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Good news..what are we waiting for the class
30th Jun 2013 9:42
30th Jun 2013 9:43
"Good news..what are we waiting for the class"
30th Jun 2013 9:50
"seen this comment over a month ago seems there doing the rounds again. pfff"
30th Jun 2013 10:05
"fantastic young footballer imagine a midfield with gerrard couthinho eriksen and mkhitaryan with suarez + sturridge up top I think we would be in with a shout for the t.i.t.l.e"
30th Jun 2013 10:05
"What's is all the fans with Eriksen. He is not a superstar. He should be begging to join us. We've seen him in Euro 2012 where he was just an average player. I don't think we need him."
30th Jun 2013 11:26
"don't think he is that good to be honest and he wasn't that interested in joining us when a c/l club was knocking at the door only want players that want to be at the club and not using us as a stepping stone we are better than that."
30th Jun 2013 12:58
"why have we not bid for him yet he will be cheap enough and he can be one of the best in the world if he develops "
30th Jun 2013 13:33
"Redopium 30th Jun 2013 10:05 3 big 'IF'S'' in your comment, If Eriksen came, If Hendrik came and If Saurez stays, might be nice to have that midfield but unfortunetly Carlsberg don't do midfields,, BR will get if right for us YNWA"
30th Jun 2013 13:54
"Go get Erikson and Alacantara , why not instead of going for Henrikh for 22mil.You could get the other 2 players for 30 mil total which would be a better deal ."
30th Jun 2013 15:23
"Not sure why the LFC website gives inside futbol any credence whatsoever. They are worse than the Daily Mail for sensationalist stories that inevitably turn out to be bulls***. "
30th Jun 2013 20:06
"Why are we going for bargain bucket players this last few years? Buy cheap = Buy twice, We are not going for high enough quality for a club with our history, we look like skinflint misers compared to Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Utd and even Spurs. If we can't compete at the top level in transfers we will continue to sink into the mire. "
30th Jun 2013 23:28
"Why isn't he already a red?"
1st Jul 2013 3:47
"Loz99... what are you talking about? bargain bucket... how are 35m, 23m, 20m, 18m, 15m players bargain... in fact most of those were far from bargains! last summer we were quiet enough, some things dint work out and BR was new and gave a few player the chance to show they might not need to be replaced, but we still spent over 30m "
1st Jul 2013 3:53
"dedu4lfc.. completely agree, he was poor at the euros... and i have not seen him be outstanding in any match... im not Hendos biggest fan but although different styles of players they are not miles apart. James McCarthy would be a lot cheaper option. esp since i dont think E would get an attacking role ahead of Coutinho"