Jul 2013 10:14
"looking forward to a great 2013/14 season.."
2nd Jul 2013 10:25
"This all feels very exciting haha! "
2nd Jul 2013 10:25
"The fact that downing is back so early shows how determined he is to improve. Well done! YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 10:31
"Welcome back to every1 and welcome to the greatest team in the world to the new guys lets all enjoy this year and i am the most excited about the upcomeing season that i can remember being for many many many year well done brendan some great signings and more to come i expect good luck to all wear the shirt with pride and passion YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 10:55
"comon you reds time to train hard got a feeling that this would be a special year, ynwa "
2nd Jul 2013 11:58
"I am getting excited for the new season. .... Come on lads , fourth place is not where belong .... It is right at the top! We can do it the Shankley Way ... BR has a carbon copy of that plan that made us such a club! "
2nd Jul 2013 12:03
"Downing's improving under BR quite clearly. Look at his work ethic, first one back to training!"
2nd Jul 2013 12:48
"Getting our transfer business sorted early is good and would love to see us have a good preseason as in the past it has all been about getting players fit but for me we have to also play well preseason in order to establish a good mentality."
2nd Jul 2013 12:49
"team has arrived,and our soul has found lot of space for air :) best center-backs are when they near their 30 year ! know who to steer wheel, who is the engine and who is vice-captain :)"
2nd Jul 2013 13:51
"I can't wait. Especially to see the new signings in red. Kolo to be a cult hero this season. Challenge for the le boys! YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 14:23
"This season we need to "rise up" to the challenge "
2nd Jul 2013 17:01
"wow!! can't wait to see pictures of todays training!"
2nd Jul 2013 17:43
"Haha..just those? are you sure you don't want a few more?? "
2nd Jul 2013 17:48
"Toure seems like he will fit in just fine. I want to see another CB soon to add to the competition between him, Skrtel and Agger. All looks pretty good for 13/14 - but do we keep Luis? and if we sell can we manage to tempt top players like Mkhitaryan in his place?? Or better yet can we have both??? "
2nd Jul 2013 19:06
"SO good to see THE Captain lead his crew back to Melwood; excited about 2013/14!! Suarez?"
2nd Jul 2013 23:01
"Great to see that Downing was the first one to arrive at Melwood. "