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Quote from Robbie - "At the start of every season, we always have aims and ambitions to get into the top four and get as high up the table as we can." When is someone going to come out and say - "At the start of every season, we always have aims and ambitions to win the league" . Top 4, Top 4 is making me ill. How about "Win the league", "Win the league", "Win the league"
28th Jun 2013 9:12
28th Jun 2013 9:22
"I see risk of lack of experience in the squad. With Carra retired, Reina, Downing doubtful of regular place, if for any reason Stevie misses a game or two, who will lead on the pitch. Its good to read we are the youngest team, that will not push for Top4. You need to add quality proven performers. Otherwise same old story, i'm afraid"
28th Jun 2013 9:29
"Flynno: The le fight is like the champions league. You cant win in till your involved in it. We need to be realistic about our aims. This year could be our best chance a breaking the top four."
28th Jun 2013 9:51
"Top four is the very least to expect next season. We are told "progress" is being made so CL would meet that theory. A fourth year without CL would hardly be counted as "progress." Lots of players coming in so it's a strong possibility."
28th Jun 2013 9:55
"1 step at a time Flynno."
28th Jun 2013 10:10
"The second half of the season our League performances were superb aided by Sturridge and Coutinho.I very much hope the new boys hit the ground running especially if we lose Suarez.We can't afford another Borini,Allen and Assaidi situation."
28th Jun 2013 10:30
"You have got to be kidding me"
28th Jun 2013 10:44
"Thank you Flynno. I think we should be looking to win the league. Juventus won the Italian twice as soon as they got back into the top tier. Juve did not spend big but wisely. Would Sir Alex/ManU aim for top 4 or to win the league?"
28th Jun 2013 11:08
"agree with flynno! you need to aim for the very top, top 4 is the least we should aim for! "
28th Jun 2013 11:14
"Top 4, then the league. We're definitely primed to make an assault. Trust me the players we've bought will hit the ground running, as they are technically sound and will find our league easy. Coutinho found it easy going, because, lets face facts, there are not too many supremely technically gifted players in our league. If you watch him closely you can tell its a stroll in the park for him "
28th Jun 2013 11:15
"Top 4, then the league. We're definitely primed to make an assault. Trust me the players we've bought will hit the ground running, as they are technically sound and will find our league easy. Coutinho found it easy going, because, lets face facts, there are not too many supremely technically gifted players in our league. If you watch him closely you can tell its a stroll in the park for him"
28th Jun 2013 11:50
"they must do it this season...come 2014 season!"
28th Jun 2013 12:15
"Buddha1935 - I agree with you... one step at a time... Anyway, BR and the squad will secretly aiming for the league, even if they publicly stick to the story of 'one game at a time' and 'steady progress' and 'aim to finish higher than last year'... but let's not give the media anything to hang us by, so easy does it with the verbals, eh! "
28th Jun 2013 12:19
"I don't think Robbie Fowler can come out and say we always have ambitions of winning the league at the start of each season, without being ridiculed based on the last 4 seasons finishes. We all know that we aim for the top and nothing less but our performances have led to a limited target on paper"
28th Jun 2013 13:02
"guys remember last season when BR said he was aiming to finish in the top 2? and then immediately after he lost/drew few matches and evrybody was slating him like crazy for saying that. let's just take one game at a time.o.k."
28th Jun 2013 13:08
"Melissa I think BR was jokingly saying within the top two meaning 1st. It should always be the goal to come 1st no matter what team you are.I do however feel that we set the bar too low.We should always be disappointed not to win the league. "
28th Jun 2013 13:10
"Anyways Buddha has given us his assurance so we must be fine this season. Nothing to worry about:)"
28th Jun 2013 13:12
"yes, let s win the league"
28th Jun 2013 13:29
"Redahendo, thanks for your much sought after endorsement, it means a lot. We are certainly in good hands with BR et al. We should just sit back and witness the best playing team of last year come good this year. We will definitely cause every team a problem and be consistent from the start. "
28th Jun 2013 13:33
"How about "within the top 1"? Seriously, it doesn't matter much what we say. You need ambitions and goals, but it is more meaningful to just try and win every single game come match-day, without talking about league position in months to come"
28th Jun 2013 13:48
"Flynno what you say is bang on never mind top four a club like liverpool should always be fighting for no 1"
28th Jun 2013 13:54
"Sorry 'Flynno' but not making the 'top 4' is making me ill. Sick of just making up the numbers! Frankly, we don't have a 'win the League' squad so...get back into the 4...attract real class...and then, take the League!"
LFC Nuuk Greenland
28th Jun 2013 13:58
" Flynno. I agree that we should aim to win the league. If we don't set the bar high, we won't reach our aims. if we set the bar to reach top 4, we'll be contempt to reach 4 or 5. If the bar is set to win the league i'm sure we'll blend in top 3. (I hope it makes sense) YNWA"
Mr Ostrich
28th Jun 2013 15:06
"Flynno, be realistic. Most Liverpool supporters and I'm sure, the players and the manager, would bite your arm off to ensure we finish 4th this year."
28th Jun 2013 15:10
"Each preseason some of us realists state that we will not make top 4 without recruiting 2-3 star players and that is what happens! Then comes: "we don't have the money to buy big names". OK, if that is a fact, then we are doomed to mediocrity. Our pundits are now counting on others failing rather than us succeeding! What sad times for us fans."
28th Jun 2013 15:13
"This could be our best chance for a few years of a serious le challenge. 3 of the big names changing managers, no distraction of European football, a good starting fixture list. By Xmas we should be right up there. Sadly though I think we are 2 or 3 quality signings short especially if Suarez leaves."
28th Jun 2013 15:21
"Get real! I'm sure every single Liverpool man/woman - wether being a part of the squad, the managing team, a fan or w/e would want us to win the league. It's about realism. Put pressure on a group thats not the obvious Le winner is unhealthy - it can only create negativity. However the ambition is always to raise the bar so we can end there."
28th Jun 2013 15:21
"we just have to be patient - build up and finance wisely, and it'll come to us some day."
28th Jun 2013 15:23
"Always better to be pessimistic than optimistic! If you are pessimistic then anything better is a pleasant surprise, if you are optimistic then you can only be disappointed! One step at a time does it! YNWA"
28th Jun 2013 15:26
"we aim to win all are games and see where the points get's us.sure if we win all are games we need not worry about positions ynwa "
28th Jun 2013 15:26
"Flynno, you're drunk. Even top four will be a huge achievement. You dont win the league immediately by spending peanuts. Money alone does not even guarantee the le so patience is key and we shouldnt just create unnecessary pressure and silly ambitions. "
28th Jun 2013 15:30
"look after the pennies the pounds will look after them selves"
28th Jun 2013 15:39
"every great expedition start with the first step"
28th Jun 2013 15:49
"Indonesia, a great country to prepare :) In my opinion Liverpool secured a place in top-four finish in 2013-14 season.Let's go in the first place,fight fight and fight :) ! "
28th Jun 2013 16:00
"Well I'm sure we didn't buy them "not" to aid a top 4 push. "
Joe 17
28th Jun 2013 16:07
"I agree with Flynno: Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land upon the stars"
28th Jun 2013 16:11
" "I think we can certainly challenge for that top four" other words,another 6th or 7th place is likely! Oh well. "We are were we are". Still at least Robbie is being realistic, unlike some of the "super fans" on here. The poor deluded beauts."
28th Jun 2013 16:13
"We need to sign a LB, another CB and hopefully 2 attacking wingers to even consider top 4. Selling Spearing, Shelvey, Assaidi, Downing, Pacheco and Suarez will help us fund for top talent. "
28th Jun 2013 16:14
"we are buying players than are good on the ball. this is what we want. technical quality. We may need just 1 or 2 tacklers an we will crack it. Come on all reds fans. we are the greatest"
28th Jun 2013 16:17
"I think if we can score a few more goals and get a few more points than last season, we should celebrate our progress, even if we finish 7th again. Or 8th. We might need a microscope to actually see the progress, but we will make it. And if we don't actually make any progress, we can just bullsh!t ourselves senseless."
28th Jun 2013 16:31
"IN REPLY TO "FLYNNO". How can we win the league if we can't finish in top 4?! Get in the top 4 1st then we can look at pushing on to winning the league...Doh!"
28th Jun 2013 16:38
"wé need more expériences players than those two quality plâyers needed wé cant br 2nd best in Liverpool again"
28th Jun 2013 16:40
"Trouble with "taking small steps" is Spurs, goons, mancs and chavs are taking big steps. Take Spurs for example building a stadium. Money might not win you the prem, but it goes a long way to getting top 4."
28th Jun 2013 16:41
"I gRe#!!"
28th Jun 2013 16:59
"are you a red mushroom? get your head up. we haven,t been well for a while. But a new season is coming so as always we are optimistic. (even if it is bull). as the famous song went "things can only get better". Dream brother Dream "
28th Jun 2013 17:02
"sorry about my earlier msage im old and my eyesight isnt great "
28th Jun 2013 17:24
"does anybody know when fixture dates-sky games etc-are going to be finalised-trying to work out what matches i can go to "
Billy B girl
28th Jun 2013 17:43
"We will be lucky to be in the top 10 this coming season !"
28th Jun 2013 17:51
"I agree with Flynno, we should really be thinking about winning the league. A top 4 mentality could make us end up like Arsenal- with a mediocre ambition and no trophies to show for a lifetime."
28th Jun 2013 18:10
"Top 4 will be a huge challange. City spending big again, Chelsea got Mourinho, Utd got a strong squad and Arsenal everytime seems to find a way through. That's top 4. Spurs linked with much better player than ours. Paulinho, Villa or Damiao. Aspas, Alberto wouldnt take LFC to top 4 even with Suarez staying."
28th Jun 2013 18:18
"Is billy b girl mushrooms girlfriend? Or maybe sister? Or maybe both ? Constantly negative "
28th Jun 2013 18:22
"here here springyO"
28th Jun 2013 18:35
"Springmountred 28th Jun 2013 18:18 Wouldn't at all be surprised if Billy B Girl was mushy peas; as we all now know he's also Greedy Skank, what's to say he's not every -ve poster on here. He's lost all credibility on this site after the multiple accounts debacle."
28th Jun 2013 18:48
"Anyone talking about LFC winning the league needs to talk to a man in a white coat. Unless we sort out our defence we will be 6th again this season at best. That's the reality of it i'm afraid"
28th Jun 2013 19:00
"I have to laugh at some of the comments re last year. Truth is last year was a big failure of a season. 7th in the league and embarrassed in the cup competitions. In any other year the manager would have got the sack. BR by his own words is inexperienced at this level. Hopefully he is a quick learner. "
28th Jun 2013 19:00
"WheelanR and the rest of the misery bandits...If you feel that all we will get this season is 6th place then why don't you and your motley crew just stop watching and supporting LFC for a few years and give us a break from your depressing tales. If I thought there was no hope about anything in life I wouldn't support it, simple. Bye and see you not soon. "
28th Jun 2013 19:05
"Buddha, that's the reality. You seem to be in dream world all the time. I live in the real world. Truth is we will probably lose Suarez so scoring the same amount of goals this season will be difficult. We need to strengthen defence bigtime if we are to get top 4. I would still support LFC if they were in conference u muppet"
28th Jun 2013 19:34
"need to divide the season into bite size chunks . then suarez may stay but i have just heard south bond suarez "
28th Jun 2013 19:40
"though i've just heard he has gone in through the out door"
28th Jun 2013 19:40
"Very Well SAID- Flynno It's About TIME THE MANAGER and PLAYERS/Past Players START Talking about WE WINNING THE BPL not Just Finishing in the Top4' There's Nothing wrong with Setting Your Sights HIGH even If YOU fail- You WILL Most Certainly Finish in that TOP4!!! After all LFC have been English Champions 18 TIMES- LETS BELIEVE WE CAN WIN in 2013-2014! "
28th Jun 2013 19:48
"WheelanR, I've no doubt you'd love to see us in the conference so as to satisfy your dour outlook on life. Its funny when you castigate anyone who is optimistic as it shows how deep in the abyss you are. You make prophecies about Suarez leaving and other impending doom...jeez, I'd love to shine a light in your basement room and give you an almighty fright, now that would be funny. "
28th Jun 2013 19:56
"Chelsea no longer in the equation people. The eagle is circling #mikhitaryan...."
28th Jun 2013 19:58
"how many games is it before he can have a long play"
28th Jun 2013 20:08
"sure its not a zeppelin thats circling "
28th Jun 2013 20:12
"Flynno, we all know we cannot win the league with this squad even in a dream. Even if we could persuade big names to come to us, we dont have the money to pay them just as we can't buy MK unless Suarez is gone ignoring that having them both would rather strengthen us and push us much higher than with only one of them."
28th Jun 2013 20:23
28th Jun 2013 20:25
"so we just have to get into the top 4, and then the league, top 4 will attract the players we need to mount pressure on the le."
28th Jun 2013 20:39
"Buddha, this time last year we had BR lauding Borini and Assadi, I as others brought into it and look what happened. Again we spend a similar amount on Aspas and Alberto (combined) and again BR claims they are fantastic buys. I don't know about you but they don't look top 4 quality to me. I am not excited about the new season just hopeful we can challenge. "
28th Jun 2013 20:45
"Cont. At the end of the last season I said we needed 3-4 quality players to break into the top 4. Instead as usual we are buying cheap/young players who will struggle to make an immediate impact. Whereas teams above us are buying real quality. If Suarez leaves as well then I don't see us finishing higher then 6th."
28th Jun 2013 20:53
"Of course lfc should aim to win the lge every season but we havent been in the champ lge now for 4 years so lets concentrate on that 1st, 4th spot next season, yes please."
28th Jun 2013 21:13
"Juan Fernando Quintero. Why is this guy not signed? MVP in the latin American Championships and just fantastic against El Salvador World u20s. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
28th Jun 2013 21:19
"g1 17.24 - I believe 8 July, same week tickets go on sale. TV games will only be up to end of Nov, so LFC will still be selling Dec games not knowing if Sat, Sun or Mon game. I don't know when BT do their games"
28th Jun 2013 21:22
"To the usual moaners. Fact-we will do better than last year even if LS leaves. Fact-top 4 is a challenge. Fact-we are not LFC of old so stop looking backwards. Fact-we will not be challenging for top honors for a minimum 2/3 years. As for the new players and those who joined last year most will come good you cannot expect all of them to be great signings no matter what the price paid"
Buckie LFC Supporter
28th Jun 2013 21:24
"wellyit 15.26 - sounded like KK! but totally agree. No doubt KK would have had us top 4 last season, as you expect managers to improve 2nd season & players bed in better. It is stupid for fans to state we'll get this or that, we just aim to win each game contd"
28th Jun 2013 21:25
"Buddha, you may need a light allright because youre so far up Brendans ar*e its unbelievable..Theres a good saying Buddha..'it is what it is..' You need to come down off that fcking clould your on and face reality"
28th Jun 2013 21:31
"The 1 fact that most LFC fans will agree with is this club has the best fans in the world, never have the fans abandoned or put down the club, except a minority. We have new owners who made an error at the start & who are now putting things right, we have a young manager who will do very well, every manager was a novice at one stage, every player worth 30M was worth a 1/2m at some stage"
Bib l f c
28th Jun 2013 21:33
"I think top4 for the next few years and extending Anfield is the priority for us, We will then have more monies coming in for us to compete not just for the Premier League but the Champions League as well! In Brendan and FSG we must believe......"
28th Jun 2013 21:35
"The Armenian Eagle is oh so close now, and we are about to be 30 million euros 'lighter'......."
28th Jun 2013 21:37
"I see the word 'Tuesday' and an eagle in my tealeaves.........."
Gerrard o ya beauty
28th Jun 2013 21:37
"We must get Mkhitaryan just be looking on YouTube cos don't normally bother watching random players unless Liverpool sign them but seriously we need this man, he is a Man united or Chelsea sort of player, Quality! GET HIM FSG"
28th Jun 2013 21:39
"The Eagle and the Liverbird will make a lovely couple......"
LfC sheen
28th Jun 2013 21:40
"Makes me laugh when people say we lack experience in the squad when we have reina,Johnson, agger, skirtel, toure, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard,downing,Suarez and even Sturridge it's about having the right mix.. I think there's quite a lot of experience there"
Bib l f c
28th Jun 2013 21:41
"Some people need to remember why they started and continue to support this great club? To many negativeWan##rs with their negative Wan## comments. If you are so down on this club start walking alone.....s"
28th Jun 2013 21:45
"WhelanR - i see from your posts your in a negative mood!!! Sometimes your posts are upbeat and correct and other times completley awful- do u suffer from depression lad?are u on a buddha downer?"
28th Jun 2013 21:48
"The way we started the league last year was our issue with finishing where we did. if you think, the team was learning this new tik tac footy. which was to blame for playing to much in front of goal, we got caught out for sloppy passes in the end, then BR started a more direct style with some interlocking passing up front, "
28th Jun 2013 21:49
" a few additions, DS & PC. hay Presto. We started wiping the floor with most. so let start how we finished last season. the only issue we will need the goals of LS to compete. "
28th Jun 2013 21:54
"Bbs1- spot on everg u said is true- and RUSHJOB its good to see you back... With all your knowledge"
28th Jun 2013 22:04
Buckie LFC Supporter
28th Jun 2013 22:08
"In reality, it is better to work on what points you may get. Last year we got 61points, you would hope we improve by about 15-18points. That would give us 76-79points. Last year top 4= 89,78,75,73. Therefore probability is a 3rd place finish. However, with New managers other teams may drop points & MU may not be as far away as we thought!"
28th Jun 2013 22:21
"Well! All I know I support Liverpool. I hope, I wish, I pray - but I support!"
28th Jun 2013 22:34
"Step at a time is the right idea, Rome wasn't built in a day. FSG have a 10yr plan in mind and are in the process of taking the first few tentative steps. Brendan hasn't won anything yet, he's learning. He's very laid back and likes to do things gently and slowly bit by bit, so let's wait and see what happens, I'm not making big expectations for the new season, just to be better than last. "
28th Jun 2013 22:35
"Call me negative for saying the standard of players we are bringing in are not top 4 standard but I believe I am being realistic. Based on current signings even a club legend (Carra) has predicted on Sky we will improve but the top 4 will be Chelsea, Man U, Man C and Arsenal. "
29th Jun 2013 2:35
"Its comical that Rushjob who told us that Henrickh was going to Chelsksi, is now spouting out what I told him long ago. I've no doubt that he is an ardent LFC supporter but he has long lost his standing on here and he should stop trying to recapture his glory days as he has unwittingly showed his true colours and abandoned ship far too easily. Dreary me. "
29th Jun 2013 2:43
"No more top 4 talk please! Have the ambition but keep quiet about it."
29th Jun 2013 2:52
" Thank u for not lowering our standards Robbie, as it has been every time BR speaks out. He's been great in doing that. But we all know the honey moon will be over comes xmas. I'm optimistic but not exited at all so far. Until we'r resilient, very hard to beat & have plan B w/players coming off the bench to change the game I wont believe in BR. BR is a good mgr, but not great, at least for now."
29th Jun 2013 3:31
" (ajp81)You are Talking about a former Player who have SCORED more GOALS against US than His Scored for US! KOLO TOURE Is a Much Better Player Than CARA. He Uses It Better, Passes Better, FASTER and CAN SCORE Goals- We've Got a WINNER for FREE!!! Great Business by BR and His Staff! "
29th Jun 2013 3:32
" (ajp81)You are Talking about a former Player who have SCORED more GOALS against US than His Scored for US! KOLO TOURE Is a Much Better Player Than CARA. He Uses It Better, Passes Better, FASTER and CAN SCORE Goals- We've Got a WINNER for FREE!!! Great Business by BR and His Staff! "
29th Jun 2013 3:44
"The 3/4 early signings look good , but our main weakness is still there defensive midfield .We have 3 midfielders that would not get a place in any of the top teams, they are :- Lucas , Allen & Shelvey. Hendo is a squad player . Only Stevie is real quality.We must sign Mikhitaryan , and Watyama . Until we strengthen midfield we will not qualify for Champions League,"
29th Jun 2013 6:16
"Oh Buddha. You really are so very boring. If abandoning ship is attending every home game bar 2 last season then fine with that. I'm just passing on gossip to fellow fans. If as you say I've lost any standing I had on here fine- ill still sleep soundly at night- thing is, you have to have something to lose it..... "
29th Jun 2013 6:20
"I forgot that Buddha was the 'comments police' on here. Next move will be a direct message from him on my profile 'warning me' a la 3 years ago. You are such a loser Buddha who only comes on here to spout egotistical argumentative bo77ocks. A rentboy to the core. Ill continue to post whatever I like-and if nobody ever even reads it- couldn't give a flying. Get over yourself."
29th Jun 2013 6:24
"If people are really that worried about their 'standing' on here- I'd suggest the biggest way to lose any is to come onto the official Liverpool FC website and off Kenny Dalglish. That's me done with Buddha- a complete and utter kn0bhead of the very highest order. Not a red, never was, never will be. Such as shame you can't un follow people on here......"
29th Jun 2013 6:26
"Lets hope Henrick signs Tuesday. He looks a great player. "
29th Jun 2013 8:07
"The problem some plastic fans have here is that they always like other clubs signing and ignore the potentials we have.... paying excessivly for the cavani's of this world is lyk buying faded cloth cos it was once beautiful"
29th Jun 2013 13:34
"Centrecircle - read again and think before you comment. I am in a realistic mood. If we don't shore up our defence then 4th aint goin to happen next season. I note that you seem to be constantly sniping at other fans on this site. Some advice, stop!"
29th Jun 2013 13:41
"Rushjob has got plenty of standing on this site Buddha, have a look in the mirror perhaps (that's when you crawl out of BRs ar*e). "