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here we go !
27th Jun 2013 11:42
27th Jun 2013 11:42
"And Luis Alberto?"
27th Jun 2013 11:43
"Great ! YNWA"
27th Jun 2013 11:44
"what about Luis Alberto"
27th Jun 2013 11:51
"ASPAS new 9 great news "
27th Jun 2013 11:53
"suarez 9 traitor"
27th Jun 2013 11:53
"suarez 9 traitor"
27th Jun 2013 11:53
"Thats a surprise, thought sturridge would have taken it but it doesnt really matter. "
27th Jun 2013 11:54
"Great! Welcome and YNWA. In BR we trust. "
27th Jun 2013 11:55
"Looks like he will be in the first team straight away. You wouldn't keep a number 9 on the bench. Apart from AC."
27th Jun 2013 11:57
"i hope aspas can live up to being liverpools number 9"
27th Jun 2013 12:01
"I'm shocked by this.....I would have thought that the famous no.9 shirt would be reserved for a BIG player.....time is the teller! YNWA"
27th Jun 2013 12:02
"Number 9?! Oh well but what about Alberto?"
27th Jun 2013 12:06
"Aspas does not deserve the number 9 shirt "
27th Jun 2013 12:08
"have to say i thought sturridge would get the number 9, and mignolet number 1"
27th Jun 2013 12:09
"Alberto is waiting for number 7"
27th Jun 2013 12:09
"Welsh how can you judge a player that hasn't had one game.. Get behind the team support only can do you good! Can't wait till he smash it."
27th Jun 2013 12:14
" We are building a promising team for the future only a matter of time until we are challenging for the tle and Liverpool are back to being champions again "
A Red In My Bed
27th Jun 2013 12:15
"I was hoping Mkhitrayen or a Marquee signing would get the number 9. I hope the lad can live up to that shirt number!"
27th Jun 2013 12:15
"Pepe stays then?! good news"
27th Jun 2013 12:15
"welshy why judging a player that has not even kicked a ball for us? get behind d team mate!!!!"
27th Jun 2013 12:15
"....and Alberto is ?"
27th Jun 2013 12:16
"Luis Alberto is probably waiting for the number 7 if its vacated any time soon."
27th Jun 2013 12:24
"I'm not sure that was a good choice but hey - that doesn't mean I don't think he is a good player- I think he will be great - but just not a classic no9. Anyway, I hope we get that Mickey lad from Shakter - then we are ready!"
27th Jun 2013 12:24
"dutchybyrne, spot on mate.. Was just thinking same reason "
27th Jun 2013 12:25
"Suarez is number 7 sikhred"
27th Jun 2013 12:29
"Nice to have aspas & mignolet in our 9&22 shirts! What of luiz alberto?"
27th Jun 2013 12:36
"Luis may be given jersey number 11,19,33,12 when they are gone"
27th Jun 2013 12:36
"Luis Alberto?"
27th Jun 2013 12:36
"Is Alberto waiting for number 7 or something?"
27th Jun 2013 12:36
"finally we have a clinical striker who wears number 9 after torres. i hope aspas can score 30 plus goal in the first season.just like torres. haha. "
redhead lfc6
27th Jun 2013 12:43
"i thought sturridge would have took 9 and aspas to get 15 "
27th Jun 2013 12:47
"Expect Luis Alberto to get 11 once Assaidi is sold, can't announce that whilst Assaidi still at club."
27th Jun 2013 12:48
"Is anybody else concerned by the lack of top quality central defenders at the club? Instead of paying 25 million for Mkhitaryan maybe we should focus on the defence."
27th Jun 2013 12:50
"woow,,great,,lets begin the era..:) #YNWA"
27th Jun 2013 12:52
"While I appreciate the news about the squad numbers, it really doesn't make a difference what numbers are on their shirts. All I care about is that they have the desire and ability to improve LFC on the pitch. YNWA"
27th Jun 2013 12:58
"He doesn;t look like a number 9?"
27th Jun 2013 13:03
"Looks good. But 9 should have gone to sturridge n 22 is mhktaryan's no n a strange one to give a gk. would have given Iago 11 as theres no point assaidi keeping a first team no. Still, think im prob more hung up on shirt nos than they are."
27th Jun 2013 13:04
"What number is Louis Alberto taking ? Number 7 by any chance ?"
27th Jun 2013 13:05
"How come Kolo Toure is not even on the squad list let alone have a number ?"
27th Jun 2013 13:09
"Our greatest number 9's include Ian St John - Ian Rush and Robbie Fowler, that's it! Just need to get someone to fill the number 7 now! as we all know he's going."
27th Jun 2013 13:12
"nice. but have to ask what about alberto? he is playing with the 1st next season isnt he?"
27th Jun 2013 13:17
"great stuff, and great work getting the keeper, top class, succession planning by BR is superb, "
27th Jun 2013 13:24
"What about squad number for Luis Alberto? and henrikh from shalka"
27th Jun 2013 13:29
"let's hope we get a couple of decent signings before season starts enough midtable players we can't be 2nd best in Liverpool again next season and silly fans saying well done and wow to signings that play for reserves of big clubs, how dim can we get brain washed idiots."
27th Jun 2013 13:33
"good compeor for reina, but i guess aspas is false 9."
27th Jun 2013 13:34
"iago aspas is a ing crack, our idol, take care of him please"
27th Jun 2013 13:37
"ASPAS doesnt deserve the number 9 jersey. the responsibility place on him is just too huge.hope he lives up to it."
27th Jun 2013 13:38
"Iago Aspas is more a 10 number, talking about his place on the green. He is not the typical 9. "
27th Jun 2013 13:39
"He is Galician, not spaniard."
27th Jun 2013 13:43
"i would really love to see torres back in liverpool. also david villa and brazilian number 8 in d ongoing confederation cup. harnane"
27th Jun 2013 13:43
"I don't think we can confirms the Toure signing until 1st July so that's why there hasn't been anything official and he hasn't been allocated a squad number, prob take 4 or 6?"
27th Jun 2013 13:57
"We still need more signings to crack top 4. Signing Mkhitarayan, having someone of Suarez quality (in case he goes), a top CB and a CDM are a must to mount a serious challenge for CL this season. "
27th Jun 2013 14:01
"I do not care that daniel play with 15 or 9 or 69."
27th Jun 2013 14:02
"I do not care that daniel play with 15 or 9 or 69."
27th Jun 2013 14:03
"wheremeTea... Did Rush come from a Big club??? It matters not what the club a player comes from. The only thing that matters is what on they do when they are Liverpool."
27th Jun 2013 14:08
"I am not sure that some fans realise how good Aspas is? He will fit in immediately! He is such an exciting player and will have us fans off our feet constantly. We have just bought the left footed Suarez....mark my wise and prophetic words. Alberto is also very good but will have a bigger challenge on his hands to cement a first team berth.."
27th Jun 2013 14:14
"Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers hailed the Assaidi deal, saying that he was "delighted", and described Assaidi as "an exciting player...that will excite the crowd"...."
27th Jun 2013 14:25
"I think we should up our bid for Papa"
27th Jun 2013 14:33
"And where can we get the short sleeve goalie's jersey that Pepe modelled in their promo video?"
27th Jun 2013 14:37
"Mushroom - Fergie hailed Anderson (17M). Wenger hailed Ashavin (15M) & Gervinho (13M) both to be whats your point? Assaidi was cheap, excited a few times but has struggled physically happens. "
27th Jun 2013 14:43
"welshy7938 give the lad a chance. Who are you to say he isn't good enough to be number 9. F*%king bellend."
27th Jun 2013 14:52
"I personally would have given Aspas the number 18 shirt. 18 is an awesome number it always belongs to special players at the club and the last true great to have the 18 at liverpool before he changed his number was Owen - and if he really wanted the 9 he could do a zamorano and put a + sign between the numbers :)"
27th Jun 2013 14:58
"When do we get to hear about some names leaving? Downing *cough* Assaidi *cough*"
27th Jun 2013 15:00
"call me old fashioned, but I just love the use of the term "bellend". excellent stuff YNWA JFT96"
27th Jun 2013 15:04
"Quite gutted Mignolet didnt get no.1 shirt to be honest. Suprised at Aspas getting no.9 but it might give him the extra incentive to get the goals and I think Alberto will be getting the no.7 if Suarez does end up leaving"
27th Jun 2013 15:11
"RedRivelino 27th Jun 2013 14:37 my point is it is wiser to reserve judgement than spout words of wise prophecy that may not be so wise and make you look stupid.Especially with cheap young players. It is called bullsh!t. I could not give a monkeys if Wenger and whiskey nose are happy to shoot their mouths off. "
27th Jun 2013 15:17
"and Alberto????"
27th Jun 2013 15:21
"All the hype and bullsh!t is what leads to unrealistic expectations, which leads to unnecessary player pressure, disappointment and sh!tehawks calling for sackings after one season. You saw it when "super fans" from miles away judged and slated people for being negative when they said top 4 was unrealistic last January.Fact was,it was unrealistic."
27th Jun 2013 15:22
"Mushroom- BR said he was "delighted" w/ the signing, described him as exciting, & said the fans will like to watch him. There's nothing sensationalist in that. What do u expect him to say "He's alright". If u invest in a player u hav to be positive."
27th Jun 2013 15:59
"RedRivelino 27th Jun 2013 15:22..the manager doesn't have to say anything about the purchase of player.The purchase of a player in the first place is belief enough. I don't remember being excited by Assaidi. And perhaps neither was BR in the end if the speculation of his impending sale are true. The reason for the players failure to excite are irrelevant. "
27th Jun 2013 16:01
"Louis Alberto will get the Nr. 11 once Assaidi will be sold back to psv. "
27th Jun 2013 16:09
"Aspas must be some striker to get the number 9 shirt! Looking forward to a shed load of goals."
27th Jun 2013 16:14
"There are some absolute fools commenting here ie Welshy7938. What did anyone know abot a certain Ian Rush in 1980, who was given the No 9 shirt and graced it with magnificent eloquence for the next 10 years! Grow up son!"
27th Jun 2013 16:17
"out of 73 comments 40 ask the same question. Read the comments! Why do parts of words still get removed? It makes reading a sentence very difficult and the archives have now becomes over stretched through languages, can an option be given to select a language to read news in? Congrats to you both for choosing your numbers."
Vosta Lee
27th Jun 2013 16:22
"It takes big ones to wear the number 9...big ones, like coconuts."
27th Jun 2013 16:38
"... And what no. will Suarez be?!"
27th Jun 2013 17:41
"alberto nu..."
27th Jun 2013 18:02
"liverpool fans are funny......looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool....just leave some of the issues to Brendan...when is downing leaving though...will miss his mazy runs..."
27th Jun 2013 18:11
"sorry don't think aspas should be number 9 do not think he is a big enough player to wear that shirt. Give it to sturridge "
27th Jun 2013 18:13
"carroll deserved to play more unlucky with injury ynwa carroll 9 good luck "
27th Jun 2013 18:16
"Interesting to see no number for Luis Alberto, does that hint he's a future player for the club!! But it great to see Mignolet with the number 22 it's my birthday!! "
27th Jun 2013 18:19
"Luis Alberto's number 7 shirt is occupied...... at the moment!!!"
scitzo soldier
27th Jun 2013 18:24
"do any of you guys listen to sturridge? 15 is the number he's had all his life and wants to stick with it"
27th Jun 2013 19:09
"I'm just waiting for greedy skank to agree with mushy peas' comments again. Now there are two guys with split personalities - still can't believe he thought no one would notice."
27th Jun 2013 19:13
"I hate this false nine bullsh!t, hes not a number 9 at all, neither is sturridge, we need a proper number 9, the false 9 works for barca, "
27th Jun 2013 19:13
"i have faith in brendan but if were going to play him as our number 9 its going to be so frustrating because there will never be enough players in the box, we should sign a agressive proper 9 who plays on the shoulder, with pace and power, who will press the opposition, and then have all the interchanging players around him,"
27th Jun 2013 19:14
"Reina is 23 is he not? How come our Keepers don't wear the Number 1?"
27th Jun 2013 19:22
"Actually just looked it up..........Reina is 25............Brad Jones is our Number 1."
27th Jun 2013 19:41
"be positive wheresmetea. ynwa"
27th Jun 2013 19:49
"haha bellend is a beautiful use of the scouse vocab. quality brother ynwa"
27th Jun 2013 19:54
"buddha your the man/woman"
27th Jun 2013 20:26
"All the players have big boots to fill, not just the no.9. We need some meat in midfield, not mince. Get Melo. He's available and will make the opposition look like fairies by comparison. "
27th Jun 2013 20:33
"BUDDHA 17.31 fantastic lad fantastic just crashed my bus laughing!!!!!!!!!!! Loooooooool"
27th Jun 2013 20:48
"We don't need the old fashioned number 9 and great modern teams like Barca etc don't play with one. The modern game is more about speed and technique. Teams like Man City use Tevez and Aguerro for their attack - with Silva just behind - all small guys but gifted. "
27th Jun 2013 20:53
"Centrecircle, I thank you, but please drive carefully, unless of course you see Greedy, Fungi or other moaners in front of you. "
27th Jun 2013 20:56
"9 good 4 aspas,ope he works wonders in it"
27th Jun 2013 20:56
"9 good 4 aspas,ope he works wonders in it"
27th Jun 2013 20:56
"9 good 4 aspas,ope he works wonders in it"
27th Jun 2013 20:56
"9 good 4 aspas,ope he works wonders in it"
27th Jun 2013 20:56
"9 good 4 aspas,ope he works wonders in it"
27th Jun 2013 20:56
"9 good 4 aspas,ope he works wonders in it"
27th Jun 2013 21:09
"Just finished now (5hours) !!!! Never saw mush or his split personality !!!!!!! Loooooool"
27th Jun 2013 21:26
"I believe in Rodgers and all kops players your quality will add value to this squad, you are all welcome"
28th Jun 2013 0:54
"game on guys ;)"
28th Jun 2013 2:00
"Budda, you are a real man and I like the you handle those muppets. "
28th Jun 2013 2:16
"Ive never seen so many people saying Aspas does not deserve the number 9 shirt. Has any of you actually seen him play other than whats on you tube - im guessing no. I have on 3 occasions last season and if this guy can do in the PL what he did in Spain then we're going to love this guy."
28th Jun 2013 2:19
"This guy is lightning quick, slick, hard to take off the ball without fouling him. He plays as if his life depends on it and my one criticism of him is that sometimes he really does chase lost causes. So whingey muppets who say he doesn't deserve the number 9 go see him play LIVE before talking S***e!!!"
28th Jun 2013 2:51
"I have a few points. First of all, why would sturridge want to change nr. When he has never scored more goals than as Liverpools nr. 15 + if he keeps scorring in the ratio he does he has the opportunity to make the nr. 15 his own and make that legendary!!! --->"
28th Jun 2013 2:58
"Second of all, when coutinho got the nr 10 everybody was saying that he was not yet good/proven enough to wear that nr.. Is anybody saying that now??"
28th Jun 2013 3:00
"And a Classic nr 9?? What is that in modern football? Im sorry to say this but the days of the rush type of player is gone especialy with the brendan Rodgers filosophy of Playing... I Think he Will Be a brilliant nr. 9, and also carroll took a lot of pressure og that nr to lol!! YNWA JFT96"
28th Jun 2013 3:02
"liverpoollover1, I thank you..."
28th Jun 2013 3:03
"Bazzabethal, I thank you"
28th Jun 2013 7:29
"sikhred. What the f**k are you on. There is no sign yet that Suarez is leaving, so why get on the 'traitor' bandwagon like everyone did when Torres left. Be happy you w****r!"
28th Jun 2013 7:32
"Iago got hazardous number :) I'm sure that Torres wants to return to Liverpool, let his fans forgive that he left Liverpool."
28th Jun 2013 8:51
"mapleleafscouse: It's because he technically hasn't signed yet. He has only made an aggreement to sign for Liverpool once his contract with City runs out on June 30th."
28th Jun 2013 9:27
"The new boys will help the team into top four but will need a charp striker who can score at any range. let Brendan go Sharter striker."
28th Jun 2013 20:41
"Cool ! Hopefully will get Erikson now for 15 20 million and get 4th spot !"