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Get wanyama. We need him. And where would.mkh play? We have coutinho and stevie. Get eriksen.instead.if needs be he is less pricey and.quality
25th Jun 2013 11:22
25th Jun 2013 11:31
"This transfer is way to slow we need to tie it up and quickly before spurs get a sniff... Come on Brennden get it sorted!!!!"
25th Jun 2013 11:32
"Confusing this. Shakhtar say hes being fined for not turning up to training. He says he intends to fulfil his contract. We have not made contact. Wonder what the truth is? I reckon he is trying to get a move and I believe it will be to us..."
25th Jun 2013 11:35
"Hope things are being done in liverpool way."
25th Jun 2013 11:36
"please get him in this guy would make us serius le contenders with or without suarez i still feel suarez might just stay but if he goes im sure his money will be used to replace him but this guy looks like he has the stuff to make a difrence in brendan we trust YNWA"
25th Jun 2013 11:41
"Hope things are being done in liverpool way."
25th Jun 2013 11:42
"if his heart is somewhere else, please let him be. we need players that want to be here. no mercenaries please..."
25th Jun 2013 11:44
"Are my shocked by this..answer is NO !!"
25th Jun 2013 11:55
"The transfer team are doing a first class job so far in this window. In Brendan we trust. Patience required for this one guys. This lad could be our biggest signing since Torres or Suarez . He oozes class. YNWA"
25th Jun 2013 12:10
"would people on here ever shut it about eriksen. he doesnt want to come here plus if its true dortmund want him then why would he not choose them. at 15 mill if theres a bidding wa started god knows what hel go for. henricks a better player, 25 goals for midfield, who can argue against that?"
25th Jun 2013 12:16
"Stop talking about getting Erikson. Henrik is much better than him. We must get Henrik Henrik never said he doesn't want to come to Liverpool, shop this none sense "
25th Jun 2013 12:30
"What this means is that theres is a deal in progress. They don't want to bring attention to the dealings of the 3rd party ownership. Henrikh has been advised to stay away to push things thru. "
25th Jun 2013 12:38
"sounds like b.s to me "
25th Jun 2013 12:39
"could be right there rivelino!"
25th Jun 2013 12:48
"Stevie is getting older, but can still do the jobfar better than most younger than him but he would make a good back up to Lucas as a DM player, Mkhitaryan is pure forward palyerhim and stevie would would be a great pair, in midfield , Stevie with his tackles and passing and Mkhitaryan going forward it's that simple "
Brazilian meastro10
25th Jun 2013 13:07
"eriksen wont come u idiot. why would we just stop pesuit of him??? and mkh could replace hendo, and is a good investment for our beloved Stevie as he is coming of age. not a need but certainly a good to have."
RedNeve 2
25th Jun 2013 13:25
"I don't think it's confusing, I think it's just media nonsense again! A no show for training, we've made contact then we haven't, he wants to come to Anfield but still wants to honour his contract? Papers have obviously run out of angles on this story so they're struggling for consistency. "
25th Jun 2013 13:33
"Guys where are you getting all the eriksen doesnt want to come garbage? We simply dropped interest"
25th Jun 2013 13:49
"Henrikh gone AWOL.....we need to be sure if he has got any behavioral issue.... We are struggling with one!!!"
25th Jun 2013 13:59
"Snaky- I also get tired of reading the same old "get Eriksen-he's class"- I know it's frustrating, but please take it easy with the name calling. You're certainly enled to say what you want, but we're all Red-blooded, and there's way too many on here spouting that kind of negativity..Contd.."
25th Jun 2013 13:59
"....The only thing more painful than reading silly posts is sifting through the personal attacks and character assassinations directed at players, management, and fellow supporters."
25th Jun 2013 14:03
"No thanks. Overpriced peoples! Ericsson any day over this lad, proven and quality for sure from the start. "
25th Jun 2013 14:04
"Revelino- I like your theory- it makes perfect sense. I wonder though, would he still pay fines if sold?"
25th Jun 2013 14:07
"I will wait till the transfer window close and see who leave before I get excited. If FSG can keep all our best players this season then that mean they are serious."
25th Jun 2013 14:07
"He scores goals, which is what we need. We don't need Eriksen we have Luis Alberto now."
25th Jun 2013 14:34
"Obviously something going on in the background otherwise he would have returned for pre-season. My concern is that he seems to be purposely distancing himself away from us not sure if he has just being told to deny it or he is not interested and is speaking to other club(s)."
25th Jun 2013 14:35
"Mignolet is on his way to LFC then we have to focuse on henrikh, wanyama and papa then i feel we are enough ready for the fighting on top 4 even victory of EPL"
25th Jun 2013 14:38
"If we lose suarez so it is another situation but now we need all this players henrikh, wanyama and papa"
25th Jun 2013 14:39
"Mkhtariyan is an excellent player who can play in mAny positions! It is always good to have more midfielders because they can be deployed in attack or defence besides Mkhtariyan can score plenty of goals! YNWA!"
25th Jun 2013 14:41
"seems to me this deal is dependent on the Luis Suarez situation."
25th Jun 2013 14:51
"Henrikh Mkhitaryan â"
25th Jun 2013 15:11
"i said from the start it was another mata and ramirez situation just all rubbish paper talk!!!"
25th Jun 2013 15:47
"tired of seeing news about this dude, too many different stories"
25th Jun 2013 16:18
"StRoth! If Steve and/or Coutinho is our Xavi and/or Iniesta, Mhkitaryan def will be our Messi. Just who we need: Heno!!!"
25th Jun 2013 16:57
"we must do everything possible to have Henrikh Mkhitaryan, what if suarez leaves? we need players who can convert half a chance and also create chances..that makes him a very good buy! please Brendan go for him. ynwa!!! "
25th Jun 2013 17:15
"Most of you definitely watch only LFC games because you can't compare this guy and Erickson, He can pass better, dribble with the ball, score goals, assists and also stronger than Erickson. Go check the stats before writing tosh on here, If we can get goals from MK, Aspas, Luis, Coutinho, and our CFs imagine were we will be in January."
25th Jun 2013 17:38
"So many different stories being reported, it's actually getting on my nerves. Going to ignore them now unless he is announced as out player"
25th Jun 2013 17:57
"wanyama in talks with Southampton,eriksen a fantastic player but looks as if we cant have him (no European footy) don't no HM has fantastic stats for last season, I cant see FSG spending 22m on a player unless suarez is sold,"
25th Jun 2013 18:39
"Go for Victor Wanyama, our attacking force is good enough."
25th Jun 2013 19:11
"make hay while the sun shine on Mkhitaryan, dont let it be like Dempsey issue last summer shock to spurs"
25th Jun 2013 19:16
"signing this player would certainly send out a message of serious intent, about lfc returning back to top flight football, he is quality and would be a real coup for Rogers and why not Alderweirld also? "
25th Jun 2013 20:33
"The story that he dismissed links was apparently from his facebook. That could be anyone. And these type of stories saying he is happy is to stay in his fans good books. Papers know nothing tho. And will ppl stop saying spurs will sign him, they have too many attacking mid players as it is."
26th Jun 2013 0:01
"please sign him,spend some money on quality players,sign mkhitaryan please at least one time make our wish come true , bring mkhitaryan to liverpool,and i am sure and i swere that from first season you will be surprised by his quality and the goal and assist that he will achieve , maybe some of you do not know him, but in football names are not important , quality is important"
26th Jun 2013 0:06
"Shakhtar Donetsk claim Liverpool target Henrikh Mkhitaryan has failed to report to their pre-season training camp in Austria with the 24-year-old apparently frustrated his £23m deal to the Reds has not been secured."
26th Jun 2013 0:31
"Yes get Eriksaon please and Gaston Ramirez."
26th Jun 2013 9:31
"No thanks. Overated . Eriksen by far a better player . Br . What s with all these tiny players your trying to assemble, you do relise this is the premier league and very physical? "
26th Jun 2013 12:55
"Mkhitaryan or Eriksen in,I wouldn't go near Wanyama the best young midfielder in holland is Eriksen and liverpool should get him signed known that he would come to play at LFC with his international team mate Agger,"
26th Jun 2013 15:00
"He will go to Dortmund."
26th Jun 2013 16:09
"Mixed news on the BBC website. Mkhitaryan is apparently refusing to return to pre season training as he wants a move to Anfield. Whilst allegedly Ancelloti wants Suarez and terms have been agreed just not the transfer fee. As for Eriksen he is not interested in Liverpool he wants CL football so forget him."
26th Jun 2013 20:50
"Sounds like the messy situation a while back when Tevez and Masserano had different owners rather than the club????"
A Red In My Bed
27th Jun 2013 12:22
"Ericsson is vastly overrated!"