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Good news. Is this the 3rd strip or training top?
22nd Jun 2013 11:10
22nd Jun 2013 11:10
"about time, for too long we dilly dallied about getting outbid and beaten to it by the SPUDS, seems like someones been to the bootroom recently ;)keep it behind closed doors and do the work early YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 11:11
"Mignolet next????"
22nd Jun 2013 11:13
"What a talent. This guy has serious TEKKERS!!"
22nd Jun 2013 11:17
"Well done. World class club needs a World Class operation. "
22nd Jun 2013 11:37
"Get that BR identified the player then the scouts went & watched him so its now clear how it works here the manager picks his targets & final say who he signs exactly how it should be done. Im unsure what formation he prefers but think its more a 4-2-3-1 with the attacking 3 mids constantly rotating with fluid movement no nailed on position type thing. Alberto I think is for the left of the 3"
22nd Jun 2013 11:47
"Kopkillah, training top. There was an online leak, as usual. Better than the away kit! Anyway, it's interesting that this was a player BR clearly identified. It's one in the eye for all those who ridicule the new 'committee' as they call it. BR and/or scouts identify, the rest of the committee evaluate and analyse and when it's all ok, they pursue the deal. Simple."
22nd Jun 2013 11:48
"But can play in any off those roles same as Coutinho,Aspas,Suso then you have young Sterling & Ibe both can play either side of that 3 too. For the striker role we have DS & Borini also Aspas can play that role too but all 3 of them can also play in the wide places of the attacking 3 all very versatile players which is needed to create that kind of fluid movement in attacks."
22nd Jun 2013 12:05
"welcome!!!! from now on Your Never Walk Alone just keep clam, humble and you would be well love here...ynwa"
22nd Jun 2013 12:10
"idk but i am just optimistic now!!! never was this excited since 2008 season! "
22nd Jun 2013 12:12
"FSG have now got the club operating better than it ever has, with transfers, off field business, sponsors and so on, we are very very lucky to have them as our custodians!"
22nd Jun 2013 12:15
"well said Ron, BR picks the target out, The scouts watch, ayre puts the deal in place, that should now shut up the doom and slur brigade who say anyone we buy was not picked out by rodgers!"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 12:23
"Is this really our top target?"
22nd Jun 2013 12:26
"yeah we shouldn't worry about afc signing higuain or cfc signing cavani or city signing any 30m+ players we got alberto,"
22nd Jun 2013 12:26
"OMG here is SAVE US KENNY, if you read the article it explains everything, so am 100 percent sure your commented without reading it.. "
22nd Jun 2013 12:35
"for all the morons being negative today, and yes you are morons, support your club and welcome this lad to our great club! His versatility and quality is why he was a top target (for his position) then same with Mignolet, aspas and Toure... anyone who finds a negative in signing this young lad is not a real LFC fan!"
22nd Jun 2013 12:36
"Kopkillah - That's the training top Very excited about the new transfer direction/policy - BR is really taking steps towards greatness again! YNWA Luis Alberto, now pick a number so I can get it on my shirt!"
22nd Jun 2013 12:38
"From what ive seen he looks like a good signing...Full of potential..Welcome to Anfield!"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 12:40
""Luis was top of our list for the position he plays". 7m Reira mark 2 or the new Messi? Lets see"
22nd Jun 2013 12:45
"the light Haha indeed. Has SAVE US KENNY written all over it. On topic: I haven't seen that many Bracelona-B games so can't really judge him on that. But from youtubeclips he looks promising"
22nd Jun 2013 12:54
"Ayre stop trying to take all the plaudits you moron, all your job is to do is make sure he signs the dotted lines and shake the lads hand"
22nd Jun 2013 12:55
"Yessssss have been waiting for this to happen luis YNWA"
22nd Jun 2013 13:09
"Midtableteam, if you believe your last comment, your really are as idiotic as your name, if you think thats all ayre does, a lot of negotiation goes on when it comes to signing a player and Ayre is getting better and better at it more he is in his role! "
Afrika Kop
22nd Jun 2013 13:41
"I am satisfied with this piece of business. THis is impressive. "
22nd Jun 2013 13:53
"MidTableTeam 22nd Jun 2013 12:54 What an infantile comment to make (not the first time either). Where in this piece does IA take all the plaudits? Read the bl00dy article first! Save us Kenny Don't you think its time you change your allegiance to another clubs. Your posts on here are so banal & you're clearly very much in the minority."
22nd Jun 2013 13:59
"well said Team NWNR, who now should be re-named Team is getting ready!!"
22nd Jun 2013 14:02
"What I like about South American and Spanish players is that they can always 'play'! It's in their blood somehow. Even with a player like Pacheco, where it perhaps hasn't quite clicked(?), still a very very good player in my book. So the more Spanish players to Liverpool the better!"
coutinho star
22nd Jun 2013 14:04
"well we will have to wait and see if the lad is any good or not just hope hes a lot better than last years top target joe allen still makes me laff when br said hes like a welsh xavi"
coutinho star
22nd Jun 2013 14:12
"i know the last 4 years have been a bit grim but all the negative comments have to stop br should be judged at the end of the season"
coutinho star
22nd Jun 2013 14:17
"dont judge a player by how much thay cost thats stupid example 2.5m for s hyppia 35m for a carrol"
22nd Jun 2013 14:34
"Very good signing he has great potential like Coutinho you can see what BR is doing trying to get gems early in their development before they become expensive names. I would like us to get Eriksen he has made a name for himself but has 1 year left we should be able to negotiate a good price looking forward to the season. "
22nd Jun 2013 14:36
"Liverpool does not buy, Liverpool create the stars :)"
22nd Jun 2013 14:39
"Also would like to see us grab Hernanes from Lazio quality player for defensive mid although if that Wanyamas going for 10M we should be looking at that. "
22nd Jun 2013 14:39
"im impressed with the shrewd bznes so far"
22nd Jun 2013 14:54
"well done on a sound piece of business to all concerned. west ham have put 4 players up for sale to cover A.C wages etc. LFC will get 4 players with the money saved. we are getting a decent squad of players who can get us climbing the table. am hoping we start close to the top and stay there when season kicks off again.YNWA "
22nd Jun 2013 15:02
"plyNo1red 22nd Jun 2013 14:54 With the new fixtures list we definitely have a good chance of staying close to the top early on, with only ManU as a tough 3rd game, but what a fresh LFC team they'll be facing this year. Much higher hopes for success than last year, CL football not far away."
22nd Jun 2013 15:21
"Nice to see us getting some young talent, Wwelcome to L4 Luis! -- I would like to see a mature centre back join, even if just for a season, to replace Carra and bring out the best in Coates, who I feel has the potential to be a great if given more coaching and playing time. "
22nd Jun 2013 15:24
" lgtred 22nd Jun 2013 14:17 couldn't have said it better meself. :-) "
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 15:25
"Teamsnearlyready - Why dont you go elsewhere, a father that cares, gets on his sons back. I care about LFC, so will ask the difficult questions. You are the sort of fan that would find something positive about playing in division 3. I am judging BR at the end of a season, one win against top 5 teams all season. 10% success rate"
22nd Jun 2013 15:28
" Save us Kenny 22nd Jun 2013 15:25 --- and I suppose you think you could do a better job? Get real dude. "
22nd Jun 2013 15:30
"great news...welcome to anfield. now go and get mkhitaryan!"
22nd Jun 2013 15:44
"Save us Kenny You don't at all sound like a father that cares, but one that abuses if its not going your way. If you spent as much time caring about your club than constantly spouting your bile, you might be considered a fan. And yes, I'd still find something +ve about LFC if we were in D3, that's what fans do. Step out of the 80's & try joining us in 2013, things have changed a bit."
22nd Jun 2013 16:03
"Well that's good news , one in the bag. It just goes to show what you can and can't believe in the gossip columns. When you see the pic of the guy signing thats when you know its true. So all the other names talked about are just fantasy world, lets see who shows up next then."
22nd Jun 2013 16:06
"P.S. MR Ayre , can we please have you nip over to Brazil , take Suarez by the scruff and get him to sort his future pronto. Him hanging around us is like a bad smell at the moment , so either give him a good telling off or throw him out the exit door asap!"
22nd Jun 2013 16:16
"Congratulations to those who worked to getting him signed up. Let City try to cobble together a load of 30 million pound egos. Victory will be all the sweeter."
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 16:29
"Teamsnearlyready - What abuse? Boo hoo. I havent resorted to name calling like others on here. I dont think they are signings of the highest level, allowing us to reach the CL. The longer we are out, the harder it will get to return. I have the clubs long term interests at heart thankyou"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 16:35
"Teamsnearlyready - Mancs, Arsenal and Chelski are making big moves. In total honesty, do you think these kind of signings will get us back into top 4 this year? "
22nd Jun 2013 16:36
"belfastwilldrew - Ditto - I'm not sure what I'd prefer though-to see him gone or sitting on the bench for the rest of the coming season a la Tevez............................Hmmm......Bench!"
22nd Jun 2013 16:55
"SaveusKenny 22nd Jun 2013 16:35 "Mancs, Arsl and Chel are making big moves"; exactly my point, do you seriously consider LFC comparable now? MU - long standing manager, slow built squad & reaped rewards; MC/Chel - spent +1bill, short-term managers, over-achievers in PL/CL; Arsl - long standing manager, always in CL. We wont just get there in 1 season, it takes time & intelligent management."
22nd Jun 2013 17:00
"SaveusKenny, its true you have not resorted to name calling so I wont start on you, but your gloomy outlook is grating. I am sure you were one of those who questioned Coutinho but is now probably like the rest of us is salivating at his sumptuous skills. I suggest you take a trip to Barbados, get happy, and then come back. See you soon ok.."
22nd Jun 2013 17:03
"Its funny how its become clearer that BR spots the talents then a team of scouts go to watch them, it finally puts paid to those who wanted to take credit from BR. I love the way we are doing business is the way the Yanks operate - fast, efficient and successful. "
22nd Jun 2013 17:04
"SaveusKenny - there's not one LFC fan that doesn't want what you're asking for, but we are where we are & there's a number of culprits who have got us there. BR maybe the one to get us back to the top again. These signings aren't what top4 clubs make, but hey, we ain't been a top4 club for a while. I'm at least willing to believe a team assembled with balance & hunger may squeeze into the top4."
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 17:04
"FSG have been here 3 years already, this season will make it 4 years without CL. Why did FSG say we could compete for prem le if they cant afford to compete for 4th place after 3 years? "
22nd Jun 2013 17:16
"SaveusKenny 22nd Jun 2013 17:04 By 'compete' I assume you mean FSG should spend +30m on individual players, meaning we're trying to buy the t!tle like ManC/Chel? You say FSG have had 3 yrs & we have no CL. How many years was it for ManU success, how many years after ManC millions spent before success? Would you rather we built a team of mercs or a team Shankly/Paisley/Fagan would be proud of?"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 17:27
"So they lied or misled, not ideal owners then. Not necessarily huge money, but top level experience. This guy is similar to Suso, I can only think we bought him for potential sell on value, thus we are becoming like Arsenal. 4th is the only ambition from now on, and yes, that is depressing"
22nd Jun 2013 17:33
"save us Kenny do you not think we have a squad capable of a le push with those four fab signings this window, I think we are going to surprise everyone and win t i t l e, its coming home its coming home its coming home."
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 17:38
"I know its not all about winning, but having some hope. We have no chance of the le. Business has killed the romance of sport, yet still wants fans to believe in the romance?! it doesnt work both ways. So spend the money to compete at the top like they said they would when they took over"
22nd Jun 2013 17:41
"SaveusKenny - just because FSG said they can compete financially with the top4 does that mean they should blindly buy player for +30mill & hope it works out? How did that work out for Carroll/Downing to LFC, Torres/Wright-Phillips/Duff/Crespo/Veron to Chel; Dzeko/Robinho/Balotelli/Lescott/Jo to ManC; Veron/Anderson/Nani/Hargreaves to ManU; Bent/Bentley to Spurs?"
22nd Jun 2013 17:47
"SaveusKenny 22nd Jun 2013 17:38 "Business has killed the romance of sport", best comment I've heard from you. But how do you expect it to change, it wont unless there's a meltdown somewhere (sheiks/Roman get bored, FFP is robustly introduced). Supporting my team is an escape from reality for a bit; its not war or life/death, its a game & I'd rather enjoy it than get depressed about it."
22nd Jun 2013 17:56
"It's how you do it, we must also have a strong squad this season our bench was very poor."
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 18:05
"Outlook and atude are irrelevant to debate. David Cameron always looks miserable, but Ed never brings that up. Olympiakos game, Istanbul, the Gerrard final, the Everton cup finals, Rome, these are the special moments that make it all worthwhile. Cant see it happening under this regime, as hard as I squint "
22nd Jun 2013 18:07
"SaveusKenny, have you been in a comma for a few years and not seen FSG spend millions on players. You should blame your hero Kenny - and the fact you don't - makes it impossible to take you seriously. We have pragmatic owners who will back their managers sensibly and after the debacle of your hero they are much more cautious and thank God. "
22nd Jun 2013 18:10
"I am shocked that after seeing AC go and losing us 20m in the process - that any KK fan has the temerity to open their mouths - and cast aspersions on BR. Are they serious? SaveusKenny, you should stake out your hero and ask him what was he thinking - as he has set us back years. So stop griping sir...thanks. "
22nd Jun 2013 18:15
"We have just bought a hugely potentially gifted player and its not price tags that determine great players ask Chelksi and their acquisition of Torres or our mad foray during KK tenure. We as fans should be praising our owners diligence and quick buying - which will set us up nicely - for the season start. "
22nd Jun 2013 18:16
"SaveusKenny 22nd Jun 2013 18:05 It could be good to have a debate with you, but you're so blinkered with the past its impossible to have a reasonable, realistic discussion. You don't ever appear to be happy with anything LFC do; I, & many others, are just happy if we're trying to compete for the top4 again & then push for the t!tle. I'd like to say its been good debating with you, but I can't."
22nd Jun 2013 18:17
"Well, I am stepping out for a while and, may I strongly suggest, that all moaners step out with me and get some sun. When you get back - then maybe you will be happy to rejoice in our new player - and wish him well. Good day all :-) "
22nd Jun 2013 18:21
"its coming home its coming home its coming home"
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 18:23
"What astute business writes blank cheques for 35m without looking? He got 60m for injured Torres and Babel, not bad. 15m Carroll + Suarez sale = 45-55m. Nothing lost, maybe even a small profit. Not my hero, but proven at top level, done more for the club than FSG."
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 18:33
"FSG got our hopes back up, with winning le and new stadium talk, should have been honest from the outset. "We cant afford to compete financially with top 4, but we'll try". Not all the spin and incipient lowering of expectation. On a positive note, Suarez signing was a stroke of genius."
22nd Jun 2013 18:40
"Great signing .Get MANUEL LANZINI from RIVER PLATE and MAURO ZARATE on a free transfer from LAZIO"
Dede 7
22nd Jun 2013 18:57
"The future is bright."
22nd Jun 2013 20:19
"Who is watching Aquilani parade his skills against Brazil on BBC3 "
22nd Jun 2013 20:23
"training uniform is beautiful!"
22nd Jun 2013 20:33
"To THE USUAL LADS on here- save us kenny does have some valid points. Also none of us KNOW FOR A FACT if any of our new signings will be succsesful? We all want/hope there will be of course but IF their not at least we wont have lost a boat load of money!!!!!"
22nd Jun 2013 20:47
"Rodgers identifies some and the team identify others. That's the way it works. I am happy its a committee thing. One person picking players is madness and high risk. We cant afford to compete with CFC, MU or MC so we need to go for inexpensive younger players under the radar. That's the way it is "
22nd Jun 2013 20:48
"The Light - have respect for fellow fans, just because someone has a different view from you doesn't mean they are idiots"
22nd Jun 2013 20:53
"Buddha, have respect for King Kenny or take a hike. He did more for this club than you can ever imagine."
22nd Jun 2013 20:54
"This is a bit worrying if Alberto was top of our shopping list, considering he is not in either U20 or U21 sides for spain. I understand buying for the future but we have a enough talented youngsters for the future, we need players "now" that will make an immediate impact. "
22nd Jun 2013 20:57
"Buddha reckons KK set us back years..I reckon he gave us hope again and belief that we could win again..I wish BR well but so far we have won nothing and finished 7th in the league..On a positive note Coutinho and Sturridge have been v good buys so far"
22nd Jun 2013 20:59
"lpdcollier08 - I agree with you but I just don't think we can compete for major signings anymore and hence we concentrate on buying younger less experienced but players with potential. Sadly that's the way it is although so far its working well. Coutinho is a steal at 10m or so as is Sturridge. "
22nd Jun 2013 21:01
"Anyway welcome Luis Alberto, I am sure all LFC fans will support you 100%"
22nd Jun 2013 21:01
"There are some down right negative comments on here. Hopefully these players Aspas and Alberto turn out to be great additions to our team. Still as a fan I do have reservations about these two since they have way more experience in the lower leagues than the top ones. Can any fan really see these two guys starting over any of the current crop we have? because I don't."
22nd Jun 2013 21:06
"WhelanR - You are absolutely right we are not in the position to compete with the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and City for players. But I do feel we are still a huge club that can compete for top tier players. We badly need a couple of experienced players that will walk into our starting eleven and there are plenty out there that would join us. Thats my opinion!"
22nd Jun 2013 21:06
"WhelanR- br has been in the job 11 months. Of course he hasnt won anything!!! Wot do u think he is a magican??? And lay off light n buddha. We all av opioins lad"
22nd Jun 2013 21:26
"centercircle you make it sound like a school playground,what age are you haha"
22nd Jun 2013 21:35
"Redopom- have u been smoking one of your funny fags? Haha"
22nd Jun 2013 21:44
"ssssshhhhhh don't be telling my secrets on here haha"
22nd Jun 2013 21:47
"maybe you been smoking something too the way you spelt my name."
22nd Jun 2013 21:54
"Redopium!!! Thats what happens when when i text n drive....... Sassshhhhh dont tell anyone"
22nd Jun 2013 22:36
"Not sure how to take it that Alberto was our No1 target. Possible starting 11 for next season - Mignolet, Johnson, Toure, Agger, Enrique, Gerrard, Lucas, Alberto (RW), Aspas (AM), Coutinho (LW), Sturridge. I have not included Suarez or Reina as not sure if they will be here next season. Decent team but top 4 material? Hopefully more to come in especially if Suarez leaves. "
22nd Jun 2013 22:55
"WheelanR, no one can say that KK isn't an icon or did not do amazing stuff for LFC - but so did Owen, Torres, Mcmanaman etc but they got dissed because they did some things that was construed as bad. There can be no sacred cows when we look back at our history, and when someone messes up - even if they are giants - they should be rightly castigated. KK wasted funds and we're now paying the price "
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 23:13
"Buddha - Kenny didnt sign the cheques did he?"
22nd Jun 2013 23:59
"SaveusKenny, no he didn't sign the cheque, but he hand picked the players and, ironically, it was the owners who you constantly malign - who signed the cheque. The same folks who you accused of not spending money. Are you smiling now? "
Save us Kenny
23rd Jun 2013 0:09
"The 50m cheque from Roman helped somewhat. So Buddha, how often do you sign blank cheques for 35m without looking at what you are buying?"
23rd Jun 2013 1:35
"Saveuskenny - We have been steadily falling behind since Istanbul. Give Brendan another season or two to shape and develop his squad. We are building right. Even City are scaling back and not spending stupid money. After all they spent and got nothing for it last year. I give BR two more seasons to bring some silverware, if not then questions can be asked"
23rd Jun 2013 1:38
"If you look at the facts. To compete with the big boys you either need a mega rich owner or constant success which we have neither. So.. you can either embrace what lfc are trying to do by not buying big egos on big wages which nearly sent the club into administration or you can be aggrieved that we are not competing for Messi's of the world."
23rd Jun 2013 1:42
"This guy seems to be a tactically brilliant signing. His dead ball delivery is sublime. Lets hope he can adapt seamlessly to the EPL like Coutinho. Good luck!!"
A Red In My Bed
23rd Jun 2013 1:42
"Why is Mkitrayen not our no. 1 target? That bit was dissapointing to read. Can we not sign AT LEAST ONE ESTABLISHED PLAYER?!"
A Red In My Bed
23rd Jun 2013 1:46
"PS That don't mean I'm not happy to see Alberto signed. I am. "
23rd Jun 2013 2:52
"Welcome! I love to see u here. However, we need to put Mkitrayen as our top priority! I dont see we can get top 4 with all this young talents. We need somo one with experience...."