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The England number 9 from Spurs Harry Kane, is one of the worst strikers I have ever seen. He should n ever play for England U20's again. He could not score in a brothel. He was USELESS! FACT!
29th Jun 2013 21:26
29th Jun 2013 21:39
"England follows the routine failures. I'm disappointed."
29th Jun 2013 22:00
"The future of the international England footballer looks dark. U21 lost 3 times. U20 conceded twice in stoppage time and also finished last in their group. No future. By the way Coady was good today but still wasn't nowhere in Egypt first goal."
29th Jun 2013 22:09
"SAME OLD- SAME OLD!!! The Future is Just as BLEAK for the U20's as it is for the National Team!"
29th Jun 2013 22:10
"SAME OLD- SAME OLD!!! The Future is Just as BLEAK for the U20's as it is for the National Team!"
29th Jun 2013 22:39
"And yet we still sit 9th in the World Rankings. Liverpool have some good English youngsters coming through but for the national team the strategy is completely wrong. Just copying Germany and Spain won't fix it. We need a plan of action and take the best from all the youth systems."
29th Jun 2013 22:49
"This is what happens when you put athleticism as the most important attribute for the last 20 years."
29th Jun 2013 23:03
"What is wrong with England all the age groups play the different style of football so we do suck waht a f##king shock"
30th Jun 2013 0:40
"Thought Flanagan mistakes against Irak were costly and England should have won instead equally agree Kane as much as Flanagan need to improve if they want to have a future in the game."
30th Jun 2013 0:47
"How on earth #9 Kane stayed on that pitch I'll never know! Another England coach out of a job after this pathetic performance. Simply put we are not good enough at ALL levels of the game. F.A. needs a complete overhaul as we appear to be going backwards!"
30th Jun 2013 2:13
"Another England team fails to get through the GROUP STAGE............This needs fixing NOW!!!!"
30th Jun 2013 4:14
"We are a sorry state for a national team. The only player that had any quality about him was barkley. 30 more years of hurt"
30th Jun 2013 7:35
"cant beat Egypt, Chile Iraq? that's bad management! sack the support team."
30th Jun 2013 7:43
"number1scouser - take it easy man. There's no need to abuse the young kid in such a manner. I'm guessing you are one very frustrated soul. "
30th Jun 2013 14:26
"no such thing as british talent"
30th Jun 2013 14:27
"cant understand how they lost? i mean conceding 2 goals in the last 10 mins thats bad enough, but they were creating many chances but not one went in. i remember the commentator saying iraq were the underrdogs in this group in the begginning of the tournament, imagine they finished ontop by the end of it."
1st Jul 2013 1:53
"They need to get another manager,Peter Taylor not the right guy for the job."
1st Jul 2013 4:14
"hahaha..Peter Taylor is alousy coach was a wimpy game against Egypt !! our no 9 playes like a tin man !!"