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LFC are the best club ..
2nd Jul 2013 9:37
2nd Jul 2013 9:56
"It is always good to see ex-service people being helped. Nevertheless, it is a travesty and something of a disgrace that ex-servicemen and women and their families often have to rely on charities to assist them once they have left the military. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:57
"I know of ex-service people who are very critical of this and previous governments; and critical of the MOD, and critical of the various parts of the forces (army, navy and RAF) for utilising service people in either peacetime or wartime service and then spitting them out onto the scrapheap, and forgetting about them..."
2nd Jul 2013 9:59
"The physical and mental health (e.g PTSD) and housing and welfare or other needs are appallingly under-resourced and neglected by govts; MOD and armed services.It's no coincidence so many ex-servicemen end up homeless and with problems. The most constructive thing we could do is not to send troops into illegal wars of aggression for gas and oil such as Iraq and Afghanistan."
2nd Jul 2013 10:34
"Well done to all involved "
2nd Jul 2013 13:10
"A very worthy cause, as a serving member of the armed forces its really good to see our beloved club contributing to something very close to my heart. Well done LFC :o)"