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yea have seen kolo's best and worst games. he is class .... capt of two premier league teams,, we need to b optimistic...
29th Jun 2013 8:35
29th Jun 2013 9:00
"Good signing but we need another experienced quality centre back."
29th Jun 2013 9:01
"Good signing but we need another experienced quality centre back."
29th Jun 2013 9:28
"Kolo Toure wall in front of the goalkeeper :) fans will miss Carra. Kolo will definitely do the work at the top level !"
29th Jun 2013 9:50
"Starman47- skrtle, agger kolo I make that 3 top quality right there for start. Coates probably needs a loan move for a season. But I see Kelly being gradually promoted to centre half, I think he would be fantastic in there, future carra!! "
29th Jun 2013 10:00
"Yeah can't go wrong with this buy, experienced and a solid player. Also hopeful Kelly can have an injury free season and recover the form he was showing a couple of seasons ago. Still think Johnson would make a fantastic RW with Kelly behind and them both interchanging positions."
29th Jun 2013 10:30
"ajp81, the only problem with Johnson as RW is that he's proved himself to be one of the best RB's in the country. Why mess with that? Also we play with winger forwards now and have lots of options there. He'd be good but I think the current set-up works best. At CB we do need one more bug name to replace Skrtel. He's not the man BR wants so why settle?"
29th Jun 2013 10:33
"our fans are becomming easier to please every season, he cover for skrtl/agger played very little last two seasons not good enough forcity but we all excited with him shows how much we have fallen, "
29th Jun 2013 10:49
"Can't help but think we're being patronised just a little bit. But hey, ho lets see how he works out."
29th Jun 2013 11:00
"917 mins / 12 fouls = 1 foul every 76.41 min. Says it all about the man."
29th Jun 2013 11:11
"Where'smetea, I think you're right. It's about time people realised where this club is at. We have to re-build correctly. I wouldn't say people are 'excited' by Toure but anyone with a brain can see it's a smart move considering where we are. Without CL and with a lower reputation across Europe we have to trust BR. That is where we are at."
29th Jun 2013 11:50
"Will be interesting to see if anymore defenders come in hope we don't sell any of Kelly coates or wisdom I think in a couple of years these 3 will be our main defence."
29th Jun 2013 11:58
"Welcome to the team Kolo!! Looking forward to watching you BOSS some of the best opposing strikers and midfielders in the world and POUND them into submission. Boxing Day- You vs City and YaYa! Make sure you get him a nice gift for XMas before you ruin his holiday season!"
29th Jun 2013 12:15
"An astute acquisition from an astute team at LFC. We are slowly putting together a squad that will show others we are not here to make up the numbers but compete for the top spot. I actually believe that if we get off to a good start and we keep Suarez then we will make a good account of ourselves. Roll on this. season. "
29th Jun 2013 12:22
"Although, we have bought Toure, I still think that Skrtel will do well this season. Him and Agger will go back to where they were a few seasons ago. We have the makings of a great team and we should all be grateful for what is happening now. I am excited at the squad we building and look forward to the coming season. Amen. "
29th Jun 2013 12:36
"skrtel and agger compliment each other perfectly can be the best partnership in the country, looks like mkhitaryan will be joining soon hopefully LS stays what a exciting season lies ahead."
29th Jun 2013 12:36
"Gareth Barry - An overrated player responsible for the loss of the underrated Xabi Alonso."
29th Jun 2013 12:46
"buddha1935- I'm loving your comments. One minor exception- I think LFC will be a success with or without Suarez. I know- it's not a popular opinion, but it's my gut feeling. "
29th Jun 2013 12:47
"agree with ajp81 ....... think glen jonno wud suite right mid or wing.... also left mid cutting in .... the guy cant defend ..... and the signing of kolo = coup of season !!!!!!!!"
29th Jun 2013 12:49
"If we get all the targets we want ie. Wanyama, Papa, Henrikh then we have a better squad than Spurs & Everton. On par and maybe better tan Arsenals. no doubt it. We will have the most exciting squad for sure. "
29th Jun 2013 13:46
"Good player, we now need to get one or two more defenders in"
29th Jun 2013 13:48
"Good player, we now need to get one or two more defenders in"
29th Jun 2013 14:07
"Skrtel isn't the player to help take us to 4th. We need a Sami Hyppia type player in asap before window shuts"
29th Jun 2013 14:25
"Whelan- PL window is open 'til the end of August. I think we have little time. I agree though, the more business done early the better. LFC has made its intentions very clear on this. As others have stated- with all the new faces in, surely a few are headed out. Maybe then one or two more in. Been fun to watch so far."
29th Jun 2013 16:19
"'WhelanR' or before window opens? How can you say we need a player asap when the window has not even officially opened? During Rafa's time I am sure nothing would have been done yet as Parry would still be on his slow mo rubbish"
29th Jun 2013 16:23
"Experienced, medal winner at the highest level, vocal & hungry to lead; Toure may not be the +20mill up & coming CB maestro, but he is the 'see it all before' CB maestro, great business. Also get the feeling Barry & Lescott know they'll be surplus to requirements soon & are looking for a new club with red shirts..."
29th Jun 2013 17:34
"Redrivelino, I agree. We do need to get our targets but if we do we're good to go. I've noticed a few people unsure about the signings so far but what they tend to forget is that BR is a top coach. Above all else he aims to improve every player and is very good at assimilating youngsters into his style. It's BR's style which I have more faith in than anything else."
29th Jun 2013 17:39
"We may not have European football this season to attract elite players in, but the astute decision to secure promising players early doors has made LFC an attractive club again for the elite footballer. Its been a while saying this, but we do appear a more attractive club to players than AFC & THFC."
29th Jun 2013 18:49
"LFCliam7 skrtle,agger,toure? what formation are you thinking about? "
29th Jun 2013 18:51
"As a Kenyan, I would be delighted if Wanyama joined us."
29th Jun 2013 19:25
"Seems like a very clever move by BR and the staff. Many a time Fergie brought in players at the end of their careers and used them well to bring on th youngsters in the squad. Let's hope it proves to be the case."
29th Jun 2013 20:20
"Toure is a good player but i don't think he his the answer 2 help us back into the top 4 and i don't think Rodger has the faith in Skrtel so he will be gone soon"
29th Jun 2013 21:14
"Loads of experience! Still hoping for a agger/skrtle comeback......"
29th Jun 2013 21:48
"I Think Toure Is Better Footballer than Cara' He Uses the Ball better, Faster, Better Skill and CAN SCORE Goals- Instead of OWN-GOALS!!! League Winner TWICE with 2 Clubs."
29th Jun 2013 22:01
"I Think Toure Is Better Footballer than Cara' He Uses the Ball better, Faster, Better Skill and CAN SCORE Goals- Instead of OWN-GOALS!!! League Winner TWICE with 2 Clubs."
29th Jun 2013 23:02
"JC316 I think you're an ungrateful g*I*t, unless of course you're manure"
30th Jun 2013 1:45
"The last successful 'elder statesman' I remember us signing, was Gary McAllister, who went on to win 3 cups with us (the Charity Shield and Super Cup too of course)."
30th Jun 2013 2:11
"These people saying negative things about Kolo, are probably the same people who were saying "Coutinho who?" and "Sturridge is not good enough for us" about waiting for these signings to play before you criticize."
30th Jun 2013 10:05
"Some of you haters don't get it.. This man has won championships and been part of many successful teams. We need players of that mind frame as they believe they have a right to win and pass on this winning mentality to other players."
30th Jun 2013 10:31
"a good signing as he seems to have a positive character and has bags of experience. kompany was ahead of kolo at city and that does not make kolo a bad player just a good pro. He has come to us because he wants to play that is also a good sign. welcome kolo."