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No thanks! How long is our contract with Warrior? We need to get back to simple, classic styling like Nike has done with the England strip!
28th Jun 2013 10:57
28th Jun 2013 11:11
"Not a chance worse kit I've ever seen and always buy home & away kits "
28th Jun 2013 11:15
"I think the general consensus of this kit will be reflected in the sales. The kit would be ok if it didn't have that space invader **** (is this tha fashion in asia or sonehing?) at the bottom, can it be removed or is it too late :)"
28th Jun 2013 11:46
"Has been designed using war-Tech fabric, don't you mean designed by a blind war Vet. wouldn't pre order it if it was free, "
28th Jun 2013 11:46
"How many have been ordered so far? About a 100?"
28th Jun 2013 12:08
"Ugh, looks horrible. What were they thinking? Likely to be as popular as the the birds**t kit from a few years ago. "
28th Jun 2013 12:15
"I'd rather pre-order a quality blindfold so I don't have to look at this POS shirt design. Seriously Warrior... what were you thinking?"
28th Jun 2013 12:28
"No thanks - what a load of rubbish..."
28th Jun 2013 12:30
"Would have looked mint if it wasn't for the vomit inducing pattern."
28th Jun 2013 12:33
"joembirkenhead = moron"
28th Jun 2013 12:38
"I dont care what we are wearing when we play away, if the opponent also does not like them the better. I just want us to wear them against ManUnited put five past them and than stuff them jersies into some museum in London. "
28th Jun 2013 12:45
"Everyone saying get rid of Warrior. This is the only bad kit so far and they did good tings with the rest. Using the old style badge looks good plus they offer the club more money than the other kit makers."
28th Jun 2013 12:49
"Why does everyone hate this kit? It's one of the best I've seen in years! PSYCH! Warrior how did you come to the conclusion that this design would be popular? It's horrific."
28th Jun 2013 12:59
"nicest away kit for years.i love it "
28th Jun 2013 13:04
28th Jun 2013 13:30
"Not interested!"
28th Jun 2013 13:32
"being nearly 40 now and im a fat bas tard i dont wear a kit but my 11 year old lad loves it"
28th Jun 2013 13:41
"If you go to the online shop and click on the third kit, that's the best Warrior design so far. The simple black jersey with the golden liver bird on the chest and no sponsors or Warrior logo makes it look ultra cool. I might place an order now. "
28th Jun 2013 13:55
"No thanks...will give this one a big miss!"
28th Jun 2013 14:09
""No thanks..will give this one a big miss!" "
28th Jun 2013 14:20
"no thanks, you couldn't pay me to wear that shirt. Worst LFC shirt ever!"
28th Jun 2013 14:29
"nah... looks like a bad Christmas jumper.. all Stevie needs is a pair of antlers "
28th Jun 2013 14:59
"only criticizes..."
28th Jun 2013 15:02
"Last chance? How about not a chance in hell!"
Mr Ostrich
28th Jun 2013 15:08
"Desperate plea to try and ensure supporters buy this atrocious kit?"
28th Jun 2013 15:14
"I tell you what, talk about what goes around comes around... last season I tore into my manure supporting friends for that picnic cloth home kit they wore, they didnt hear the end of it from me all season, I now try to avoid seeing them after this fashion disaster - always best to stick to one colour, instead we got space invaders at the bottom!"
28th Jun 2013 15:29
"I think everyone will be happy to take that chance and leave it XD horrible design :o we need Adidas back ! Even though there d**ks :) YNWA"
28th Jun 2013 15:51
"give 50% discount then maybe i'll get one. there's gonna be ahuge loss in sales"
28th Jun 2013 16:05
"If Warrior payed me £45 i'd be tempted to have it in the back of my wardrobe."
28th Jun 2013 16:31
"Warrior forever, for good ! Stevie-G looks powerful in the equipment as well as other players! Liverpool captain fantastic :)"
28th Jun 2013 16:38
"home kit is okay.last years home was amazing.but the away and third are just so bad.last years purple white orange tribal tattoo was the pis but the this white xmas jumper is just a pile of poo.iget back in the top 4 and then adidas will come crawling back.i hope."
28th Jun 2013 16:46
"Maybe the other teams will be bamboozled by it and we can gain an advantage. lol ,,"
28th Jun 2013 16:48
"I'm not sure I'd pre-order this kit even if it was free. worst LFC kit I've seen in the last 20 years. "
28th Jun 2013 17:07
"Last years 1.away kit was a big body for a infant.. whit bib and all. That was horrible. Haven't a bad Word to describe this shirt even.. Our Club WILL loose alot of Money on this "kit" YNWA.. Or you maybe you sorry lad how buys it will Walk Alone in this kit? "
28th Jun 2013 17:10
"Last years 1.away kit was a big body for a infant.. with bib and all. That was horrible. Haven't a bad Word to describe this shirt even.. Our Club WILL loose alot of Money on this "kit" YNWA.. Or you maybe you sorry lad who buys it will Walk Alone in this kit?"
28th Jun 2013 17:49
"Not a hope in hell ...... !"
28th Jun 2013 18:17
"It's simple really. Design 3 home, 3 away and 3 3rd kits. Put them up for vote and let the supporters choose 1 of each (in order of preference for each). That way, our players will get a nice kit and sales will be guaranteed."
28th Jun 2013 18:19
"I will buy the home, but defo NOT getting this. Warrior obviously couldn't come up with something original so they pinched a top from the 90s and puked on it by the look of it."
28th Jun 2013 18:38
"Warrior need to stop trying to be Different. Oh and we'll NEVER be Nike!!!"
28th Jun 2013 18:44
"What are Warrior playing at. The Away Goal keeping kit should be the Team Away Kit. The New black training kit should be the 3rd kit!!! Warrior, Get Real. PS: Who at LFC sanctioned these away kits???!!!"
28th Jun 2013 18:48
"CORRECTION: What are Warrior playing at. The white Goal keeping kit should be the Team Away Kit. The New black training kit should be the 3rd kit!!! Warrior, Get Real. PS: Who at LFC sanctioned these away kits???!!!""
28th Jun 2013 20:58
"Nothing wrong with kit. Home strip is basic and 'classic' looking. Nothing wrong with having 'funky' away strips. We have had a history of crazy designs in the away strips department - gold one, green/white one etc. Calling for Nike/Adidas- no thanks, anyone seen Evertons new home kit, Chelseas same as last 6 years."
28th Jun 2013 22:57
"No thanks. Looks worse than a last resort pull on a night out!"
29th Jun 2013 4:57
"last years kits were awful although i still got the home top which i hardly ever wore terrible material!.got this years home top tho which i actually quite like,still undecided about the away top tho of this years. ive seen allot worse imo. but its true what ive heard on here Nike kits are the business. great fit and very smart. along with Adidas! "
30th Jun 2013 15:53
"It's not too late to change the design if you guys want."