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Good lad. YNWA Suso
27th Jun 2013 20:05
27th Jun 2013 20:12
"this lad can become a top player for us YNWA"
27th Jun 2013 20:15
"He needs game time, loan him out in prem for 6 months and bring him back"
27th Jun 2013 20:48
"honestly BR consider him starting for next season."
27th Jun 2013 21:16
"Can't wait for Suso to be played in the Midfield! he is awesome his vision is fantastic!"
27th Jun 2013 21:20
"The future is bright keep it up suso YNWA"
27th Jun 2013 21:50
"He's a great talent! "
Liverpool NY
27th Jun 2013 21:53
"He doesnt need to be loaned, but rather starts in Capital one games and come in as a sub. He can be a game changer with his passes and one on one ability. He just needs to improve his finishing. He is already a top player "
27th Jun 2013 21:53
"Suso reminds of me of silva in his style,hopefully he will get some playing time next season.Very talented lad"
27th Jun 2013 22:02
"well done young man I think a season in the championship would do him good toughen him up, a team pushing for promotion preferably."
27th Jun 2013 22:06
"Coutinho, Luis Alberto, Suso nice trio of young talent in our midfield :)"
LfC sheen
27th Jun 2013 22:38
"We've got to loan suso out next season along with sterling and wisdom to prem league teams they will not get the game time needed to progress, after a season bring Them back with the much needed experience to go with there unquestionable talent"
27th Jun 2013 22:59
"him and PC will be great for us next season!"
27th Jun 2013 23:02
"need to keep a hold on this lad got a lot of talent held his own last year when he played games which he was quite impressive and he is still a young lad, great vision good composure but i think he would be more affective as a second striker "
28th Jun 2013 0:22
"so when will BR realize SUSO is a great CDM/CM/CAM and not a WINGER...SUSO is much better than HENDERSON, SHELVEY and ALLEN combined so when will BR play SUSO in the MIDFIELD.....SUSO!!!!SUSO!!!!SUSO!!!!"
28th Jun 2013 0:33
"Suso deserves to play for LFC on a regular basis! YNWA!"
28th Jun 2013 0:58
"calm down, Suso is brilliant at this level and has potential to be a top player. This is U-20 football tho not the premier league. He got plenty of games last yr and was just ok, found it hard to get into games mostly. loan for least half a season would do good. And saying he is way better than Allen, Hendo and Shelvey is silly, he just isnt(yet) and they are different type of players "
28th Jun 2013 4:23
"of both training along with Gerrard and Coutinho learned these passes should be proud osmosis.;)"
28th Jun 2013 7:52
"I like suso as a player but he needs to do more. He does deserve a starting place yet. Get on the ball/demand more, make things happen, dictate. & also better tactical discipline. If ur not doing enough then put a shift in. But he is perfect for our style. "
28th Jun 2013 8:16
"I have no doubt that Suso and Sterling will become top players for us one day! Suso plays like Isco and Silva. A couple of more years and he'll get sick !"
28th Jun 2013 9:22
"Loan him to a side that play good football like Swansea, New Castle, WBA etc. He wont be able if he stays at LFC this season. He will be like a new signing next year!"
28th Jun 2013 10:25
"great. but does he play central midfield or attacking? he's been playing in the CM position for all 3 games now."
28th Jun 2013 10:29
"if BR does send him on loan which he said he will last season i think it should be to a prem club. southampton, wba or swansea would be great. maybe just for 6 months. wouldnt want to miss him so much."
28th Jun 2013 11:10
"going to be a top player just needs more game time in the right position and not stuck out on the wing, he doesnt have much pace and is wasted out there!"
28th Jun 2013 12:00
"Suso is fine player and age should never come into it if a player is ready but I don't think suso is ready just yet,can you remember last season when Coutinho played and the talk after the game was all about his passing and tricks well I can't say i remember that with suso but it will come with a lot of game loaned out in PL or CHAM/ SHIP."
28th Jun 2013 17:04
"honestly, if suarez determines to leave, trade jese and morata back to anfield. they are real talents."
28th Jun 2013 21:31
"Suso is a fantastic talent, there is no doubting that. From his first team performances last season, I personally think he is best suited to a bit part player, either starting for 50mins or coming on as a sub. After 50mins he seems to dwindle of the pace and lose focus. "
28th Jun 2013 21:31
"Continued...however more game time and first team starts he will become a valuable player for the club. he is best at seeing a pass and unlocking defenses. keep it up Suso. "
29th Jun 2013 1:21
"Quicker you throw them into deep end the quicker they'll learn. Only question is does BR have the balls to give this lad a good run of games in the team. "
coutinho star
29th Jun 2013 5:36
"top talent but not ready yet one year in the prem out on loan like taggert did with welbeck sorted. got more to him then sterling i think"
29th Jun 2013 15:28
"this lad will become a top top player for us in the near future also texeira,ibe,yesil and coady to name but a few the future is definitely bright red "