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22nd Jun 2013 20:43
22nd Jun 2013 20:44
"its coming home its coming home its coming home"
22nd Jun 2013 20:44
"The interview part on Suarez is feeling. He said 'The club is in a position to hold on to suarez expecting him to honour his contract'. I would say that would be a job well done if we are able to hold on to him..."
22nd Jun 2013 20:47
"Get luis working on his weaknesses such as heading because he has the stature to score with his head"
22nd Jun 2013 20:51
"Well said Brendon now role up a few aces to complete the jicksaw with Henrik or Ericson and a world class striker if surez goes a quality centre back and left back and a holding midfielder and youl make me a very happy man!!! "
22nd Jun 2013 21:00
"We've acquired 3 targets already and being closely linked daily to various others early on. This kind of activity hasn't happened this early for a few seasons now and the final comment was a bit of an eye-opener. It proves that Rodgers and his team are here to graft to get this club back to the top! BELIEVE IT AND STICK WITH IT EVERYONE! YNWA! "
22nd Jun 2013 21:04
"Please Br get Thiago from barca and I'll be a happy man"
Kaushik Bose
22nd Jun 2013 21:06
"why should he be 'like' someone BR? He is just Luis Alberto. We are proud of the way you are handling the transfer window. YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 21:07
" Please BR get Thiago from Barca and I'll be a happy man"
22nd Jun 2013 21:09
"Bienvenido Luis y buen suerte mucho"
22nd Jun 2013 21:10
"Get him, Mkhitaryan,Lamela, Réver or Papa and we are champions of all."
22nd Jun 2013 21:10
"Difference between Coutinho and Alberto is at 18 Coutinho was playing games in the champions league and serie A. Anyone who saw him could quite easily see he was class just inconsistent. I hope Alberto has the same impact. Welcome and good luck Alberto"
22nd Jun 2013 21:13
"Also wanyama looks good too, if we can we should grab him. "
22nd Jun 2013 21:28
"Kingclubs- 21.00 great comment mate"
22nd Jun 2013 21:41
"Need more experience in the squad."
22nd Jun 2013 21:43
"I hate to see managers publicly label new players it does nothing but add pressure on them. Unless someone leaves we should have enough attacking options now. Still would like a LB and CB brought in for cover but more importantly we need a DM. Allen is too lightweight and as much as I like Lucas he has struggled since his 2 recent injuries."
22nd Jun 2013 21:53
"Another young player! Hmm, we need more experience players. BR don't learn from last season mistakes."
22nd Jun 2013 21:56
"If he's that good and can make magic, why his former club sold him!? More young players means more inconsistant performance. "
22nd Jun 2013 22:07
""Original 75" His old club, commonly know by other football fans as "sevilla" are in a difficult financial situation at the moment and are willing to offload players that's why they sold him! "
22nd Jun 2013 22:24
"Great atude Brendan, We don't want nice players that get pushed around easily, tough players who can take everything that's thrown at them without letting it affect their concentration and determination to get the job done and to triumph over all adversity. "
22nd Jun 2013 22:35
22nd Jun 2013 23:10
"wellcome to lfc hope you are like Philippe Coutinho and you click with the way we play ynwa"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 23:19
"Loz99 - What about Joe Allen? Coutinho doesnt need all this praise and pressure heaped on him yet, hes only young, chelsea easily marked him out of the game. Look how Sterling faded, thats why we need some experienced players now, they are all too young yet"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 23:22
"We need at least one top striker for them all to learn from. Yet another reason to keep Suarez "
22nd Jun 2013 23:36
"fantastic work by all the staff and great credit for the sacrafices they are making to get these deals done"
22nd Jun 2013 23:44
"Happy Days"
22nd Jun 2013 23:48
"Welcome Luis! Good efforts from all. Eagerly waiting to see Simon, Henrikh and at least one more defender sign before pre-season. "
22nd Jun 2013 23:56
"Why can't the doom merchants stay on one thread and leave the rest of the forum to the rest of us, lol. Reading their post makes me depressed. "
23rd Jun 2013 0:03
"If we get Henrikh Mkhitaryan then all those who questioned our ambition would have to shut up. He is world class and would make us very strong. I pray we keep Suarez as he would make us exceptional with the lads we are assembling and most importantly shut up the moaners. "
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 0:05
"If youre depressed Buddha, sit with your legs crossed and your gut hanging out and go ummmmmmmm........"
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 0:24
"Why is a super fit person online gone midnight, and not in bed? Unless you are in Boston of course!"
23rd Jun 2013 0:30
"I still think that 8millions for a second division player is quite a lot..hope that he'll deliver and will be as good as people say ! still expecting a new DM , Lucas and Allen are both weaks,sorry YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 0:33
"hmm will wait and see before i comment :) but we should go for thiago, maybe can get him as he could get more first team football at our team"
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 0:34
"Buddha from Boston - For future reference, british people rarely use the word "folks" either "
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 0:40
"Buddha goes all quiet when he gets caught out. Not much kop at this mimicry are you? Offer me a PR job with the club and I'll show you how to deal with tricky questions."
23rd Jun 2013 0:52
"Buddha, after the poor handling of the Suarez/Evra incident KK had to go. But remember in 18 months of being in charge he got to two finals winning the League Cup. KK always was & always will be a winner that is why he is a legend at the club. So far BR has won nothing in his managerial career. KK is proven & deserves respect especially from a so called LFC supporter, BR has yet to do that. "
23rd Jun 2013 0:53
"Is it just me that thinks we are missing a trick not bringing in Mo Diame? DM, £3.5m, replacement for the useless Allen, he's class! Would like to see us go for Defoe, although unlikely"
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 1:04
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 1:11
23rd Jun 2013 1:42
"SaveusKenny, sorry for not giving you my fullest attention my deprived and neglected pal. I was watching The Voice on my sky planner. So where was we? Oh yes, I see you are trying to be humerus, well, 4/10, for your valiant effort. You might want to add a punch line to your future efforts, I am told its a must in comedy. Keep up the bad work"
23rd Jun 2013 2:15
"do not like to criticize football players when they are on LFC players only rivals."
23rd Jun 2013 2:32
"Keeping Suarez and adding Papa , Wanyama , Mkhitaryan would not only make us compete for CL spot , but for Championship!"
23rd Jun 2013 3:10
"Get Mkitrayen please. If Reina want to go, please swap for Thiago and Tello. We need big changes in order to get top 4. "
23rd Jun 2013 4:34
"We have just completed the goal keeper Simon Mignolet signing from Sunderland for 19m. Go Redmen, well done Brendan. YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 5:05
"Definitely agree,we need players with a winning mentality and who will go all out when they don the LFC jersey...."
23rd Jun 2013 5:16
"Pls forget abt Suarez. We don't nd a selfish player tat care only abt his own ego. He is also a liability. 2 yrs with us and how many times he has been ban for selfish childish behavior. Nvr shut his mouth. "
Dede 7
23rd Jun 2013 6:10
"in BR i trust. We shall be a great great Club soon. YWNWA."
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 7:52
"Why on earth would anybody watch the voice? Odd man"
23rd Jun 2013 8:01
"hi will be the marco reus of liverpool!! "
23rd Jun 2013 9:55
"someone actually said, swap allen for diame... ha ha ha, they dont even play in the same position...?? and secondly allen is class and will show it, everyone raved about him for the first half of the season, then lost form it happens in football, class is permanent and he will show that!"
23rd Jun 2013 10:30
"Good job done, and continue to rebuilt LFC. We support the worked you all did. Lets work for the CL, and if possible BPL le."
23rd Jun 2013 10:36
"I have to agree with TheLight - I'm not sure we need another DM Allen did a brilliant job covering the position till his shoulder gave out. Maybe a CB who can also play DM would be best bet. "
23rd Jun 2013 10:41
"How is the situation on Papadupo Boss...say something please the guy is real beast!"
23rd Jun 2013 10:43
"This is the best n fastest business done deals throughout the last 23 years! Yes BR was right, to succeed, we need players that not here Money nor here taking us as a standing stone (Mascherano, Torres, or Suarez) but here to Win! I have been waiting this type of manager for years and so glad we had found one."
23rd Jun 2013 11:08
"It worries me when Ian Ayre comments that Luis Alberto was the top name on our transfer list. With all due respect to Luis Alberto and I wish him the very best at LFC, but we really need bigger names. Am no manager but my take on the situation is that we have very good starting nine fixtures in the EPL which we â"
23rd Jun 2013 11:10
"It worries me when Ian Ayre comments that Luis Alberto was the top name on our transfer list. With all due respect to Luis Alberto and I wish him the very best at LFC, but we really need bigger names. Am no manager but my take on the situation is that we have very good starting nine fixtures in the EPL which we â"
23rd Jun 2013 11:11
"It worries me when Ian Ayre comments that Luis Alberto was the top name on our transfer list. With all due respect to Luis Alberto and I wish him the very best at LFC, but we really need bigger names. Am no manager but my take on the situation is that we have very good starting nine fixtures in the EPL which we â"
23rd Jun 2013 11:12
"6 of which will be without Suarez, that is if he stays. This means we need another good striker and I see Benteke is as good as any we can get at the moment, strong, fast, good scoring ability, and good in the air which we lack. If Suarez is available after the 6 games ban, then we can have Benteke upfront, Suarez behind him, Coutinho on the left, and Sturridge on the right (mouth watering)."
23rd Jun 2013 11:13
23rd Jun 2013 11:14
"We also need steel in the middle, with all my admiration to Lucas and how he greatly progressed, but we seriously need someone more solid as a defensive mid."
23rd Jun 2013 11:15
"Also, Gerrard is getting a bit leggy, and cannot do another full seasonâ"
23rd Jun 2013 11:16
"Also, Gerrard is getting a bit leggy, and cannot do another full seasonâ"
23rd Jun 2013 11:17
"full seasonâ"
23rd Jun 2013 11:19
"full seasonâ"
23rd Jun 2013 11:23
"full seasonâ"
23rd Jun 2013 11:25
"im more than happy with our business so far. people wanting us to spend ridiculous amounts on players who would still need time to settle in, get use to brendans style of play. its a team game. not just for individuals so carry Brendan and team. you are doing a good job. come on redmen. YNWA J4T96"
23rd Jun 2013 12:02
"Just once, i would like to come on here with all the fans being positive. Its always, kenny this, bring back rafa that, we want alonso, buy this player, why did we get that player. This thread is about Loius Alberta, either say something positive or say nothing..come on guys were supposedly the "Best Fans in The World""
23rd Jun 2013 12:16
"we should only use a defensive m/f against the top teams or maybe away from home but at home id like to see 3 at the back and all out attack blitz the lesser teams we seem obsessed with defensive midfielders."
23rd Jun 2013 12:20
"All I can say about these 5 last signings, Daniel, Philippe and the new boys is that those signings are all extremely impressive, these are all humble and extremely balanced individuals mentally with very good footballing abilty."
23rd Jun 2013 12:23
"gingerred- how about 'Oswestry and llansantffraid FC' That's a bigger name ;p"
23rd Jun 2013 12:41
"Lots of comments about players we are interested in being young and inexperienced , remember man u if not ask Alan Hansen"
23rd Jun 2013 14:02
"Welcome. As excited I am about these signings we still need a good strong CB and some steel in the middle of the park or else we will have the same problems against teams likes stoke/west ham"
23rd Jun 2013 14:02
"glad to see another new player looking forward to new season . has aspas signed yet "
23rd Jun 2013 14:06
"Lpdcollier Courtinho was not kept out of La Liga by Andres Iniesta, Messi, Xavi and the crew, was he? Looks a big bit like Phillipe to me on YouTube. Give it a go."
23rd Jun 2013 14:24
"You do realise, folks, that BR doesn't play with a 'defensive' midfielder? He has a 'recycler' and he plays his midfield 3 in a triangle, either one back, two forward or vice versa. The defensive side comes in two forms - hunting in 2's or 3's to win the ball whether you're an attacker or defender and then keeping the ball away from the opposition..."
23rd Jun 2013 14:33
"It's apparent to me that the critics of BR talk in a way which shows they haven't taken the time to listen to/read about how he sees his team playing, therefore their criticism lacks weight. You can't successfully discuss something if you haven't bothered to learn about it. Ask Nick Griffin! BR bought Allen and trusts him. Henderson has grown on him. They'll partner Lucas and Gerrard next season."
23rd Jun 2013 14:37
"ron23 23rd Jun 2013 14:33 Intelligent range of comments mate."
23rd Jun 2013 14:43
"If we were on the hunt for a defensive midfield type we'd've probably heard a rumour by now. I think we rightly need depth in other areas first. If we do look in that area at some point it would have to be a major signing. It's a key area for BR and like I say, it's more than your usual dm. BR trusts Lucas, Gerrard and Allen and I think BR needs to know he can trust someone in that position."
23rd Jun 2013 14:53
"Where do the talent free Hendo and Downing fit in this talent full squad.sell them and let us get two more midfielders."
23rd Jun 2013 14:55
"Ron23, very informative sir. It would be helpful if some followed your diligent excavation of the facts before opining. "
23rd Jun 2013 14:58
"Thanks T-N-R. I like the name change btw. My last comment just got me thinking. Who's the better player busquets or javi martinez? Most would rightly say the latter. But who gets the nod for Spain. The former. Why? It's because that position, similar to BR's recycler, is niche and busquets is trusted to play it. Food for thought for a few on here."
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 15:11
"I agree, Busquets is exactly the kind of player we need. Top level international with bags of experience. Dont know how much he would cost, Im guessing 20m, but well worth it."
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd Jun 2013 15:12
"Ron23 - agree with a lot you've said. Our players should all be able to assist each other. Strikers covering in def if they need to (Ibe against QPR great example)& if 0-0 in 85min Def push up to assist more with attack. i.e. players cover each other even if not their prime role"
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd Jun 2013 15:19
"Although I do worry our CM are generally poor in defensive work. Good CM def work is about reading the game & getting just infront of the opponent to force them back or to give the ball away (Lucas got to this level Oct 2011), hunting in packs is crucial & makes it easier to win the ball. contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd Jun 2013 15:24
"However, Allen, Hendo, Shelvey,SG have all still to improve this area of there game. Even Alonso was good at his def duties. IMO I would like someone else in there for away games, possibly Coates or spearing (If he's improved). At home we can just go for attack guys as opposition just sit back anyway"
23rd Jun 2013 15:28
"ron23 23rd Jun 2013 14:58 Busquets every day, just quietly sweeps up any loose balls & keeps the attack flowing (he's a bit like using the wall in 5-a-side). Watching Spain in the Conf Cup shows how the team attack in packs when they lose the ball, like a collective, a team effort. I feel BR is trying to implement this type of play & with the signings, he may get it, but we're way off that yet."
23rd Jun 2013 15:37
"ron23- Exactly. Some don't think things through and have knee-jerk negative reactions whatever happens. E.G. We bring in a young prospect for the future=No! We want proven players. We bring in proven-experienced Toure=No! We want younger players!"
23rd Jun 2013 15:51
"Buddha1935, Luis Suarez must take encouragement that he has withstood all the crap the media and the FA have heaped upon him and he's still here, the fact is they can't do much worse to him than what they've done so far, yes they have hurt him but his spirit is not broken. What can't kill him can only make him stronger. Don't listen to the media, just keep banging the goals in King Luis!""
23rd Jun 2013 15:58
"Save us Kenny 22nd Jun 2013 23:19, I'm completely in agreement with you that all these 'Young Guns' need older peers to learn from and aspire to, it's a very risky business to have a team of too many kids and not enough older heads to keep them in check, wish Alonso would return , he'd be a perfect role model, so would Wesley Snijder! Need more than Stevie-G doing this."
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 16:04
"Classandsuccess - But those two are at both ends of the extreme, youth and cover. People want to see improvement in the 1st team"
23rd Jun 2013 16:06
"Save us Kenny 22nd Jun 2013 23:19, I've always found it intriguing to see how a player performs during his second season with a new club, As far as I am concerned, the Jury is still out on The Joe Allen Case, I am not fully convinced with his End Product nor his resilience yet, I don't think he's hard enough but we shall see how he fares in the new season. I wish him all the very best. "
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 16:14
"Loz99 - My concern is that Luis is sold, without top class replacement and we are left with Sturridge, Borini, Aspas and Suso, with no experienced support, and likely to maintain consistency for whole season. Same thing out wide with Alberto, Sterling and Ibe."
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 16:18
"Sorry that should be unlikely consistency. Me too, Allen and Borini both need to show why we paid so much for them this year. I agree Allen is a bit lightweight, we are such an easy side to bully"
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 16:23
"The Barca tiki-taki style isnt always going to work in the premiership, and kind of falls down against physical teams like Stoke that just kick you off the ball. Remember Arsenals pretty football having the same problem. The best sides always have a plan B, which is a concern with BR"
23rd Jun 2013 16:26
"well done rodgers and the team on the signings so far, as for hendo his work rate has impressed the second half of last season, i expect he`ll continue to improve with stevie kicking his butt... lucas will return to his best, when im not sure hopefully very soon. so far its looking good for the new season, i for one am very excited.. ynwa redmen."
Vosta Lee
23rd Jun 2013 16:38
"Great points ron23. The team that won the EPL this season did it without an out and out defensive midfielder. Even Lucas, though deemed a defensive midfielder, has developed excellent passing abilities that Joe Allen can learn from. Lucas' passes from deep start attacks. BR does not want a simple ball winner, but rather someone that can help win the ball and keep it."
23rd Jun 2013 16:46
"Some 'fans' are never happy! Very soon we shall conquer all, believe in Brendan! YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 17:15
"Save us Kenny 23rd Jun 2013 16:23, Bob Paisley was a master of adaptability in the English league, there is so much variety in the tactics of the other teams. Brendan I feel, has learned that expediency very often overrides idealism in soccer tactics. He does seem to be streetwise when it's needed though, clever guy who learns from mistakes, especially in the transfer market."
23rd Jun 2013 17:23
"Loz99 23rd Jun 2013 17:15 "clever guy who learns from mistakes", the same would be said of any novice PL manager; need only look as far as Fergie & Wenger when they started to name but two. Worth also remembering Paisley won nothing in his first year in charge after Shankley; following year won the league."
23rd Jun 2013 17:50
"Barca believe that size does not matter on the field and rely on technicians who press and are able to move about in fluid movements and stuck at this philosophy whilst Real Madrid went on their Galiticos experiment, ring any bells sir. I could go on but sticking it to you is too easy and I am bored. "
23rd Jun 2013 18:10
"During the 1980's we played the finest football in Europe and in England, then along came the Wimbledons and the Arsenals then Manu's they were masters of counter attacking but thuggish football, deploying all manner of dirty and spoiling tactics imaginable, Stoke under Pullis reminded me of those days. Even Barcelona might have difficulty overcoming this but that's just my opinion."
23rd Jun 2013 18:22
"SaveUsKenny Heard several ex LFC players e.g. Barnes, Aldridge, McAteer and Roy Evans all stating we can't play attractive football all the time especially in The EPL and that it would be naive and costly not to use a Plan B when the need arises. I watched Chelsea under DiMateo win the CL and continually changing tactics when expedient, they won trophy against all the odds, food for thought? "
Buckie LFC Supporter
23rd Jun 2013 18:35
"Loz99 18.22 - I agree in away. I wouldn't really say plan b, but more play the same way but with different types of player. That's why IMO I would have kept AC. It doesn't have to be high ball but he can muscle the likes of Huth & Ivanovic, whilst LS gets kicked out of the game."
23rd Jun 2013 18:48
"buckie 23rd Jun 2013 18:35 Certainly agree with you & Loz here for plan B. I would like Benteke or Ba to fill that role; however, a plan by definition would likely mean coming from the bench to change the game, AC, Benteke or Ba wont want to play from the bench, although they'd warrant a start against the Stoke types."
23rd Jun 2013 18:50
"Would have also liked to have kept AC, & good luck to him at WH, but at that price/salary he could never be a 2nd fiddle player."
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 19:18
"Buddha, the spanish league just isnt comparable to prem, ask any player that makes that switch. I am just referring back to last season eg West Ham, we were out muscled. Nothings changed, no evolution in tactics. We need a variety of options, like combaive DM and some aerial threat "
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 19:20
"If you are bored Buddha, Im sure there are a number of tea partys in the area, or Fenway has rounders to watch."
23rd Jun 2013 19:46
"Another Coutinho would be fantastic. Now that Jamie has retired will the KOP be singing ''we all dream of a team of Continho's '' I hope they do,, Walk On LFC"
23rd Jun 2013 20:51
"Save us Kenny's comment 'Buddha from Boston' is a gem. KK rules!"
24th Jun 2013 3:00
"Toure is the bargain of the season ..if he works on his fitness and speed , then he will do very good for us ..Welcome Toure !!"
24th Jun 2013 9:25
"Philippe and Luis will thrive even more :)"
24th Jun 2013 11:07
" Loz99 I watched Chelsea under DiMateo win the CL and continually changing tactics when expedient, they won trophy against all the odds, food for thought? YEA FOOD FOR THOUGHT... changing tactics is the secret to win against all odds in tough competitions like the EPL and Champs league.."