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I am sure PEPE will be up for the challenge!! YNWA...
26th Jun 2013 22:37
26th Jun 2013 22:38
"I'd be surprised if Pepe is still here come the end of the window"
26th Jun 2013 22:40
"Pepe is on his way - Been a super goalie and still is but he wants to win a euro trophy so why hang around if the club have bought a replacement and he wants to go back to Spain? "
26th Jun 2013 23:59
"Might just be what Pepe's been needing to get himself back on top form - he hasn't been always hitting his own very high standards recently. "
27th Jun 2013 1:11
"It's good to have a Keeper contest... If Pepe runs off to Barcelona.... it will be seen as he has chickened out in the challenged for the number 1 jersey. competition for places is always good in my book."
27th Jun 2013 1:50
"Good signing Brendan. competition for the 1st team goalie spot will improve Pepe greatly "
27th Jun 2013 3:48
"am sure Pepe will be sold to Barca or even Arsenal ..."
27th Jun 2013 7:12
"Great to have Mingolet on board. But I hope he his not the last of our signings If we start the season with the same midfield as last,ie Lucas , Allen , Stevie , Hendo & Shelvey we will not make the top 4 . Wanyama & Mikhitaryan have got to be signed. "
27th Jun 2013 8:20
"true that, but we need to strenghten the midfield ASAP......i hope Brendan reads this"
I told you so
27th Jun 2013 8:34
"Pepe does need competition and Brad Jones and the Brazilian fella who let in 7 against Utd ain't it. We still need strikers though. This current idea of BR to get the goals from midfield won't work. Ronaldo and Bale score from out wide as did Henry, but they are 3 of the best players in recent years. We're not signing that level of player. Buy strikers BR.... "
27th Jun 2013 9:05
"At least for Arsenal, Simon should be first choice without and doubt.... over last 2/3 years, Pepe has cost at least 6 - 8 points."
27th Jun 2013 9:28
"It appears that we have learnt our lessons from last summers disastrous transfer window. Although it pains me to say it, I do not think Brad Jones is up to pushing Pepe and Mignolet ticks many boxes and is a good fit for us. I for one believe Pepe will stay this season and fight for the right to be our number 1."
27th Jun 2013 10:03
"This is just what Pepe needed, his only rival was Brad Jones. Now he has to fight for his place :D"
27th Jun 2013 10:21
"It will be great if they keep clean sheet in every game"
27th Jun 2013 10:52
"I have no doubt of Mignolet's abilities...but Pepe is pure class. Excited by the upcoming season!"
27th Jun 2013 11:15
"Pepe is class and I hope we keep both. Brad Jones is good and a season loan (in the Championship so he gets lots of games) would be a great idea (we can recall if needed)"
27th Jun 2013 11:47
"That will be an interesting fight :)"
27th Jun 2013 12:34
"they are both good, but we need the best!"
27th Jun 2013 13:03
"I`m with Versic on this one... I too am sure pepe will keep his position. Simon will be a great stand in when required, brad has done ok when between the sticks but now he has real competition."
27th Jun 2013 15:32
"Hopefully Mignolet has been brought in for competition but still think that it is a replacement and Reina will be sold before the season kicks off. "
27th Jun 2013 16:38
"Regardless of this, I'd wouldn't be surprised if this would be his last season. He's been a cracking keeper and a move back home would be understandable. £9m is a lot for a backup keeper. lanoisseforp TBH I think it would be harsh to say he chickened out. He'd be Barca's No.1"
27th Jun 2013 17:07
"should be good competition if pepe gets a fair chance ,lets face it brendan does favour his signings , look hoe he played joe allen last season even wen he was injured and left a better plater on bench "
27th Jun 2013 19:25
"And Brad was SO LOOKING FORWARD to our appearances in Australia. We should play him there...........they're more likely to snap him up in a transfer."
27th Jun 2013 23:18
"Just wotched garcia screamer against juva. Anfield rocking against chelski istanbull then i woke up. What the f whent wrong "
28th Jun 2013 1:06
"'I told you so'.... we have strikers, Luis aint gone anywhere yet, He and Dani are 2 of the best goal scorers in the league, we have also bought Aspas. BR wants to add goals from mid, or would you just play 4 or 5 strikers? Stevie, Lampard, Cahill, Scholes...there are many mids that get goals. "
28th Jun 2013 13:48
"signing nother keeper for 10m is a clear message for pepe to find a new club and he will....but with tight finances spending 10m on a keeper while we have a sprited worldclass keeper is just not right...looks like skrtel n suarez will follow....good luck rodgers...."
28th Jun 2013 13:54
"People PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!spending 10 million on a keeper just to motivate pepe doesnt make any sense....PEPE IS LEAVING or Mr Rodgers will again look stupid ....just like the caroll n dempsey saga...."
29th Jun 2013 14:57
"Pepe is world class, not sure if there is any keeper who is as good with his leg as Pepe. Lots of goal assist. We are not going to lose Pepe Mr Roger, so keep him."