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Such a fantastic captain and footballer, but clearly a great person too. Stevie G is a legend YNWA
24th Jun 2013 15:50
24th Jun 2013 15:56
"plenty of people would love to adopt these children, but the laws are too out dated. God bless them all."
24th Jun 2013 16:05
"Fantastic work by a great captain!"
24th Jun 2013 16:07
"In Pic 9 you can see exactly what Stevie's looking at pic 8! ;-)"
24th Jun 2013 16:12
"LFC LEGEND well done stevie-g "
24th Jun 2013 16:17
"What an ambassador for LFC, true legend. This guy justs get better and better in your estimation. YNWA SG8!"
24th Jun 2013 16:23
"OMG How hot is he with that beard?? I'm a girl btw!"
24th Jun 2013 16:25
"Walk on Gerrard...Walk on..."
24th Jun 2013 17:03
"Pic 12 - You know its an off season :) "
24th Jun 2013 17:46
"Well done to all especially SG and Aboim Asensao home.ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE.Hope you raise lots of tom."
24th Jun 2013 18:03
"Our beloved Captain <3 Will always be in our hearts <3"
24th Jun 2013 18:05
"Our beloved Captain <3 Will always be in our hearts <3"
24th Jun 2013 18:15
"Thank you. We love our team to be great players but it makes us proud to hear of them doing great things for others. YNWA"
Dede 7
24th Jun 2013 18:32
"pic 7 of 15 is the best. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
24th Jun 2013 19:14
"What a guy stevie is, he is red through and through and he defines the word loyal. For me he didn't have that good of a season last season because of what we no he can do but was still consistent in most games. He plays his best football with quality players around him and people like Alberto and Aspas with bring the best out of stevie. YNWA LEGEND! "
24th Jun 2013 19:14
"I think we're gonna see a huge change and maturing of Steven Gerrard from now on..."
24th Jun 2013 19:48
"Heartbreaking....well done Stevie, we are all proud."
24th Jun 2013 20:05
"Above anything else, what a guy. Forget today's celebrity footballer, this guys has done so much yet still seems to remain grounded and make time for things like this. An absolute legend! YNWA"
24th Jun 2013 22:16
"Could Stevie be any more awesome??"
24th Jun 2013 23:36
"We are so lucky! We have so much! And to top it off,we have best skipper in the Cosmos! YNNNWA Stevie."
25th Jun 2013 1:18
"give xabi his beard back."
25th Jun 2013 1:19
"give xabi his beard back!"
25th Jun 2013 1:52
"glad that he gets involved not just in backyard charity, but in other countries. that is taking it to another level. SG8 legend ynwa"
25th Jun 2013 4:28
"God bless you Stevie!!!"
25th Jun 2013 8:19
"It doesnt take money to get involved in something within your community...just look its there! Well done Stevie YNWA"
25th Jun 2013 11:23
"Hope he's not swinging too many clubs with his shoulder! Excellent work-as always. Sad story but great too."
25th Jun 2013 12:04
"Love you Stevie! Doing what you do best besides playing football! What a great humanitarian! YNWA! :-)"
25th Jun 2013 13:43
"Backbone of a true leader forms with such virtues of Compassion and Humility. A great footballing legend already but you surely are making difference lad. Inspiring leadership. YNWA Stevie G"
25th Jun 2013 17:46
"nice to see your grt pictures and caring for others great respect stevie g love u grt captain YNWA"