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I think reina will go next season so SM will be no2 for next season and then take over when Pepe goes.
21st Jun 2013 21:10
21st Jun 2013 21:12
"Good good, pepe's been pretty poor last couple seasons, time for a freshen up"
21st Jun 2013 21:13
"WE ARE GOING INN, good job BR."
21st Jun 2013 21:14
"sunderland keeper not coming to sit on the bench, so were does reina sit ?"
21st Jun 2013 21:24
"if he comes..that means pepe leaves..simple.."
21st Jun 2013 21:24
"JACKHIGH maybe BR will rotate the keepers. or maybe he'll judge based on performance each game. if reina doesnt do well in one game he'll sit on the bench in the next until mignolet does a mistake. we all want lfc to concede less goals. i feel this is the best way."
21st Jun 2013 21:31
"He's coming to push Pepe for his place also learn from him too then eventually replace him thats a good plan IMO. Smooth transition between keepers especially since Pepe has been our NO1 for so long now without ever having any real threat for his place. Well happy with this signing 11 clean sheets last season interesting to see if any keeper has done that before fighting relegation "
21st Jun 2013 21:37
"Id be absolutely gutted to see reina go i must say"
21st Jun 2013 22:40
"Very good point melissa96 BR has said it many times he wants every player known there is competition for their positions in the 1st team & the most obvious position where we haven't had that for too long now is the keeper. We only have Pepe & Jones at the mo & Jones is no spring chicken either now or real threat to Pepe. Pepe will be our NO1 still,Mignolet used in cups & keep Pepe on his toes"
21st Jun 2013 22:49
"Melissa 96 21.24. expect that to be spot on if pepe stays. pepe wants to play in goal for barca like his dad did at 18 so cant blame him if he wants a new challenge. 2 good keepers would keep each other on their toes. good times ahead. come on redmen. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 23:00
"cont. maybe pepe needs reminding he won golden gloves first 3 seasons. would like to keep him if back to his WESTHAM FA CUP FINAL best. also is our vice-captain. good luck to pepe whatever happens. YNWA "
21st Jun 2013 23:02
"BBC say fee is £9 mill. how these stories vary makes me laugh. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 23:23
"cant complain about this hes a top keeper and still young! best in the prem last season and kept sunderland up on his own at times"
21st Jun 2013 23:44
"YNWA, succession planning, brilliant keeper and prepares us for when Reina wants to move back to spain and also will make Reina step it up to get back to his best! Great work by rodgers!"
21st Jun 2013 23:56
"TheLight couldn't agree more mate, Rodgers is shaping up to be a maestro strategist! YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 1:09
"Belgium expect to do well in next years world cup so I don't think he's going to come here to sit on the bench."
22nd Jun 2013 1:48
"You will have to change your name from Mid Table to "The best team in the world- ever". Starting from the moment Reina is replaced. Happy days. "
22nd Jun 2013 2:38
"Riena said recent he is ready for move.... I would love to see we switch Riena for Thiago and Tello. It is so good to see all Spain U21 coming to us. If we need to change, just change big. Thiago +Tello is 1500+1000=2500M."
22nd Jun 2013 3:38
"I don't see why people seem to think this means pep is on the move, he has never had any competition for his place like he should and we have just lost doni , gulacsi and stephens so we would have to sign 2 keepers if pep left!"
22nd Jun 2013 5:19
"The reason Reina leave is we dont have money like 11M to spend and let the player sitting on the bench.... "
22nd Jun 2013 5:36
"Paying £11M for a keeper is excessive. Brad Jones did so very well deputising for the injured Reina last season. He kept clean sheets and pulled off top drawer saves. This is one time I doubt if this purchase is really required. ... we should have topped up some cash and gotten a class central defender. "
22nd Jun 2013 7:59
"There is no way Pepe is staying. We haven't agreed to spend 11 million so there is competition for places. Reina has been a great servant, but he his on his way out. Mignolet has said he wants to play at a higher level to cement his international place. Wouldn't be doing that as a number 2. I haven't a bad word to say about Reina, but it's time for change. I wish him all the best. Y.N.W.A"
22nd Jun 2013 8:01
"Jones was garbage! What games were you watching? Seriously out of his depth. #nevergoingtomakethegrade"
22nd Jun 2013 8:38
"Mignolet is a better keeper than Reina. But if Reina goes, it will be a big loss On and off the field. Especiall off. Such a great person with a lovely, likeable character. A True Red. "
22nd Jun 2013 11:16
"pepe is much better been in the top in the prem every season, why do so called fans feel the need to belittle a player when he talks about leaving?????"
22nd Jun 2013 13:55
""go and get NACHO SCOCCO from Newels old boys. He wants to come to premier league! wonderful player....very good SS and WINGER....I think with 7m we can get him! FIRST goalscorer in argentina 2 times in a row and champion this year!!! plz get him!""
22nd Jun 2013 18:02
"Proven PL keeper..but the price is a suspect. Nevertheless a top keeper."
22nd Jun 2013 18:20
"Shrewd business."
23rd Jun 2013 3:25
"reina is probably staying at lfc bcoz valdes will be at barca for another year, so lfc want to be in a position that another keeper is in, if he leaves. and not just selling him not no back up"