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Finally we snap up a belgian! Just chadli and alderweireld to go
22nd Jun 2013 14:15
22nd Jun 2013 14:17
"Brendan is a genius!...if this deal happens, then competition between reina and mignolet will be fierce, thus leading to better performances between the sticks, regardless of who plays....well done boss....YNWA!"
22nd Jun 2013 14:23
"very good !!"
22nd Jun 2013 15:55
"Grab more genius "
22nd Jun 2013 17:21
"First it was 8.something million, then it moved up to 9 then 10 and now 11 million! Who the heck is making up all these figures. I'm just happy if the deal has been made! And oh yes...don't forget Henrikh Mkhtariyan, Christian Eriksen too besides Chadli and Alderveireld! YNWA!"
22nd Jun 2013 17:28
"Only LFC & SAFC know what the fee is, the media are just quoting what sounds better to sell to the public; some will add on extra clauses &/or wages to a fee. Given how FSG have had their fingers burnt several times in the fee department, if their willing to pay +10mill for a GK, they must be darn sure he's worth it."
22nd Jun 2013 18:15
Bib l f c
22nd Jun 2013 18:16
"Get in there,onwards and upwards..... Well done Brendan and the team.ERIKSEN next....gone quiet on Micar Richards? "
22nd Jun 2013 18:24
"Bib l f c 22nd Jun 2013 18:16 ManC are trying to get him to sign a new 4yr deal, but we might still have hope as it will be difficult to him to displace Zabaleta, but in the same breath, it might be difficult for him to displace GJohnson too."
22nd Jun 2013 18:32
"Brilliant Deputy for Pepe, great signing!"
22nd Jun 2013 18:36
"Get Erikson and Mikitaryan and we can all scream 'YeeeeHaaaaaa!!"
Innocent man
22nd Jun 2013 19:41
"BR is wise and i cant stop saying it because no one can hold Reina when he decide to leave liverpool for Barca so liverpool can still let him go on after helping alot but recently making some childish mistakes.welcome mignolet."
22nd Jun 2013 20:05
"Finally you're right on something MidTableTeam. Chadli would be ACE! Go belgium. GO Reds"
22nd Jun 2013 21:03
"We need to ship out a few to create more funds - get a bid in for Wanyama PLEASE!"
22nd Jun 2013 21:13
"I agree, I like to see alderweirld and mkhitaryan and bring on next season, which the way things are going I can honestly say I'm looking forward too more than for I have for a long time. YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 22:38
"All these new signings are great but we cannot escape the reality that all these younger players badly need more experienced top class players also in the squad to aspire to and to learn from, we may need more than Steven Gerrard for this, maybe that's Kolo's role too. "
22nd Jun 2013 22:43
"Good choice...!! We also MUST buy Mohamed Diamé from West Ham..awesome player..!! B.R you must wake up and bring him to our team."
22nd Jun 2013 22:44
Bib l f c
22nd Jun 2013 23:37
"Teams-nearly-ready I was thinking of Micar Richards for centre back. That boy is powerful and has great pace. If City want him to sign a four year deal he must be close to the end of his contact? That hopefully means we could get him on the cheap.... According to some, cheap players are rubbish......"
23rd Jun 2013 1:56
"At last it makes sense, we're keeping both of them, I suppose when you think about it, it makes sense, competition etc. I do really hope we can sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan though!and perhaps Alderweirld too.But don't tell Tottenham, lets hope next season their still behind us chasing our players.Oh yes welcome to our famous club alberto."
Sam The Beast
23rd Jun 2013 6:10
"I truly believe that we will finish in the top 4, if we manage to keep stubborn suarez, and bring in mykhterian from shakhtar Donetsk we will finish up there with ease "
23rd Jun 2013 9:32
"A lot of money's been taken on sky bet for alonso to come home!! Come on xabi COME HOME"
23rd Jun 2013 11:14
"I like this signing. He is a quality keeper. Rogers had a dinner with Reina 2 months before end of season. He told him that he was getting competition in for his place.Reina improved towards the end of the season. BR is starting to impress me. YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 11:33
"a good signing who will push pepe back to his awesome best again or out the door as cant see mignolet wanting to be a No2. welcome to our famous club. in my eyes the best in the world. YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 12:05
"Great to see players coming in been a liverpool fan for 27 years now ive been through the highs and lows of this great club and il always support them no matter what looking forward to the new season come on u reds"
YNWA Liverpool FC
23rd Jun 2013 12:21
"Great! We will sign Mignolet! Nice one BR, SM just competition for Reina. Just sign Mkhitaryan, Eriksen and Alderweireld and we will get top 4 with ease. Chadli would be great as well, and Diame!!!! YNWA"
23rd Jun 2013 14:35
"For the first time in years, i have a feeling there's a plan in place. No rediculous panic-buying any more... BR and FSG, take us to the champions league, where we belong!"
23rd Jun 2013 14:49
"so who will be number 1 as pepe says hes not leaving yeeeaaa good competition on tho now "
23rd Jun 2013 14:58
"Pepe Reina on Mignolet deal: "It has not changed a bit. I have said it many times, I'm very comfortable and very happy at Liverpool. Every team needs compeors, and when it's positive it is more than welcome. If it is finally done I'll welcome him a lot, and anything he needs, I'm here." Love this player & love what BR is doing with the squad."
23rd Jun 2013 15:05
"The only thing an LFC player should 'Want' is to sign on the dotted line and to do what the Boss tells him, I have grown absolutely sick of players demanding this and demanding that. Who runs the show, the boss or the players? Who pays the wages? Any player who demands first team football in spite of what the manager has planned isn't worth keeping and is bad for morale, sell them asap."
23rd Jun 2013 15:09
"YNWA Liverpool FC 23rd Jun 2013 12:21, that would be fantastic, if only BR gets both Mikitaryan and Erikson, boy that would be something else, wow! "
23rd Jun 2013 15:10
"YNWA Liverpool FC 23rd Jun 2013 12:21, that would be fantastic, if only BR gets both Mikitaryan and Erikson, boy that would be something else, wow! "
23rd Jun 2013 15:28
"Danny Wilson, Carra and Gulacsi gone, who's next? Spearing, Asaidi, Downing, Robinson, NGoo, Pacheco? Brendan has made it clear LFC is in control of Luis Suarez, which is right, he can't walk away, we own him and only if 50mil minimum (and we want to sell)is offered then King Luis is going nowhere, he loves this club and needs to stop letting the media get to him."
23rd Jun 2013 15:40
"Luis Suarez must take encouragement that he has managed to withstand all the crap the media and the FA have heaped upon him and he's still here, the fact is they can't do much worse to him than what they've done so far, sure they have hurt him but his spirit is not broken. What can't kill him can only make him stronger. Don't listen to the media, just keep banging the goals in King Luis!!"
23rd Jun 2013 15:43
"Mikitharyan, Erikson and Alderweireld would transform our squad back to a standard we haven't been at for years, would give us great encouragement for the new season, BR-LFC Story Part II coming up, watch this space! "
23rd Jun 2013 16:47
"Mignolet is good but would have prefered begovic, bit more established plus wouldn't have cost as much"