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shame he wants to stay
23rd Jun 2013 15:18
23rd Jun 2013 15:23
"If its caught oide its probly not true "
23rd Jun 2013 15:24
"would be an exciting forward line if we were to get him "
23rd Jun 2013 15:24
"This is the best new I heard.... However, it is from CaughtOide"
23rd Jun 2013 15:25
"good so so happy hope it true omg"
23rd Jun 2013 15:26
"I am sure this business will not lose money.... "
23rd Jun 2013 15:29
"please be true, please be true, please sign him! PLEASE"
23rd Jun 2013 15:30
"looks like joe allen downing and hendo could be going with all these mids incoming "
23rd Jun 2013 15:35
"If we sign this kid I think we can say good-bye to Saurez. "
23rd Jun 2013 15:35
"No no no no... what?? We need to strengthen our defence and have money for Mkhitaryan/Eriksen!! This can't be true. "
23rd Jun 2013 15:41
"Defo a player we need especially if surez goes "
23rd Jun 2013 15:45
"Would be delighted if it happens.."
23rd Jun 2013 16:00
"Please take no notice of this rumour. It has come from caughtoide and they make up this type of thing daily. They have linked us with at least 50 different players since the season finished."
23rd Jun 2013 16:09
"How about getting him on loan if he doesn't want a permanent move?"
23rd Jun 2013 16:23
"Recycled news????, with the Aspas and Alberto deals sorted, do we really need him?, unless someone's been sold soon?, I don't think we do need him now. "
23rd Jun 2013 16:30
"If we're going in for players from Barcelona let go for their future top draw and thats Thiago. "
23rd Jun 2013 16:31
"If we're going in for players from Barcelona let go for their future top draw and thats Thiago. "
Vosta Lee
23rd Jun 2013 16:40
"Didn't see this one coming. A welcome rumour from an unreliable source."
23rd Jun 2013 16:46
"Dont need him now. Get bid Papa or Alderwiereld. Get the Mignolet deal done. Keep Suarez and we are ready for the new season YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 16:52
"Always liked Tello n wanted him to come to LFC. Come on Brendan u can persuade him with all the spaniards ur signing, now jus Mkhitaryan, Boudebouz n Alderweireld n we can kick start the new season. YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 16:52
"I think Christian Atsu should be preferred to Tello."
23rd Jun 2013 17:11
"I think if this is true then Stuart downing is on his way out along with shelvey spearing and assaidi carnt see Bucky boy selling Allen yet I think he will get another year to prove himself"
23rd Jun 2013 17:16
"at DoctorLiverpool don't think we will sign Eriksen after we just got Luis Alberto - both same type of player. Hope we sign Mkhitaryan this week, if we get Tello aswell it would be good."
23rd Jun 2013 17:29
"Caught oide is a website where any of us can register an article or opinion. Lots of wannabe journalists with lots of outlandish speculation."
23rd Jun 2013 17:36
"I cant see this happening. I like the players that we have signed but im massively concerned that the top two targets Papadopoulous n Mkhitaryan seem to have fell out the landing net. I know its only a eumour that they are top targets but id theyre not then they ahould be. Aspas, Alberto, Toure and Mignolet are not enough to break into the top four."
23rd Jun 2013 17:47
"Would like us to sign papa/toby and eriksen/henrikh to finish our transfers for this window, I think alberto is one for the future maybe on the bench this coming season."
23rd Jun 2013 18:41
"If only suerez was as loyal!!!!"
23rd Jun 2013 19:01
"Roll on August to I see a new look Liverpool when we play Celtic, Hope the new signings get some game time,, can't wait YNWA "
23rd Jun 2013 19:04
"Don't know about this one, we shouldn't sign a player whose heart lies elsewhere, only players with pride in their hearts to wear the famous red shirt,,, "
23rd Jun 2013 19:07
"sirgeary ---------"
23rd Jun 2013 19:07
"Not the most trustworthy of sites. Wouldn't mind him joining but can't see this happening with the signings of Alberto and Aspas along with Coutinho, Borini, Sturridge, Sterling, Ibe and Suso all able to play along the front 3. Guess it depends on who may leave (Downing and Shelvey I think just might and of course there is Suarez)."
23rd Jun 2013 19:18
"read somewhere that maybe Aspas need to fork out of his pocket up to £4million to get the deal done ...that and Henrikh deals seems dodgy according to latest all those speculation, sometimes better avoid them and wait for the official news :)"
23rd Jun 2013 20:04
"Demba ba please....he is powerful striker...."
23rd Jun 2013 21:19
"the Armenian lad is a complicated deal, he is owned by quite a few different people, like Mach and tevez were... so we need to be patient with this one! but tello is a good player!"
23rd Jun 2013 21:32
"Not sure of Tello, once he is successfull, will return to Barca for sure. if we can get Henrikh, should be ok. Need a quality centre half and if possible a full back. "
23rd Jun 2013 21:34
"Tello would make me a very happy man"
23rd Jun 2013 21:46
"Convince him that he will be important player for LFC and will get regular playing time.Go get Alacantara from Barca too apparently the barca manager says he can't promise more playing time instead of expensive Henrikh,Use Reina as bargaining chip for both players "
23rd Jun 2013 22:47
"more bull sh** end of"
24th Jun 2013 0:22
24th Jun 2013 1:30
"not saying we are not interested in this guy... but a 8.5mil buy out clause...that is highly unlikely...Barca always put ridiculously high clauses in players contracts they think might make it "
24th Jun 2013 3:58
"i personally think that we shouldnt buy this guy because he would be like fabrecas or pique once he fulfilled his pottential and be ast europes best he will betray us and go back to his current club its like ince with liverpool the only difference is that ince hasnt fulfilled his pottential yet"
24th Jun 2013 5:25
"We can safely ignore this one, someone's figment of imagination that article is. "
24th Jun 2013 8:33
"Please check demba ba future in chelsea..??ynwa.... "
24th Jun 2013 8:41
"Convince him and Thiago Alacantara both have been told that they will not be guaranteed more playing time ahead of the likes of Naymar and Frabegas etc, so LFC need to convince these 2 players that they will be important players at LFC with a lot of playing time and get them.Use Reina as bargaining chip since Mignolet is coming "
24th Jun 2013 9:55
"Would be a great addition to the squad. However the source media is questionable. I think we are solid on the attack and one more addition in the midfield, and two defensive players will ready us for the onslaught. Great Job BR and thanks FSG."
24th Jun 2013 11:07
24th Jun 2013 11:35
"CaughtOide isn't exactly the most reliable source, but I'd still love to see him in an LFC jersey."
24th Jun 2013 13:39
"Indead....what a great signing that would be..."
24th Jun 2013 16:04
"Must be really hard for him. He desperately wants to make it at his home town club who are imo the biggest club in the world, but he's got almost zero chance of doing so.. But even that tiny chance, however slim means he'd rather sit on the bench than play elsewhere. Can't blame him, he's still young, but it's the wrong decision imho. "