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A firm commitment to this would be very welcome, replacing the words "could" and "preference" with approved plans and schedules. Of course the employment of local trades and labour is a must too.
24th Jun 2013 21:09
24th Jun 2013 22:06
"great news"
24th Jun 2013 22:10
"Great to see more progress from LFC on this positive, exciting venture. Please keep going everyone to restore our club to the top, where we belong. Congrats to FSG. YNWA."
24th Jun 2013 22:19
"This sounds amazing if it goes ahead. Huge development, masses of red tape so itll take a good while but if it gets done we will really have the WOW factor! Fingers crossed "
24th Jun 2013 22:21
"The salient lines in the article are "We have always said that any stadium expansion will be subject to detailed economic and social feasibility studies" and the fact John Henry said "That's why I say that it is a myth that stadium issues are going to magically transform LFC's fortunes"...hence the wide held rational distrust of FSG. More talk of progress when there actually is none.Just talk. "
24th Jun 2013 22:26
"It also widely known and reported the council want to move on regeneration and intend to demolish and regenerate, implying compulsory purchase would be instigated. "The city council plans to demolish and refurbish properties in the surrounding streets to Anfield stadium are about driving forward much needed housing renewal in the area". The notion residents are holding up the stadium is cobblers."
24th Jun 2013 22:44
"Don't forget there is another great Football Club across Stanley Park with a proud and noble tradition just like ours and somehow they should be taken into consideration as well, it would be morally wrong to exclude them in any way, I am a proud Liverpool supporter but my heart extends to our proud neighbours across the Park. "
24th Jun 2013 22:44
"Impressive stuff.. hope it isn't just talk like hicks and co did.."
24th Jun 2013 22:49
"Bring Everton F.C. along with us on this wonderful journey, we need them and they need us, they're still scousers as well remember, it would be wrong not to embrace them and try to help them to make the journey with us because this can be an amazing benefit to both our clubs."
24th Jun 2013 22:51
"Loz99 24th Jun 2013 22:44..well said mate. The area is badly in need of regeneration and it would be a shame if that regeneration is held up because of our owners short term profit goals.Most clubs would seize the opportunity a publicly funded regeneration project offers. But not ours. "
24th Jun 2013 22:59
"mushroomscouser1013 24th Jun 2013 22:51 Thanks Pal, much appreciated! "
24th Jun 2013 23:13
"Somehow we must expand Anfield's capacity to at least 80,000, if the mancs can do it so can we, we need to send a message to all our compeors that we are in this to compete on every front, wether it's in the transfer market, marketing, stadium expansion or on the field of play, let's start competing for real! "
24th Jun 2013 23:17
"Surprise surprise. The usual moaners seek to find negativity even in this good bit of news. Astonishing."
24th Jun 2013 23:30
"totokia 24th Jun 2013 23:17..surprise surprise you make an inane vacuous comment. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
24th Jun 2013 23:40
"Sadly just sounds more talk than action, nothing will be even planned until late next year. It is a very very slow process. Liverpool is a unique city like Barca. & the clubs are the magnet to bring the people to an area of the city & therefore bringing a lot of business contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
24th Jun 2013 23:44
"the city has a great chance to make something special with the clubs (including Everton) to make a lasting legacy for 100 years to the area. Whilst LFC need to plan an 80,000 stadium at least (even if it is a 3 stage plan)Don't build 60 & then say can't go bigger. contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
24th Jun 2013 23:48
"I'm a bit disappointed in the plan of only 1 100 bed hotel? for the food business? If LFC or Everton a success wouldn't day trippers fill the hotel easily and stay in the area to do their retail buying?"
25th Jun 2013 1:44
"i login just to say this. pls no more 'new' plans of grandmaster bs. DO IT! start now, action. and most importantly and first get the stadium seat capacity up. no more talk. not interested at all."
25th Jun 2013 3:43
"haha so true! :D sarcasm im sure. Aint this article about the plans the council have to regenerate the area. Fsg own the club not the city, they dont actually have to be involved with this at all. of course they should, the club is such a huge part of the city. But what i mean is how could spending millions in any way get them short term financial gain. "
25th Jun 2013 6:23
"Forget the transfers. This is the best news of the summer. Initially, 'football clubs' were very much about the community. No point having a 90,000 seater stadium in a decrepit area. This will create jobs, improve living conditions, lower carbon footprint, reduce traffic congestion and finally, increase seating capacity - if done right. "
25th Jun 2013 6:37
"Slow, oh so slow. The reason we are so far behind the likes of Utd and Arsenal is our lower match day attendance. Lets see a vision for the Club and not a suck up to the "Blue" council. A big new stadium was my preference but an aesthetically re-developed Anfield is second best. Please, not a dogs dinner mess like St James Park though. Lets see the plans."
25th Jun 2013 7:21
"Plans like this take time!!! Some people want it now now now. There are 100s of people involved. But st least FSG are moving forward.."
25th Jun 2013 7:47
"Personally, I'd have gone with an 80,000 ground share with the Toffees.It would have been built by now.This re-development plan will take 5 years.Better late than never,I suppose, but we are10 years behind the Mancs and Gooners."
25th Jun 2013 8:24
"been waiting from 2001 to hear the same crap over and over- we dont care anymore how about dont say anything intill there a spade in the ground.. oh wait i herd that before as well... dont judge me.ive been let down by the club so many times in regards by this wont belive i thing intill it happends."
25th Jun 2013 8:26
"Never ceases to amaze how many people people forget our owners found the cash to develop Fenway Park. FSG are holding up regeneration in Anfield. And since when was "progress" investigating feasibility? Building a stadium is a long term investment with returns beyond just profit. And people wonder why FSG are becoming as despised as the last lot."
25th Jun 2013 8:39
""Investigating feasibility"? How about 20000 supporters waiting for season tickets and probably another 20000 who can't get tickets matchday? That's how feasible expansion is. what did we do so bad to deserve this lot as owners? Feasibilty study my arsse."
25th Jun 2013 8:49
"Sonsfbrush- dont like your assumpton of liverpool, and your language and choice of words could be offensive - watch it lad"
25th Jun 2013 8:53
"to buckie, I agree about the hotel, I am surprised it would not be be bigger, but I guess its due to it being a novelty stay during the season and matchdays, so any bigger may not prove to be financially viable!"
25th Jun 2013 8:55
"well said centrecircle!"
25th Jun 2013 8:56
"TheLight. Many an Evertonian stood by us and supported us in our fight for justice. So you are talking crap. As per. Mid table owners. Mid table fans."
25th Jun 2013 9:01
"Greedy- you show little patience!! If FSG are still going on abt investigating feasability in a couple of years time, then maybe i will be swayed by your views of them. But for now we need to sit tight and show patience, safley in the knowledge that LCC ect will be able to deliver what we all want. Do you not agree with any of this? "
25th Jun 2013 9:11
"watch it lad? sorry i woke up a keyboard warrior sorry fact is "lad" i did a lot of work around them streets so its not an assumption of liverpool merely some facts about the roads around anfield am i wrong? sdbags are sbags no matter were they are from and the roads around anfeld are full of em if you are denying this your blind "Lad" btw i am from liverpool "
25th Jun 2013 9:15
"Centrecircle..The stadium is feasible on any number of counts.Anfield is deprived and unemployment high,and land costs cheap, when you factor in the infrastructure work would be done by the council. FSG just don't want to invest for the long term And given Spurs and our compeors have bigger stadiums and are getting stronger whilst we are getting weaker, I don't have patience. "
25th Jun 2013 9:26
"An interesting read.."
25th Jun 2013 9:54
"Mushroom- so FSG are in it for a quick buck?,but surely if they bullt the stadium and swell attendances and all the ECTS that come with it, IT would be a better business plan to stay long term and make more money, when there eventualy sell on?"
25th Jun 2013 9:54
"Ideas, concepts, detailed proposals it all sounds good but taking so long.Planning application not going in until next year. Great if it happens but I wish they would just get on with it now. "
25th Jun 2013 9:56
"never heard Everton FC mentioned by any LFC fans until the club and council release some sort of update. I'm a proud scouser but some of you are a joke, if your so fond of including Everton why not groundshare? The trouble is that a few of our "fans" IE mushroom scouser et al are bitter & negative with a chip on their shoulder. Lets unite as fans of our club! "
25th Jun 2013 10:06
"Sonofbrush- whoever you are- yes ive walked THE STEETS too and im not blind by what i see. But il say it once again its your WORDS and Language that you used, not your view point LAD "
25th Jun 2013 10:10
"There's no point having a brand new 80,000+ seater stadium in an area that is simply broken, it would be nothing but a weight around our neck for decades. It will cost the club twice as much money for little financial gain. Don't be so naive to think that a huge new money-pit of a stadium is the end of all our problems. Well done LFC & FSG"
25th Jun 2013 10:21
" "an area that is simply broken" that's a true Liverpool fan right there. Unbelievable."
25th Jun 2013 10:24
"Centrecircle1000 25th Jun 2013 9:54..Exactly my point. They have not built the stadium and clearly don't want to. Everything is bargain basement and run on the cheap. And we are one of the biggest clubs on the planet and FSG are investing is us as if we are West Brom. Do you understand yet? "
25th Jun 2013 10:30
"RedOneTactics 25th Jun 2013 are confusing "bitter and negative" with objective. Of course people are bitter. FSG have turned us into a mid table team who cant even overhaul Everton. Of course we are bitter, we have owners who are skint. You think skint owners is positive? You think having a tiny mid table ground is positive? You think FSG holding up regeneration is positive? "
25th Jun 2013 10:34
"actions speak louder than words"
25th Jun 2013 10:46
"Mushroom- i know where ya coming from but i believe the oposite no offence, so lets wait n see what happens and if your right will say so "
25th Jun 2013 10:48
"All the big spending from the past never got us anywhere- except in debt"
25th Jun 2013 10:51
"Centrecircle1000 25th Jun 2013 10:48..never got us anywhere? We won the champions league in 05, got to Athens in 07, won the FA cup and nearly the league. Again reality is replaced by "positivity". "
25th Jun 2013 11:11
"Let's be realistic-we need 60.000 places since 2005. and CL win...Kevin K. talked about that last year,LFC and fans deserved it,sure.People of Liverpool will be involved in employment,fact.So,it is a good news.YNWA>"
25th Jun 2013 11:28
" "Liverpool's failure to build a new stadium has let down city and fans" "Anfield landlord seeks compensation over Liverpool stadium blight Homeowner says club has deliberately run area down""
25th Jun 2013 11:28
"Mush- i ment pl le and long term stability"
25th Jun 2013 12:45
"They should pay a fair price for the homes. I love my club - but peoples homes are important too. A few thousand more is nothing to the club - a days wage for Hendo - but it can make a big difference to peoples lives, after being FORCED to move from their homes!!!!!"
25th Jun 2013 12:59
"Debatable if FSG are here long term. If they cant find naming rights, then it is logical sponsors won 't be renewing at top money.. Any stability they bring will be stability in the middle of the table. Profitable for them. Crap for us. "
25th Jun 2013 13:07
"Mushroom - iv read guardian article and also heard something simlar on 5live- maybe they is something, in your opinion on fsg/stadium/investment........"
25th Jun 2013 13:13
"big spending my arse rafa 18m/season kk 34m brr 50m and flopped in all competitions."
25th Jun 2013 13:27
"Where is the car parking in this grand plan? This is a massive opportunity to alleviate the parking problems on match days (ours and EFC's) A multi storrey in the right place could bring in a lot of revenue as long as the price was low enough and the speed of access was thought about. "
25th Jun 2013 14:43
"Greedy_yank you keep going on and on and on about FSG. Yes they are in it for the money, do you actually think anyone believes different? Yes they are in it for the shortest time possible and WILL sell at a profit and probably run. But no one is is going to buy a business just based on sponsored revenues cont..."
25th Jun 2013 14:45
"for anyone to pay massive bucks for the club the club would have to be playing CL (that's where the real money is. The owners and potential buyers will know the LFC brand will only be a continual success if LFC the football team is a success in the long term, these people are not stupid but are cautious and rightly so"
25th Jun 2013 15:25
"wow, here's an article that shows FSG's intent, and indeed execution, to INVEST in not only the football club that THEY PURCHASED, but also to INVEST in the Liverpool community itself... and still some of you can't find a single kind word to type. "
25th Jun 2013 16:07
"how does anybody see 700 long term jobs invested into their community as a negative?!? FSG purchased a mid-table club with mid-table stadium, with LOADS OF DEBT attached to it. IF anyone commenting on here has spent as many MILLIONS on LFC as FSG has, then they can say that FSG is not doing enough to take us forward.."
25th Jun 2013 17:32
"This sounds brilliant and the best plan for all. Good work, lets hope it all goes to plan"
25th Jun 2013 18:22
"I wish I was now in Liverpool :)"
Denza Red
25th Jun 2013 19:40
"As the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day". This proposed regeneration, is very much like LFC - lack of previous investment has led to the demise of not only the football club, but the area as well. Quite rightly, the project is about the whole area not just our beloved Anfield."
25th Jun 2013 19:52
"As David Conn of the Guardian is stating, but which this report on doesn't seem to make clear - this regeneration project is being financed and developed by the city council and housing associations involved....not FSG."
25th Jun 2013 20:49
"mushroom scouser. Nice try. You say that you go to all the games..which Anfield do you go to? The area is a wreck! I love the city and the club, this regeneration improves the foundations of both and also improves the quality of life for the community. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
25th Jun 2013 22:30
"The Light - If we build 60-70-80,000 stadium it is NOT just for football. Liverpool has no big venue for other events, where do the likes of Bon Jovi,Maiden, Take That etc play up north? answer Stadium of light or Old Trafford. During summer the ground is used, so a hotel is still applicable."
Buckie LFC Supporter
25th Jun 2013 22:33
"This is all still just talk. When FSG brought the club the purchase did include stadium build/rebuild. The project also already included LFC funding a large part of redevelopment of the area, the only thing new is the council are going to put more into it"