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Exactly, if you have an opinion and say your opinion then you are giving criticism. Everybody has an opinion, especially on something they love. Honest outspoken people tell you what they think and you often hear negative as well as positive words.
7th Jul 2013 11:09
Champions Of Europe
7th Jul 2013 13:08
"Carra will be fully justified to criticise the club; why, because he's been there, will back it up with facts & knowledge, & will know the roots of the club. What I cannot tolerate is critisicing the club without any basis or research or just because it's a kneejerk reaction. Gerrard will certainly give as good as he gets, looking forward to this friendly duel."
7th Jul 2013 14:58
"Jamie will just be doing his new job while stevie will continue to give his all and drive the new and existing players forward to future success hopefully. come on redmen. have a great start to the season and see where it takes us. YNWA J4T96"
7th Jul 2013 15:51
"I also agree with Stevie G (the selfish point of view :) that Jamie could play one more season! What would be merely defense was ! bittersweet for Brendan :) but also I respect the decision of Jamie! neither team is perfect so that Jamie positive criticism and earned a lot of praise to help the club! Of course it is a business manager but Jamie will definitely help a lot! :)"
7th Jul 2013 16:22
"Theres fair criticism that's part of a pundits job and then there's being a sellout where u hang your former brothers in arms out to dry just to satisfy your new paymasters. Hope Jamie won't cross that fine line like some former lfc legends "
7th Jul 2013 19:12
"Of course in Jamie Carraghers new job he would be asked tonnes of things which involve Liverpool or any other club for that matter but the fact is If there is one person that can speak from his heart it is Jamie Carragher. "
7th Jul 2013 19:14
"Foivetimes *cough* Lawrenson"
7th Jul 2013 19:31
"i hope carra will be more sensible. critising liverpool whenever he finds them doing the wrong not like the other liverpoolfc analyst on BBC. he needs to update himself with technical ideas perhaps we need to change out scouters. it appears we never come up with real good players one here and there"
7th Jul 2013 22:15
"Its a shame Jamie wont be on the pitch but it will be great to see him in the pundit role. Hope he really enjoys his new career because he's earned the right. ynwa jc."
7th Jul 2013 22:33
"This days it seems even Southampton as more money than us. "
7th Jul 2013 23:23
"We love you SG8"
8th Jul 2013 7:53