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get him and sell allen
23rd Jun 2013 15:12
23rd Jun 2013 15:13
"Please get him. Please"
23rd Jun 2013 15:23
"definitely we should try to get this lad "
23rd Jun 2013 15:26
"Yep let shelvey n spearing go and maybe Lucas and have gerrard ericson or henrik celtics mid and Hendo as our midfield quartet "
the boy budgie
23rd Jun 2013 15:35
"please brendan sign him he will bring much needed strength to the midfield..while we are there for the love of god sell allen "
23rd Jun 2013 15:44
"Hendo n Allen will be good backs if we can sign him to go with gerrard Henrik or ericson I'd sell Lucas I don't think he is the the player he was lacks pace a cutting edge and can't tackle "
23rd Jun 2013 15:57
"5starkop why are you so negative about our players it was Alberto the other day when we signed him and now Lucas who you say carnt tackle and lacks pace. Well last season was one of gaining confidence after two serious injuries and if you check when our form turned around it coincided with the return of Lucas . The season before last I think you will "
23rd Jun 2013 16:01
"5starkop.find that he was the best dm mid in the prem with most tackles won most interceptions and best pass accuracy . So I'm struggling to understand why you have again chose to have a go at one of our players when the article was about our interest in wanyama. Either support our team properly or go support everton"
23rd Jun 2013 16:21
"MidTableTeam, I have to say your comments on this site over the last few weeks are in very poor taste and your quest to be the first to comment on every article leads me to belive you need to get out more. This article is about Wanyama not Joe Allen and you are not a football manager."
23rd Jun 2013 16:24
"Good move if true, so is Thiago these two players would make us champs again please tell me fellow fanz what you think on Thiago tell me if he does'nt tick all the boxes I think he's top class and the type of player that would make suarez think twice about leaving. (Ronaldo/Thiago) the future is Thiago."
23rd Jun 2013 16:55
"Would be a solid signing, but a high asking price. Would definitely give us a presence we have lacked in DMF."
23rd Jun 2013 17:07
"Good news if its true! could do with another CB maybe or get some closure on the skirtel situation. Personal I think agger and Martin would do well together. Hope to keep pepe but if he wants to go maybe use him as a trade with barca. "
23rd Jun 2013 17:31
"midtableteam go get a life all you must do is sit & wait for anything new on this site so you can be 1st on pretty much every story to leave your usual negative crap. Bit of an attention seeker thats more than obvious with the comments you leave,your name is also a clear indication you crave attention. You seem to thrive off annoying people trying to be contrivential, quite a sad existence really."
23rd Jun 2013 17:54
"Convert Jordan Henderson to a DMF tall, strong, good very mobile , we dont need this guy"
23rd Jun 2013 18:49
"get him and sell Lucas. Wanyama plays the same role as Lucas not Allen."
23rd Jun 2013 19:07
"KINGOFCLUBS 23rd Jun 2013 18:49 why get rid of lucas hes the only player we have that can play that role,we do need someone to for cover for him tho and this guy would fit the bill competition thats lacking in dmf ,lucas is class but is still on recovery from 2 serious injuries ,next season he will be back to his best . "
23rd Jun 2013 19:11
"15 mill for him, use some of the cash from the sale of A Carroll, a d/mf for a partner for Lucas, but he can cause havoc when he goes forward. Hope to see him in Dublin, but which top will he be wearing, the hoops of Celtic or the famous Reds top of Liverpool ?? YNWA "
23rd Jun 2013 19:12
"Would love to see us get Wanyama, he is exactly the type of player we need to add some steel to the midfield. Agree with Midtableteam would like to see him replace Allen who I think is too lightweight and slow in his passing. Can't see BR getting rid of him though. "
23rd Jun 2013 19:14
"midtableteam don't be silly he will be better next season because we have adapted to Brendan's style of play so Allen will be better suited to us now."
23rd Jun 2013 19:17
"KINGOFCLUBS 23rd Jun 2013 18:49 Are you on something ie drugs or strong medication from you're GP. We were having a horrid season until Lucas came back from injury, look what happened a cracking run in, Lucas is a first team choice every game we play,, YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 19:26
"LFC please let us know about the situation regarding Henrik Mkhitaryan. I know you like to keep things quiet so Spurs don't jump in as usual but anything on this would be nice !! "
23rd Jun 2013 19:59
"I think,we should get demba ba too......"
23rd Jun 2013 20:53
"Yessss , he play DCM and can cover as CB .. His classy young and powerful n can pass . I would loveeee if we get him and Ilori and the CB from Ajax Toby and lets move on Skrtel and Coates .."
23rd Jun 2013 21:08
"would absolutely love to sign Wanyama, him and papadopolous would add the steel our team misses and Mkhitaryan some much needed goals from midfield.Sign those 3 and id in my pants. also those saying we should sell allen lucas and hendo are idiots."
23rd Jun 2013 22:19
"This what the squad needs..A powerful,strong and hungry lad like Victor of Celtic,Jackson Martinez should Suarez go and Henrikh. We should sleep on Skrtel cos the lad gives his heart and soul for the club.Any other signings a complimentary welcome."
24th Jun 2013 2:47
"yes get him and sell Allen & Lucas ..and Downing "
24th Jun 2013 11:08
24th Jun 2013 12:50
"BRRRRRRRRRR DING DING WAHHHHHHHHHH ZIP BAA BAA WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! Jeez them drugs are a bit strong this time, sorry about that adie! Anyway, in my opinion Lucas is not strong or quick enough to take us to the next level, plus he never offers a goal threat. Wanyama on the other hand is better in all departments! Now, would you like a prescription?"
24th Jun 2013 13:43
"get him and sell spearing...put on loan flano and sama.maybe wisdom and suso aswell if not planing to use them. then next year hopefully huge improvement on the squad in all departments :) "
24th Jun 2013 16:45
"If we are interested judging by the BBC we will have to move fast. The Saints have agreed a fee and have started talks with the player. Think at £12m it would be a good buy and a player who could make a real difference to the midfield."