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Let's trash the rumors of Mkhitaryan going to BVB, Spurs and Anzhi ASAP!
29th Jun 2013 12:06
29th Jun 2013 12:07
29th Jun 2013 12:10
"Now...I've just left a comment on another article saying if he doesn't want to play for us *uck 'im - no passion for the club! But now according to this he'll sign for us shortly ???????????????!"
29th Jun 2013 12:10
"Please be true!!!!!"
29th Jun 2013 12:12
"I haven't wanted a player this badly since we were first linked to Torres!"
29th Jun 2013 12:12
"Really excited about this signing-if it happens. Been replaying his CL games and he's def Boss. 30M-Holy Bovine Udders!! I'm not the type to get hung up about transfer fees, but that should quiet some of the moaners complaining ab FSG not spending to get what we need/want!! ...contd."
29th Jun 2013 12:14
"Hope this is true!! It's about time. Now for a decent centre back!"
29th Jun 2013 12:15
"Great news if its true,watch this space!"
29th Jun 2013 12:16
"...then again, I must catch myself. The moaners will resort to their standard "Why are we spending this $$ on unproven (???) players". They love to play both sides of an argument- that way they never lose."
29th Jun 2013 12:21
"Just realized the article quote the fee in Euros. Still quite impressive FSG spending 25.665M Pound"
29th Jun 2013 12:28
"since the name mkhitaryan came on lfc's radar, I've been tracking him even tried getting in touch on face book and it will be some coup to capture a player of his ability for sure, form what i have heard he wants to come here, however shaktah have been holding out for more spondoolies or should I say the people who control the ownership?"
29th Jun 2013 12:36
"sign Him plz otherwise we'll loose him. "
29th Jun 2013 12:36
"There's quite a bit being spent, this could only mean a few are on the way out - Downing £10m? Skrtel £10m? Shelvey £5m? and Mr Suarez £42.5m??? Please get Wanyama as DM and 1 of Benteke, Negredo, Callejon or Nolito and another CB!!! PLEASE!!!"
29th Jun 2013 12:47
"we already have got rid of 4 players AC,PG,DW+JC so 4in 4 out, sell spearing Pacheco and maybe shelvy, "
29th Jun 2013 12:49
"Who is pg?"
29th Jun 2013 12:51
"This we be the signing of the summer if its true. God pls let it be true "
29th Jun 2013 13:02
"Lets hope this one is true. Sick and tired of a little club like Spuds even thinking they can assume to attract our targets."
29th Jun 2013 13:07
"Redross93. PG is Peter Gulacsi, the 3rd Goalie."
29th Jun 2013 13:08
"yessssssssssssss....I hope this is true...oh plz f.s.g n b.r...make it true"
29th Jun 2013 13:08
"I hope this is true and we get all the signings BR wants, I really hope the club realise now he is no flash in the pan and will bring glory to LFC again given the resources and time. Come on LFC lets become the best again. YNWA"
29th Jun 2013 13:14
"Pob615 thank you my friend"
29th Jun 2013 13:15
"Pob615 thank you my friend"
29th Jun 2013 13:18
"Peter Gulasci our 3rd choice GK"
29th Jun 2013 13:19
"Rubbish! Wish it was true. Unless this information comes from a reliable source like BBC or Sky Sports who only report on factual rumours. If it was true the BBC and Sky would be all over it by now."
29th Jun 2013 13:20
"Sorry didn't see already answered."
29th Jun 2013 13:31
"BUZZING! I hope this is true...he's pure class, I'm excited to see him playing in Red!"
29th Jun 2013 13:40
"Believe it when i c it !!"
29th Jun 2013 13:40
"holy ****, â"
29th Jun 2013 13:41
"There is no need to urgue about this. We as leverpool family have to wait and see what will happen, time will come, time will tell. Pls God bless Liverpoolfc. YWNA "
29th Jun 2013 13:45
"Well if its true he most be some player as we could have got Eriksen for 15 mil but BR knows what type of player he wants and he most think he can get the goals from midfield in the premier league if he can then things look good for us."
29th Jun 2013 13:47
"Will wait for LFC, or Sky to believe it but if true it would be fab, and if Sakho wishes to come to us I can see the bookies drop the opening price for the Prem le, I thought we were outpriced in this one, 20 mill and we were out, that was yesterday and then this today, wow 30 mill,, WOW "
Innocent man
29th Jun 2013 13:56
"inside football,hope this is true?,dont make me happy today and sad tomorrow.i wish it could be true........liverpool will be ready with additional one forward striker if suarez leave.YNWA."
29th Jun 2013 14:29
"Sometimes you have to pay good money to get quality and this guy is real class. He will be fantastic for us if true and will get us the top four place we all desire. "
29th Jun 2013 14:34
"Well according to carra we might be signing another 3-4 players,so expect some to leave as well."
E M D!!
29th Jun 2013 14:36
"Great news if this is TRUE!!!"
29th Jun 2013 14:41
"Come on!"
29th Jun 2013 14:47
"same report as last week don't get your hopes up too high "
29th Jun 2013 14:48
"Dis can't be true, inside futbol is d only one carrying this story, u cant play on my emoltions."
29th Jun 2013 14:59
"Seems expensive, but if he brings 15+ goals from midfield it will be a good buy."
29th Jun 2013 15:12
29th Jun 2013 15:25
"Get him, papa and benteke/callejion and in happy with this window "
29th Jun 2013 15:25
"I've just read on another site that's he's snubbed us and spurs to go to BVB... This year seems to be really bad for media contradictions. Would love if we have him though. "
29th Jun 2013 15:30
"This manner of going about our signing is the most welcome. Reminds me of coup during the rein of military as silent as PAPER NOTE ALAYBIR - ynwa"
29th Jun 2013 15:41
"I've heard that he is still in London and that looks good for us.Dont think spurs will get him."
Mr simon
29th Jun 2013 15:47
"does anybody know how to pronounce his name? "
29th Jun 2013 15:49
"It would be nice to sign him, not sure if this is true though! We should sign Toby for CB, def not sakho!! Possibly look at Danny Rose to push Jose and a DM wou be great too. Chris Tello for Pepe and keep hold of suarez for another season. And that should be a good chance for CL position"
29th Jun 2013 15:51
"if this true then we can say goodbye to surez? "
29th Jun 2013 16:01
29th Jun 2013 16:02
"30m euro pfff"
RedNeve 2
29th Jun 2013 16:15
"Until I see his name flashing across the SSN 'Breaking News' banner then I'll remain sceptical. I fear it's just more media !"
29th Jun 2013 16:16
"Mr Simon I think it's mik-it-tar-ree-an "
29th Jun 2013 16:35
"Nothing official from BBC or SSN but there are a lot of websites reporting this the fee is the same also this story broke last night in Russia and member of Shakhtar confirmed this think its being kept quite my the big 2 as they are probably waiting for conformation from LFC insiders do not be too surprised if this is the main breaking news on Monday the opening of the transfer window "
29th Jun 2013 16:40
"Obviously, if this happens, it would be a jewel signing, but as others say, we've heard the see-saw of this transfer saga for weeks now. I would think the attack force is pretty much sorted then, just the defence to sort, another solid CB & DMF, & poss a LB to cover Enrique."
29th Jun 2013 17:03
"I dont know if this source can be trustful but same story, amount and terms on Hope its true! YNWA"
29th Jun 2013 17:08
"its happening folks,"
29th Jun 2013 17:09
"same report on caughtoide, figers, toes, & balls cross'd"
29th Jun 2013 17:12
"caught off side"
29th Jun 2013 17:25
"nick1970fev 29th Jun 2013 17:09 "balls cross'd" LOL"
Old One
29th Jun 2013 17:29
29th Jun 2013 17:53
"Hope so, he is a goal machine!"
29th Jun 2013 19:11
"Let's get this one put to bed ASAP. He's quality. Him, Coutinho, Aspas, Sturridge (even Suarez if he stays). Total panic for the opposition!! YNWA"
29th Jun 2013 19:11
"Let's get this one put to bed ASAP. He's quality. Him, Coutinho, Aspas, Sturridge (even Suarez if he stays). Total panic for the opposition!! YNWA"
RedNeve 2
29th Jun 2013 19:17
"If this does materialise, then it'll be like the 'Alamo' for teams at Anfield next season! Especially if Suarez stays too. Some serious firepower"
29th Jun 2013 19:43
"What is it with Spuds always snaking behind us to try and nick our targets. Our scouts do the donkey work in spotting them and they get in last minute to be more of nuisance. Stuff it Spuds we'll finish 4th this season. "
29th Jun 2013 20:10
"He will be a great signing 4 us but i think he will be more trouble than he is worth as look at how he is trying 2 push though his tranfer 2 us by going awol"
29th Jun 2013 20:27
"i hope its true this time. he is a great player"
29th Jun 2013 21:27
"Hope this isnt one of those gossips."
29th Jun 2013 22:03
"i hope this is true but if not how could the official website put up such articles????"
29th Jun 2013 22:05
"are we seriously thinking of spending 30mil on this bloke?"
29th Jun 2013 22:59
"I've never seen him play, but judging by the standard of excitement, he must be some player. 25 Ukranian goals equals how many Premier League goals exactly? What's the exchange rate?"
29th Jun 2013 23:21
"please be true"
29th Jun 2013 23:23
"Really hope this is true... Would hate to see this guy end up at spurs"
30th Jun 2013 2:32
"Hope this are true"
30th Jun 2013 2:43
"30m? The costs will probably equal to Aspa + Alberto + Mignolet + Toure + Coutinho (or Sturridge). .. & we already have younger attack midfielders such as Shelvey (1992), Henderson (1990) and Alberto (1992) in the disposal (vs. 1989 for Mkhitaryan)"
30th Jun 2013 4:50
"Would really love to have him. He's class."
Old One
30th Jun 2013 4:55
"Checked insidefutbol and found no articles related to Mkhitaryan. "
Old One
30th Jun 2013 4:58
"Checked insidefutbol and found no articles related to Mkhitaryan. "
30th Jun 2013 6:15
"Lfcanvvin, it's 30M Euros, ~25.67M pounds. But yes, quite some money. would be second highest signing in our history after Carrol. but this guy is worth every penny."
30th Jun 2013 6:22
"people on twitter can check out this guy's account. YaroLFC "
30th Jun 2013 6:29
"Unfortunatly another load of journalistic rubbish - See it when or if this ever happens !"
30th Jun 2013 7:48
"I sincerely hope this is the case. The source is questionable though. "
30th Jun 2013 8:36
30th Jun 2013 8:49
"If you belive this you will belive anything. This deal will not happen. Its gone on far too long with different storys all the time!"
30th Jun 2013 10:41
"light go back and read my msg before that and you will find out you have just made a idiot of yourself ha ha ha, you like a bad school teacher trying to correct people who are right."
30th Jun 2013 11:04
"Silly season! I'd love it if Mkhitaryan came to the club, but I'll believe it when I see it."
30th Jun 2013 15:09
"If this really happen and saurez stays, boy we will be unstoppable. "
30th Jun 2013 15:49
"This player would be a top quality addition to complement Coutinho Sturridge Gerarrd AND Suarez. We must keep Suarez warts and all.YNWA"
30th Jun 2013 21:22
"Me-It-Tar-E-Yann, The K is silent. That's official BTW lol."
30th Jun 2013 22:15
"this can't be true"
1st Jul 2013 3:56
"with this news i hope spurs will have to built their their first team and reserve team else where. Perhaps look into our U9 or U10 as well. "