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Great player, I support him, is different from the other fellow.
24th Jun 2013 9:56
24th Jun 2013 10:14
"England lack talent at all level.The U21s led by talent free Hendo have finished bottom of the tournament. The U21s drew with Iraq. I think BR is doing the right thing by recruiting players from outside not repeating the mistakes of KD."
24th Jun 2013 13:06
"HebeshaKop - congratulations - you are the winner on the 'complete and utter tool' award. Hendo is beginning to deliver ...and whilst he still has lots to learn and prove....I'm sure the "support" from fans like you helps! "
24th Jun 2013 13:45
"Conor is sharp and expirienced for his age. lets hope to see more of him this year"
24th Jun 2013 14:16
"As an Iraqi citizen supporting the reds and England for the last twelve years, I was double happy that Coady scored and my country didnâ"
24th Jun 2013 14:52
"I'm not sure he said frustrated, but he's right to be disappointed because England threw that away. Typical of the over paid, spoilt players that silly money football is producing these days. Hard work is the foundation of all success and they worked harder. Simple. "
24th Jun 2013 14:55
"HebeshaKop: what do you mean by 'talent free Hendo'? or are you a troll? That comment just seems really ignorant, so I'd like you to explain further as there must be some reason you said that? Unless you are just trying to be racist against English people? "
24th Jun 2013 14:56
"HebeshaKop: Also it was the u20s not u21s, which suggests you didn't even watch the game and confirms you don't know anything about the football. So no need to answer my earlier question, you are just another idiot troll. Shame this site is over run by them these days.."
24th Jun 2013 16:38
"Really..? This guy is useless, as well as ALL the other english youth players. Just goes to show seeing as they drew against a recovering nation"
24th Jun 2013 17:03
"LadyGRed 24th Jun 2013 14:56, I don't lnow how it is difficult to understand my comment on a talent free player.He is very poor on the basics , control & passing no vision, not at ease with the ball So he is not worth a place in a big team like Liverpool .He was signed by the mistake from KD.And take my word he will never be good."
24th Jun 2013 18:07
"Conor will break through in the cups this season. Those of you who have seen him play for our youth teams will agree he has the makings of a true leader and future captain"
24th Jun 2013 18:33
"HabeshaKop Please just stop talking, you're embarrassing yourself. YNWA Hendo. Don't replace him with Wanyama, Hendo has an engine on him."
24th Jun 2013 20:06
"Habeshakop you lack brain cells you mank"
24th Jun 2013 20:12
"Agree with usared7 - Habesha Kop your embarrassing! lets look at latest clOn 27 April 2013 he scored twice against Newcastle United in a 6-0 win, as well as completing 95% of his passes and providing an assist."
24th Jun 2013 20:13
"^latest evidence"
24th Jun 2013 20:17
"The stats speak for themselves - he can pass & score but there is room for improvement. Anyway enough of Hebesha Numpty. Conor's got a big future ahead "