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Benteke is pleasing to my ears, but the priority is Heno!!
30th Jun 2013 9:27
30th Jun 2013 9:42
"only if luis leaves,hope he don't cara thinks he will stay,"
30th Jun 2013 9:43
"Both of them can help us..but uncertain to click.."
30th Jun 2013 10:08
"Why don't we go for Negredo if Suarez leaves. Negredo scored 25 last season. had been scoring regularly. Also Sevilla isn't in CL and has a financial difficulty as well."
30th Jun 2013 10:17
"It should not be if suerez leaves it should be when...And as soon as possible in my book he does not want to be here and goodness knows what stunts he has in store for us next season!!!!"
30th Jun 2013 10:38
"I think only necessary if Suarez goes otherwise we would not fit him into the side regularly or our other signings are just squad members and will have not strengthened us???"
30th Jun 2013 12:59
"yes this would be a great signing he will adapt to any way we play plus we have a powerful player for corners and set pieces which we have been lacking a bit. YNWA"
30th Jun 2013 13:38
"get chadli"
30th Jun 2013 15:13
"is Suarez leaving?"
30th Jun 2013 15:26
"negredo would be a better option!"
30th Jun 2013 15:51
"And where exactly is the money coming from??? This is utter pie in the sky yet again from the rags that tells porky pies! Sick of this bulls**t now!"
30th Jun 2013 17:50
"Get Benteke now, even if we keep Suarez. These two have totally different styles which would compliment each other."
30th Jun 2013 19:13
"If Suarez stays I am worried he will drag the club into more turmoil. Great player and all fans grateful for what he has done but maybe its best for the club if he goes. "
30th Jun 2013 19:52
"getting sick of all this Suarez talk now, get rid so we can move on as a TEAM!"
30th Jun 2013 21:22
"Hate to say it but I do think we would better if Saurez did leave, yes he was good for us on the pitch but dragged us as a club down. Was he a team player ? Will or should the club pay his wages when he is suspended ? Will we score more goals playing as a team without him ? "
1st Jul 2013 3:28
"hmm not convinced by him.. not for the money villa are meant to be wanting, bit much 25m. he has a lot more about him than say carroll, can run with the ball ok and finish. BUT could be a risk he has only had one season. Look at Jelevic, scored lots for the blues but is complete rubbish and was all last yr."
1st Jul 2013 3:32
"at 15mil he would be ok, i would not pay any more, unless for a player who is proven or will be a certain starter, and Benteke would not get playing up front in my 11 before Sturridge... not even to push Dani out to the right"