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Net spending will be 24mln - 15.5mln = 8.5mln. We need to spend more and add depth. Dont stop here BR. Add some quality ...we need 3-5 players more.
25th Jun 2013 11:13
25th Jun 2013 11:13
"Net spending will be 24mln - 15.5mln = 8.5mln. We need to spend more and add depth. Dont stop here BR. Add some quality ...we need 3-5 players more."
25th Jun 2013 11:34
"I dont think we can justify spending much more until we move into a CL spot. We're defo on the right track though. A big marquee signing is needed to keep us all happy"
Brazilian meastro10
25th Jun 2013 13:15
"what ever happened to Papalokus(however u spell it) from shalke?"
25th Jun 2013 13:39
"If we sign Toure, Alberto, Aspas, Mignolet, Mkhitaryan, Atsu and Ilori in the same window, that's gotta be the best incoming group in a LONG while. If all of the core group stay, barring a few loans for experience, I can't see why we wouldn't challenge for the top four. I'm excited for next season."
25th Jun 2013 13:40
"Why are all the players that the club are interested in are not British--surely there are good players in the home countries.we are going to be a tower of bael at this rate"
25th Jun 2013 13:48
"Perhaps because we got some good young English players. Sterling, ngoo, ibe, coady etc"
25th Jun 2013 14:01
"Ah ah ah I like way fans are calculating money spent for FSG, there is no hiding place. LFC is to big to be bought just for profit without success. We are not Arsenal."
25th Jun 2013 14:26
"Toure, Alberto, Aspas, Mignolet, Mhkitaryan, Ilori, Atsu, Wanyama, Alderweireld(Hopefully), Eriksen(Fat Hope)+Suarez stays. While spearing, shelvey, henderson, pacheco, skrtel, Downing, allen sold. Guaranteed Top 4. Thank You."
25th Jun 2013 14:55
"I think we need a few more out. There doesn't seem to be a stampede to buy some of our fringe players though."
25th Jun 2013 16:40
"with present keepers on the books it is not our most urgent need, use money for more urgent need"
25th Jun 2013 18:37
"Next Alderweireld and Victor Wanyama."
E M D!!
25th Jun 2013 19:57
"Defence needs to be strengthened!!!!"
25th Jun 2013 20:30
"3-5 more players, thats nearly a new starting 11 ! lol We need a good keeper to push Pepe, esp if he will leave us next season. We are getting attacking players which is great. Keep the ball up in the oppositions half, defend by attacking. Love it!"
25th Jun 2013 20:47
"simon mignolet is a great keeper and this will help to up reina's socks"