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So if this true that means Pepe is on his way out as he will not be a 2nd choice keppers as he is 2 good 4 that
21st Jun 2013 21:25
21st Jun 2013 21:30
"good got that one done more to follow"
21st Jun 2013 21:35
"Great News. Now lets get the rest of the transfers tied up nice an early. Like to see Alderweireld, Menez and Mkhitariyan in an lfc shirt next season as well as the already lfc bound players Mignulet, Aspas, Alberto and Toure! Back to the Top here we come!!!"
21st Jun 2013 21:39
"Great negotiating!? Apparently Sunderland holding out for £10m. Now they're getting more than £11m?!?!? Let's hope that's just more media nonsense. Good signing... "
21st Jun 2013 21:40
"Reina is on his way then :("
21st Jun 2013 21:58
"tbntlfc 21st Jun 2013 21:40 yes he will be on his way out is that a bad thing as he has not be at his best 4 the last coupe of season.He always new he would go back 2 Barca when he was a top keeper.Don't get me wrong i wish he would stay but he won't "
21st Jun 2013 22:05
"what a fantastic signing. I am thoroughly pleased. There is no doubt in my mind that Reina will be with us for one more season unless Barca or Real.M try to sign him."
21st Jun 2013 22:18
"Mind blowing... Yet another waste of money. When will our club learn."
21st Jun 2013 22:38
"I expect pepe has let Brendan know he wants a new challenge. He hasn't been the keeper he once was. good luck if pepe wants to move on. hope mignolet settles in and becomes a great keeper like clemence and grobbelar. it is good we are doing business early. transfer window doesn't open officially til 1st july. some fans so impatient. in Brendan I trust. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 22:39
"i don't understand when people are saying reina is leaving...we have sold gulacsi we only have 2 keepers and we need to have atleast 3..BR said the other day that he wants to see competition within the team..all i see is mignolet keeping reina on his toes... "
21st Jun 2013 22:44
"Why is this guy swapping first team football in exchange for sitting on the bench awaiting his chance, especially when he's Belgium's first choice goalie? He was Sunderland's first choice so now he will sit it out hoping for the chance to deputize for Pepe, Pepe has no intention of leaving in the foreseeable future, he's staying. "
21st Jun 2013 22:47
"and some of the fans here are always complaining and having negative opinions..they are not satisfied at all ...all players that LFC are buying, to them they are not good players. i think LFC should be purchasing angels and devils maybe they will stop complaining and instead support the team "
21st Jun 2013 22:49
"Next move should be to get that guy from Reading who played a blinder against us in the FA Cup. That would be a great set of goalies for us for sure, our main man between the sticks would really need to be regularly on his toes, but then again it will give Pepe a rest from time to time when he's looking jaded and needs a break, Mignolet would make a fantastic deputy."
21st Jun 2013 23:00
"One thing is for sure for the new season, Brendan is really putting on the pressure for places in the first team and giving us lots of options, think we're building a powerful squad that won't carry any passengers anymore, Brendan knows what he wants, gonna be really intriguing next season. Pt 2 in the BR-LFC Story coming up! "
21st Jun 2013 23:11
"So Renia must be off,Mignolet won´t be sitting on the bench for 11 mill he won´want it and our owners would´nt have sactioned it.Good luck and thanks Pepe.YNWA :)"
21st Jun 2013 23:20
"cant complain about this hes a top keeper and still young! best in the prem last season and kept sunderland up on his own at times"
21st Jun 2013 23:27
"£11m+ seems a bit steep but nevertheless, good keeper. Probably play the cup games while Reina plays the league, or something like that. Pepe may well be off to Barca next season so not a bad move form Rodgers!"
21st Jun 2013 23:46
"YNWA, succession planning, brilliant keeper and prepares us for when Reina wants to move back to spain and also will make Reina step it up to get back to his best! Great work by rodgers!"
21st Jun 2013 23:54
"You lot should know better than to believe any transfer news before seeing the man in a Liverpool Top, standing next to the statue of Shanks, with both his thumbs sticking up.. "
22nd Jun 2013 0:30
"The guy must know where he stands, only time will tell. I read that mignolet may possibly be for cover this season. I personally don't think Rodgers would spend on this position if there wasn't atleast 10m coming in at a lower wage. . . Especially when funds are possibly limited and more important positions in need of reinforcements. "
22nd Jun 2013 2:50
"fair enuff another keeper to add, so pepe will be off because if he has another slip in form he will be benched but i dont rest hopes on mignolet just because of one good season, apart from luis who was our last top club player sighning"
22nd Jun 2013 2:52
"to add to my last comment its because were going for second div clubs an mid table clubs, shoulda kept king kenny atleast he got europe an a cup, thou all of u lot be lickin rodgers ass"
22nd Jun 2013 3:24
"reina will not leave lfc rodgers bought mingolet for competition unless barca want him which i doubt because of valdes staying for another season "
22nd Jun 2013 3:39
"great keeper, hes coming to fight for his place, because im sure he has ambition...Reina is a good bit older, in no way done but Mignolet can learn from him for a few season, til he clubs have options in EVERY position, finally we have for GK now, never would anyone dream of playing Jones unless Pepe really really couldnt. Different now."
22nd Jun 2013 8:10
"BR knows where our main weakness is. We can score freely but our defense let us down. IMO he is overall better keeper than Reina. V calm agile and brave. We need 2 v gd keeper if we want to win the league. $11 mil is a great buy"
22nd Jun 2013 8:17
"BR is building a TEAM of young and skillful players with strength in depth to challenge for both league and cup honors. Instead of splashing money on so call Big name players with big ego. And by the looks of it. FSG has learnt their lessons from Demsey saga. They are working early to get the right players in. Willing to pay a little more to get the right players"
22nd Jun 2013 8:19
"I doubt Pepe will leave this summer. He has openly stated as much. However, I agree that Mignolet won't be happy being understudy all season, especially with the world cup next year. BR may need to rotate them - though Pepe had 2 or 3 injuries last season and we need better back-up than Brad Jones. Mignolet is our future No 1, and I expect he will play at least 10 PL games in 13-14."
22nd Jun 2013 8:33
"Any updates on Luis Alberto?"
22nd Jun 2013 9:54
"Sorry, I must have this wrong. I thought we offered around 8, Sunderland wanted 10 and it was looking we were going to settle for about 9. This style of negotiating is on a par with when my wife came back from the library having BOUGHT a book. Having said that, as good a choice of keeper as any available but Pepe must go for no less than 15 or we have over paid big time. "
22nd Jun 2013 10:14
"Mignolet needs regular 1st team football cos hes going with Belgium to WC in Brazil. So agree with lfc4ever76"
22nd Jun 2013 11:25
"liverpoolgod247 - a dying breed of liverpool fan, still calling for Kenny's return and standing by Suarez..."
22nd Jun 2013 11:54
"All you scared squirrels wish Reina goes because we bought another decent keeper answer me this: We just bought Luis Alberto, doe that mean Coutinho is leaving? Chelsea bought Cech, does that mean Cudicini left? 2 good players for every position is what wins, but some of you are taking it as a sign we don't need to follow that policy?"
22nd Jun 2013 12:18
"There is no way we are buying this lad for 9-11M? and havng him on the bench and there is no way Reina will play second fiddle either, if he comes Reina goes. if he doesnt same as last season. This is my thoughts, Mignolet in Reina to Napoli, Theres my rumour"
22nd Jun 2013 13:27
"priceofswing, hardly a dying breed but ok as to ur comment i am gonna have to object purely due to if suarez wants to go let him. but why is brendon off all ppl aloud to have many downs before he gets the ups,i see what br is doin but imo we need to start competein NOW!! not in 5 years"
22nd Jun 2013 13:51
"go and get NACHO SCOCCO from Newels old boys. He wants to come to premier league! wonderful player....very good SS and WINGER....I think with 7m we can get him! FIRST goalscorer in argentina 2 times in a row and champion this year!!! plz get him!"
22nd Jun 2013 16:34
"some say 9m, other 10m and now 11m...?? "
22nd Jun 2013 16:35
"some say 9m, other 10m and now 11m...?? "
23rd Jun 2013 0:01
"my take on this; reina has done his bit.he need more challenge that lfc can not provide,this is why he has cost us very crutial matches in d past 2 seasons.he remains a hero here "
23rd Jun 2013 9:19
"Yeah. Pretty bad news to be honest. Signing Sevilla players on loan with Barcelona B, and Black-cats keeper as our 1st keeper. Seems we are headign for 8-21 place next season :("
23rd Jun 2013 9:21
"i meant 8-12 not 8-21"
23rd Jun 2013 12:09
"This is great news, great keeper but i hope pepe stays at least 1 more season, mean we have 3 really good keepers :) only confusing thing is, we (liverpool) are holding out for 8-9 mil and sunderland want 10 mil so we offer 11 mil... Thats a little bit strange :s why not save 1 mil and buy him for 10 hehe XD YNWA"