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beautiful, just let them continue to work :)
29th Jun 2013 9:33
29th Jun 2013 9:51
"Aren't we fans sad people during the off-season, getting excited about pictures of grass growing?! Roll on 7 weeks' time."
29th Jun 2013 10:31
"Look after my seat, please!"
29th Jun 2013 10:54
"ANFIELD ..the slaughter-house...pass and move..will show them how to play football, bring it stock city we are waiting "
29th Jun 2013 12:20
"It's like watching grass grow..."
29th Jun 2013 13:07
"Why is my seat covered in white covering? Wish they could alter it so I can get my legs in!!"
29th Jun 2013 15:14
"Seems like a lifetime.................... "
29th Jun 2013 15:34
"And where do this leave us with the regeneration of our stadium. The capacity must increase to rake in more money. ALAYBIR - ynwa"
29th Jun 2013 16:25
"Missed a bit..."
29th Jun 2013 17:20
"The Kop End looks so small, nothing like it looked in the sixties and seventies, all the corners in the stadium need to be filled out with seats, seating should be continuous all the way around, not boxed in like present. Kop needs expanded back and on either side, too tiny at the moment."
29th Jun 2013 17:23
"This stadium has to be expand to 80,000 at least to show the others we are ambitious and mean business. We are sick of Anfield being a small, homely, cosy and compact little ground, expansion is long, long overdue."
29th Jun 2013 20:00
"It's professional grass."
29th Jun 2013 22:48
"ill sit on the cherry picker im not fussed"
30th Jun 2013 0:23
"Slow news day for FSG PR team I guess. 7 weeks sounds like an age; thanks for reminding us FSG PR team - depressingly boring "news"."
30th Jun 2013 1:42
"Are there any works being done to expand the stadium? I thought they're going to turn the 40,000-seater to a 60,000? YNWA!"
30th Jun 2013 5:50
"Let's wait for the grass to grow. :)"