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Good signing but really hope this doesnt spell the end for pepe but can understand why he'd want to go to barca
21st Jun 2013 17:08
21st Jun 2013 17:16
"cant believe we are looking at all the players that are being mention,will wait to see if it happens"
21st Jun 2013 17:36
"Why would Pepe to go to Barca?? Are you serious ? He grew up there, was part of their youth system, one of the top clubs in world football over the last few years oh and they are looking for a keeper to replace Valdes? No idea why he'd want to go. Can't blame him for wanting to go back to his roots. Best of luck if he goes"
21st Jun 2013 17:45
"MidTableTeam, "Good signing but really hope this doesnt spell the end for pepe but can understand why he'd want to go to barca" Because he thinks we are just a mid table team."
21st Jun 2013 18:23
"Exactly the word i was going to use - pro-active. whether Reina stays or goes we will be well-covered. Rather than choosing a second rate option once Barca have decided to make their move. Well done BR & The Team. "
21st Jun 2013 18:42
"lets pray pepe stays SM is ok but he did concede 20 more than pepe last season."
21st Jun 2013 18:42
"reina still got 3-4 yrs on his contract and as supposedly he wants to see that out and more , "
21st Jun 2013 18:48
"We are covering our backsides! "
21st Jun 2013 18:50
"redopium - conceded 20 more last year because sunderlands defence is hopeless,just like the majority of their team. hes quality. his game against newcastle was one of the best performances this year for a keeper..."
21st Jun 2013 19:22
"SSN breaking news LFC agree fee for Mignolet"
21st Jun 2013 19:28
"mignolet is a brilliant keeper sunderland may have leaked more goals than us last season but thats not his fault he hasnt had strong enough defence in front of him that tally could have been alot more except for mignolet heroics in goal....welcome to anfield "
21st Jun 2013 19:28
"spuddy time will tell mate lets hope it was the defence, "
21st Jun 2013 19:31
"deal agreed, and alberto had medical."
21st Jun 2013 19:35
"Do people even realise what 'MidTableTeam' means when he says, 'but can understand why he'd want to go to Barca.' He means he understands why Pepe would want to go back there, some of you guys need to learn to understand and interpret a sentence before mentioning! "
21st Jun 2013 20:03
"What is it with people on this he conceded 20 more than Pepe and? Pretty obvious why that was the case last season Sunderland just avoided relegation,whilst Pepe wasn't not really hard to take in really is it? Since your into your stats go compare the amount of shots he had at his goal & how many more saves he made compared to Pepe,Maybe then you will click why the 20 goals diff."
21st Jun 2013 20:06
"if you state a fact on here some fans get upset chill out mate"
21st Jun 2013 20:14
"Exactly what I was thinking, Avi24. And they made their mistake sound worse by being so condescending. "
21st Jun 2013 20:29
"on sky they said we've agreed 11-12mils for him. abit steep and thus brings doubts if reina will be with us next season. but i dont think BR would have let two goalees go at once. remember gulasci he also went and if reina goes we'll have only 2."
21st Jun 2013 20:33
"i'm not really sure i can only assume BR has brought a quality keeper(mignolet) not so reina can leave for barca but bcoz he wants reina to step up his game. remember he hasnt up to his best this season."
21st Jun 2013 20:37
"but if reina does go as many are expecting i wont hold any grudge against him. he's served us well and barca is his actual home."
21st Jun 2013 20:39
"IF we have spent 12 mill on him he will not be coming 2 use as a 2nd choice keeper so that means Pepe will be number 2 or he is off 2 pasture new "
21st Jun 2013 20:47
"I doubt if BR thought Reina was gonna retire here he would be signing Mignolet. £8m is too much for a second-choice so I think BR might be signing him for the possibility that Reina will be gone by next year at the latest."
21st Jun 2013 20:49
"If Reina does go I wouldn't berate him. He's a great goalkeeper, has been incredibly loyal to the club and any depature would've been dignified. I'm mixed about why he would return to a club that sold him in the first place, but Valdes is set to leave so I guess it's natural Barca would go for Reina. I'd wish him the best for the future if he does go, but would love him to stay personally."
21st Jun 2013 20:51
"scotty78ynwa Indeed. A defence with us Bramble in would be a thorn in the side to any keeper. Bad defences don't always mean bad keepers. A keeper needs his defence as much as strikers need a good midfield supply."
21st Jun 2013 21:06
"11 mil i cant belive it for half this price better keepers are available"
E M D!!
21st Jun 2013 21:06
"We need the keeper off the strongbow advert!!!!"