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Id take him even it were for a week
25th Jun 2013 13:15
25th Jun 2013 13:35
"Why waste time developing barca's prospects we have our own to develope I think that would be more useful?"
25th Jun 2013 13:36
"we have enough young players of our own to coach."
25th Jun 2013 13:44
"Yeah he is a great young talent. We have to be careful though. Need experience in there as well"
25th Jun 2013 13:44
"Would be silly for LFC to take him on loan. We have enough young talent of our own-just as skillful and dedicated to the club. No point in developing players for another club. "
25th Jun 2013 13:47
"...sorry to be repeive- above comments weren't up on my screen when I posted."
25th Jun 2013 13:55
"Why should we opt to develop a player and see him join his mother club when we have enough youngsters we can develop for our future. I do not think this deal is helpful."
25th Jun 2013 13:55
"Get him on loan "
25th Jun 2013 14:26
"A decent player but unless there is an option to buy I don't understand why we would want to loan him. Better to give our own youngsters (Sterling, Suso, Ibe etc.)more opportunities then develop another teams' player. "
25th Jun 2013 14:48
"Some people just comment they same thing over and over. no value add"
25th Jun 2013 14:53
"we dont need loans. we give loans"
25th Jun 2013 14:55
"ah go away and stop linking us with everyone. we need a few players, not 49.."
25th Jun 2013 15:10
"I agree, why develop someone else's player rather than our own? Maybe if they'd put an option to by in, however unlikely!"
Natural Poolie
25th Jun 2013 15:11
"He'd work well with Alberto as they played together last season at Barcelona B!"
25th Jun 2013 15:43
25th Jun 2013 15:56
"Top young player but why still the need for youth...alexis Sanchez is not playing at all and now Neymar's there...he'd more than likely want to move"
25th Jun 2013 16:33
"Let Spurs have him, we have enough young talented players of our own to spend time on. "
25th Jun 2013 16:49
"Euroanfield - like who?"
25th Jun 2013 16:54
"Sign him permanently.. He'll be our next Suarez.. Too good this guy!"
25th Jun 2013 17:00
"Devonianscouser Sanchez is not good enough it will be a waste of money"
25th Jun 2013 17:35
"WHY do we keep getting linked with Spurs and Arsenal when players are being linked with prem teams?! "
25th Jun 2013 17:53
"Didn't he play with Luis Alberto last season with Barca B? They combined well together. Might be a good idea to bring him in so that Luis won't be too home sick with a close friend around. "
25th Jun 2013 18:15
"Now we're talking top draw, maybe we can get him for keeps pure class player and with luis alberto here I'm sure he would love to link up with him and suso.Ps please BR forget mkharyan and go for Thiago of barca aswell as wanyama. "
25th Jun 2013 20:08
"sign him with Barca having an option of buying him back in the future, I know this guy is a real talent. he is better than most of our current squad. I can even splash 10 mil for this talent. He will be a real deal if we are able to convince Barca to sell him to us."
25th Jun 2013 20:54
25th Jun 2013 23:52
"Why would barca loan him to us we probably have more attacking options than they do at this stage... Unless its the same sort of loan as Sahin, where we had the choice to buy if he had not been so poor. "
Natural Poolie
26th Jun 2013 9:50
"Would work well with Alberto, they formed a good partnership last season for Barcelona B!"
26th Jun 2013 12:12
"So why would we want a talented 19 yr old for only 1 season? Give over."
26th Jun 2013 18:14
"Why loan in a young player to hold back the great young kids that's there now like Ibe,Streling,suso,wisdom,coady, The LFC Acadamy is doing great work with the players we have there so be mad to hold up there progress for the sake of making other clubs youths better players..NO LOANS,unless its messi or Cavani."
26th Jun 2013 18:29
"Why haven't LFC gone for Tevez ? He is joining Juventus for a bargain price of 10 mil ,he would have been a very good addition to the strike force at a low price of 10mil and he would have been a decent and cheap replacement for Suarez if he goes."