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"Bring back Torres... Why? 1. It's simple because last year Torres has scores more than 20 goals for Chelsea. 2. 10 goals less, than Suarez, and he had played much fewer games than Suarez. 3. look at him at the Confedration Cup (again he scored more than Suarez). 4. He fits totally in the style of Liverpool. 5. He is a proven striker in Premier League. 6. He is cheap...."
30th Jun 2013 13:45
30th Jun 2013 13:52
""Torres would have to creep on his knees from London to Liverpool, swim the Mersey, creep on his knees to Anfield and offer the biggest apology to our fans and then we might think about him ever coming back. He wanted to go to a bigger club. Him Benny and Miralles like all others who have left us have found out WE ARE THE BIGGEST CLUN IN THE WORLD !!!! LFC, YNWA" "
30th Jun 2013 14:29
"we don't eat back our vomit! Negredo from Sevilla would be the best choice for me"
30th Jun 2013 15:54
"phanjoo-fab 30th Jun 2013 12:59 Are you Torres? Thought I'd post this on all articles not related to Torres, phanjoo-fab thinks its ok to!"
30th Jun 2013 16:25
"I'm not saying that Torres is better than Suarez, I'm only saying that Torres is quality for good price right now. But surely to chose right now between Suarez and Torres, it will Suarez. But unfortunately it will be hard to keep Suarez. Even Arsenal is keeping tab on Torres situation...."
30th Jun 2013 16:59
"Only if he is free and will join us in cheaper cost "
30th Jun 2013 17:02
"Lets not get too emotional about it. Even Rush and Fowler left and came back. If Torres is available for good value, can fit into BR's style and is willing to come back... why not? But all of these are big Ifs!!"
30th Jun 2013 17:47
"why not bring back torres? 1. hes awful. 2. he WONT EVER be the player he was. 3. hes a blue nose rent boy. "
30th Jun 2013 18:41
"i say bring back Torres as well"
30th Jun 2013 19:10
"Top class central defender needed badly and lets hope Kelly can claim right back spot"
30th Jun 2013 19:24
"Back 4 next season Johnson, Kelly, Agger, Enrique good enough for me. Toure and whoever else we get can be back-up"
30th Jun 2013 22:53
"One thing is for sure, the next 7 days in the transfer window could be a sign of where LFC is heading in the next 5-6 year s, especially with all the young players we have been linked with,, WALK ON LFC YNWA"
1st Jul 2013 2:00
"phanjoo-fab what the hell are yu talkin about?? torres played 64 games last season and scored 22 goals!, 8 in the league from 36 games!, suarez played 44 games last season and scored 30 goals 23 in the league so how did you come up with torres played less games then suarez? "
1st Jul 2013 2:00
"and he only scored more goals in the con cup bcoz he scored 4 against Tahiti! suarez came on in the 70th minute and still scored 2 against tahiti! yu and me could of scored 4 against them over 90 minutes like torres did! never be the same player that we had again, injury's have ruined him!, i agree with spuddy1892"
1st Jul 2013 3:38
"its not the fact that Torres disrespected the club and left at the wrong time... its just that he is rubbish... id take him back for less than 10mil and if we dint pay him much, he can still score the odd goal from the bench. Off to atletico he can go, tho id rather see Roman keep forcing his managers into playing his overrated overpaid rentboys :D "
1st Jul 2013 3:41
"oh and yes please on Sakho.. a 2nd left footed cb would be nice... keep Dagger on his toes and surely they could play together if needed... 2 right footed cbs is common enough. "
1st Jul 2013 6:03
"If we need another CB this guy is a much better buy than Williams except that he is quicker, younger,and probably cheaper. "