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looks like we are linked with everyone, looks like we are preparing for life after SUAREZ
25th Jun 2013 9:55
25th Jun 2013 10:03
"not for me"
25th Jun 2013 10:41
"Niether he nor Kone are any where near what we have in Suarez. If he does go I expect another huge signing to replace him if it happens, for me has to be Benteke, The Belgian Beast and Prem experience at beating down defences!"
25th Jun 2013 11:06
"that boy is an idiot, was out to have some drinks two days before a relegation game with Werder... not wanted at all!"
25th Jun 2013 11:28
"With Sterling and Ibe in our squad we don't need Elia! He's a 26 year old hasbeen that has been pretty quiet for nearly two years now. A good talent once but a real troublemaker... "
25th Jun 2013 11:37
"I agree that we have made some good signings and need a marquee signing to come in. Cant see where elia would fit in to that picture"
25th Jun 2013 13:22
"We don't need Elia at our club or anyone like him which includes Atsu. Rodgers wants intelligent team players who have class and awareness of what's going on around them. Elia and Atsu have bags of pace and fly along, legs going like bees wings, until they run out of pitch, then stand there scratching their heads. No thanks."
25th Jun 2013 14:49
"Assume this is rubbish we have enough attacking options although wouldn't mind Mkhitaryan joining. Need to look at defensive options now still need a LB and DM and a CB unless Skrytl stays. "
26th Jun 2013 3:49
"liverpool-NINJA.... it doesnt look like anything other than BR trying to add real depth to the squad, great that the young lads got so many chances last yr but they are not there just yet... lots of loans outward i would think next term. this is just normal media, if LS does go the links will really take over, then we will be linked to every decent striker about! "
26th Jun 2013 6:46
"no thanks! we were seriously interested in him two years ago than it went cold. suppose we didnt make much effort coz he wasnt good enough."