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Great News! 9mil. A bargain.
22nd Jun 2013 10:28
Papa Syed
22nd Jun 2013 10:29
"Wow! Can't wait vs potters! In Liv Echo I trust!"
22nd Jun 2013 10:39
"We may be in the rocess of spending over £20 but we got £15m back from Carroll so really we get 3 players for £9m net. of course 3 salaries have to be covered not just one now but the joys of a big club!"
22nd Jun 2013 10:50
"9 Million, a bargain for a lad of this talent! and reina will either have to step up to his best of move on, great succession planning by Rodgers. FSG doing a wonderful Job!"
22nd Jun 2013 11:03
"Good signing. Hope Reina stays, he's needed competition all these years, it'd be a shame if he ed off now he's got it. Liverpool Echo and to some degree Sky Sports seem to be the websites to trust. Definitely not rubbish like the metro, clubcall, express,, and the Daily Mirror & Mail are dreadful too."
22nd Jun 2013 11:04
"This is gd stuff. If suarez goes i want lukaku, man thus guy is the . Him and wanyama please"
22nd Jun 2013 11:05
"When its done welcome to are red family,9M better than the 12M being quoted on ssn."
22nd Jun 2013 11:13
"9M. fans need to chill and just wait for the official release from the Echo."
22nd Jun 2013 11:30
"Bbc reporting its 9m aswell"
22nd Jun 2013 11:44
"so is it 9 or 12 mill"
22nd Jun 2013 12:19
"We're buying relatively cheap but u have to admit...their quality players"
22nd Jun 2013 13:16
"No way brendan will be spending 9 mil on player to just sit on the bench,I will miss reina but feel now might be the time to freshen up that area.I think reina became too comfortable and then mistakes started leaking into his game.The player i really want signed is henrikh m."
22nd Jun 2013 13:16
"I dont think he's coming here to bench warm either at that price! Looking more and more likely Pepe is on his way out imo"
22nd Jun 2013 13:32
"I understand Reina will leave if Barca decide to sign him but for that to happen I guess Valdes not commit himsef/leave it is interesting situation because neither Mignolet or Reina likes to be on the bench and world cup by the end of this coming season."
22nd Jun 2013 13:39
"To be fair Brad Jones did keep clean sheets last season too however I think Reina did make some unwanted mistakes during the last two seasons anyhow if Reina leaves then I hope LFC will at least recoup the transfer fee for Mignolet."
22nd Jun 2013 13:42
"what happened to mkhitarian or eriksen ??"
Afrika Kop
22nd Jun 2013 13:48
"Whats impressive with this deasl if it gets through, is that it follows a pattern of shrewed economics. Low cost high impact players- Sturridge, Coutinho being examples. "
22nd Jun 2013 15:31
"i can see mignolet being the No1 as pepe has not been up to his usually high standards last couple seasons. still done good service to LFC. would love him to stay and fight but depends if someone wants him. Brendan putting his stamp on team now so no excuses really. come on redmen. YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 18:12
"If we effectively buy Mignolet, that's not for the bench, so why Reina has to leave? He did not enjoy his best season but our defense too, he's still a top keeper."
22nd Jun 2013 18:51
"Just because we have signed Mignolet does not mean Reina will go. I have not heard Pepe say he will leave LFC this year. I think we will have 2 quality GKs at the start of the season. The remaining 3 players sounds like good business too. Hope they are signed in the coming weeks. "
22nd Jun 2013 21:08
"Now sign a central defender!"
22nd Jun 2013 23:22
"Great great news! Mignolet is a fantastic keeper, plus he's only 25! I think this is the moment to say goodbye to Pepe who will probably sign for Barcelona! Paying £9 mil. for a second keeper wouldn't be a bargain honestly..."
23rd Jun 2013 3:01
"mingolet a little better than begovic so 9 mil instead of 15 mil is a bargain"
23rd Jun 2013 9:11
"What we left is: Mkhitaryan, CB, LB. If Riena really want to go, please swap for Thiago and Tello....."
23rd Jun 2013 14:30
"great news hes a top keeper!!!"