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AWESOME goals!!! And remember, scored by a RED player!!
23rd Jun 2013 22:20
23rd Jun 2013 22:23
"AWESOME goals!!! Scored by a RED player!!!"
23rd Jun 2013 22:25
"Congrats Suarez! Despite everything i would still like to see LS stay at least one more year. If he does stay we know he isn't going to sulk like FT did. On the pitch the only thing on his mind is to win. "
23rd Jun 2013 22:25
"Also well done Coady!!"
23rd Jun 2013 22:46
"I watched the England u20 vs Iraq game and couldn't understand why in the last minutes of the game the England players didn't try to hold the ball and only kicked it high and invited pressure by the opponents and conceded in the last minute. i'm sure the Spanish players wouldn't play like this."
23rd Jun 2013 22:47
"well done luis, come back and stuff one to the media by taking the highest scorer this coming season. well done captain conor for a stunning show... well done redmen"
23rd Jun 2013 23:22
"Congrats Luis! YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 23:30
"Well done seb and luis. Hope seb stays at least, feel he has more to offer than what he's shown"
23rd Jun 2013 23:33
"well done luis :D and coates! ynwa"
23rd Jun 2013 23:49
"Well done Luis. I too reckon we should keep Seb. No loan, he has the ability to offer plenty now if given a good run."
24th Jun 2013 0:27
"Keep Coates and Suarez and buy Gaston Ramirez and Abel Hernandez, that should help Suarez and encourage him knowing he has other Uruguayans around him."
24th Jun 2013 1:25
"Congratulations LUIS for your 35 goals with your national team, and well done Seb!"
24th Jun 2013 5:17
"Congrats, Luis and Seb! And, this Hernandez guy looks good (he scored 4 last night) and he plays for Palermo currently. So if BR wants him, he could be easily prised away from Italians. "
24th Jun 2013 6:20
"Luis, well done. There is no one like you playing football today. Forget the English gutter press and continue in a place where everyone loves you. LFC will always support you, always ... We want you to stay !!!! "
24th Jun 2013 7:40
"well done to all the reds on duty YNWA a special mention to conor for his goal"
24th Jun 2013 8:28
24th Jun 2013 8:32
"Don't know why people are saying we should sign Hernandez in order to keep Suarez. If we do then that means we have: Hernandez, Suarez, Aspas, Alberto, Borini, Sturridge, Coutinho, Suso and Sterling who all play as forwards (central or down the wing). So unless we want to play a 1-1-8 formation, or just want to bench these players that may not be the best idea."
24th Jun 2013 8:52
"King Luis stay in your kingDom and conquer the epl.. Us red men will help you fight the media n the red nose trash down the road. Ynwa"
24th Jun 2013 9:29
"Suarez is irreplaceable and in Liverpool and in Uruguay :)"
24th Jun 2013 9:34
"Congrats Suarez.. great feat.. Well done Seba.. I'm sure you are staying and making all of English Media hide their faces. TIME will tell, Life always comes full circle with its terms. It was this same press that opened Gutter and modified ur words, it will be same English praise that will be forced to reckon u r the best.. YNWA"
24th Jun 2013 9:39
"Luis is the man.. We have bought. Massive support for him and there is more to come so he will be a top scoarer in the PL next year an Jose Morinho will take over being the press focus so Luis will be awesome for us next season.."
24th Jun 2013 10:17
"get that hernandes boy"
24th Jun 2013 10:20
24th Jun 2013 11:39
"liverpoolninja - i'm with you there, he would come very very cheap as for some reason he couldn't break into palermo's relegating side last season"
24th Jun 2013 13:46
"Abdel Hernandez is fantastic player maybe better than Sturridge because he is not egoist and he will cost cheap because palermo now is in serie b (Second divison) and we need a strike because Suso,Ibe will be loaned Downing is going shelvey loan or sold"