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looking at allot of youth think we need proven players in the pl not the championship weed atleast one major sighing this window not kids they wont bring champions league
30th Jun 2013 9:50
30th Jun 2013 9:53
"experience we need!!"
30th Jun 2013 10:45
"Byral is gonna be a coup. He will battle it out with Glen seriously and would be a top lad in a couple of years. Flanno isnt up to it meaning we only have Mclaughlin who is not yet half as good as Sam. "
30th Jun 2013 11:16
"As a back up yes"
30th Jun 2013 11:22
"ive not seen this lad play but i agrea with most here i think we have enough young players but if we gona bye him maybe we should leave him on loan at leeds for next season to gain experience"
30th Jun 2013 12:49
"Suppose we could buy him and loan him back to them. Always good to have more young up and coming talent. I say loan back to them, because I don't see as much space being left for youth players to come through this year, some of them may be best to go out on loan."
30th Jun 2013 12:59
"Bring back Torres... Why? 1. It's simple because last year Torres has scores more than 20 goals for Chelsea. 2. 10 goals less, than Suarez, and he had played much fewer games than Suarez. 3. look at him at the Confedration Cup (again he scored more than Suarez). 4. He fits totally in the style of Liverpool. 5. He is a proven striker in Premier League. 6. He is cheap...."
30th Jun 2013 14:36
"Is RB a problem for youth? We've still got Kelly and Wisdom who (despite rating them as CBs) can play there, but also Flanagan and McLaughlin who are young with potential to shine there. I'd prefer us to look at some more experienced players for now."
30th Jun 2013 15:53
"phanjoo-fab 30th Jun 2013 12:59 Are you Torres?"
30th Jun 2013 21:52
"Are Leeds in a need for money situation ? If so give them the cash and let him stay for 12-18 months for the experience ? A move that would keep everyone happy."
1st Jul 2013 9:53
"If you want Torres back claiming he is cheap, you are a knob because you have not considered his wages. Torres is too expensive and we cant een afford to spend that money on a player who's not Messi or Neymar. spend it on Damiao if u want a consistent 20-30 goal striker. he'd come if u give him half of Torres's wages."