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An excellent and insightful maiden article. A lot of thought must have gone into it. Well done Kate. Keep them coming. YNWA JFT96
2nd Jul 2013 8:41
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jul 2013 8:58
"Unless I missed something, the same would go for Wednesday - Saturday fixtures, Champions League. So by this reckoning maybe it is better we did not achieve CL this year Give me a break on these silly silly theories's a game of football and while science can be of assistance do not think this one has much cred. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:03
"This should be our opportunity to train more and play hard."
2nd Jul 2013 9:03
"Good first article, Kate, to kick off your LFC.TV career. Gives us all reason to be hopeful of the campaign ahead. YNWA."
2nd Jul 2013 9:03
"Good 1st article but liverpool should have the resources to compete on all fronts and it shouldn't be used as an excuse. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:03
"I'm all for the use of data to try to prove a point, but in this case it's lots of analysis but unfortunately not that meaningful. Thurs Sun has the same recovery time as Wed Sat. The reason post Europa League was better than pre comes down purely to Sturridge & Coutinho, squad more comfortable with style of play and fewer mistakes by Brendan in team selection. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:04
"I agree with the writer. Missing out on Europa League is not such a bad thing, at least not until it becomes a habit of missing out on European competition completely. Interesting stats.."
2nd Jul 2013 9:07
"Very impressive .."
2nd Jul 2013 9:08
"Liverpool to be out of Europa League next season will help the players to be strong and fit through out the season. If they manage to maintain the speed of last season finishing no one can stop Liverpool to be in Top three not four!!!! YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 9:10
"I have just heard that we have agreed the deal should be completed for Thurs at latest a fee £22 million for henryk at last!"
2nd Jul 2013 9:10
"I have just heard that we have agreed the deal should be completed for Thurs at latest a fee £22 million for henryk at last!"
Gordon Ottershaw
2nd Jul 2013 9:12
"Excuse me why bring up transfer rumours on this thread. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:12
"A club like Barcelona can afford to have a second string in their country's Division II, playing independently. A huge club such as Liverpool should be able to at least match that and play their second string, say in Europa League. I know considering the way things have been for us in the recent years this is just dreaming, but I dare to dream."
2nd Jul 2013 9:16
"Don't forget that LFC play no part in Europe during the 11/12 season too. Our league form went downhill during the 2nd half of the season. As much as we try to get analysis to make our self feel better. Ultimately it comes down to our players and how the manager utilizes resources available. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:32
"This is pretty basic analysis with a lot of suggestion and it only reiterates concerns houllier had over a decade ago. However, for those pointing out that CL football also has 2 recovery days, you're wrong. It varies hugely. Tues-sat, weds-sun, even Tues-sun gives longer recovery and don't forget, if you're big enough to be CL, Sky usually want you on a Sunday. 2 days is rare with CL."
2nd Jul 2013 9:33
"As much as I like to look at the positives, we should be as high up the league as possible, but it's likely (given the squad) that we'll achieve 5th. So will that be negative for a push-on for the following season? I doubt it. And anyone who was at the Zenit game will remind you that the fans need European nights at Anfield - the atmosphere is incredible."
2nd Jul 2013 9:43
"Great debut, Kate, nice one. Whilst I agree Europa League participation is detrimental to league performance, there is one thing I'd question: "It took until the 10th attempt for Liverpool to win a league match following a European fixtureâ"
2nd Jul 2013 9:44
"Also, the fixture list following Europa League games was unfairly difficult this season, so perhaps not that surprising that we struggled to win one. Man City, Arsenal, United, Stoke, Everton, Chelsea, Swansea and West Ham - 5 of the top 6, and the only team outside the top half was our bogey team Stoke! Looking forward to the next column next Tuesday."
2nd Jul 2013 9:53
"Well it doesn't seem to have affected the top 5 last season. Our problem has been the lack of a quality squad (since Rafa's days)not European fixtures. Hence all our big names did not have the opportunity to rest midweek. Hopefully for a change more players will join then leave this season. "
2nd Jul 2013 9:53
"If it a positive not to be in Europe, then lets make surev will we will not be in it nest year. In fact, lets set our sights on the championship"
2nd Jul 2013 10:02
"Interesting article. I wonder how spread of PL fixtures affects results. This season we seem to have fewer consecutive fixtures against last seasons top six sides and they are later in season. "
2nd Jul 2013 10:06
"Very good article! Hope we can get best result next season as we expect."
2nd Jul 2013 10:32
"This is a very good article. Well done. "
2nd Jul 2013 10:40
"Nice effort, a well thought out article. The stats are great, but as a reader I want them to evidence something I don't already know."
2nd Jul 2013 10:52
"With a 40 man squad, and using 3 subs per game, we should not have a fatigue problem, it is also an opportunity to use more players. There are also financial benefits. Nevertheless an excellent report, very well presented. "
2nd Jul 2013 11:00
"Excellent article. Well done Kate! "
2nd Jul 2013 11:05
"Cav632 where exactly did you hear this news from. Unless your friends with Mr Ayre I doubt its reliable as no major news group has reported this."
2nd Jul 2013 11:25
"Very interesting read. Thanks Kate. YNWA"
2nd Jul 2013 12:35
"Yeah, missing out on the Europa League will bring some benefits, namely a top-four finish, hopefully."
2nd Jul 2013 12:43
"I agree with Krypton3. Thanks Kate for the in-depth analysis. It's great to see this deeper level of analysis. Do keep them coming!"
2nd Jul 2013 13:02
"seems we are hiring quality , not just on the playing front . Real positive feelings about where the club is marching as a whole . "
2nd Jul 2013 13:09
"Welcome! Great to have a really well researched article with the facts and figures presented. I cant say I agree with the findings due to the variables, team make up in the comparison, injury, psychology and crowd behaviour - very different when we are puching as serious contenders. I also want us to be pushing for Euro and Domestic league and Cup - which is what we exist for."
2nd Jul 2013 13:39
"So basically what your saying is we have no excuses this season coming! :)"
2nd Jul 2013 14:02
"nice point, basically , theres pos and neg, being in, finance over rides most, league cup fa cup, should we go all out for them ?"
9th Jul 2013 19:44
"This piece IMO is a great example of perception management and mind conditioning at work. Experience at any level in Europe is vital, and winning matches and silverware at any level in Europe equally so, especially given how much stronger Europa has become. "
9th Jul 2013 19:45
"EUrope or no Europe is irrelevant to FSG anyway. FSG just wanna keep monetizing the brand - they bought LFC on the cheap for £300 mill (6 months after it was valued at £530mill) and now LFC is worth £419mill for them if they cashed in. Costs cut plus no top 4 plus increased revenue streams = Kerching for the shadowbankers."
23rd Jul 2013 7:38
"An excellent debut article by Kate and great thought out analysis. Certainly convinced me that better to leave Europe out this season but without Suarez and Pepe, can we STILL make Top 4 ?"