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get him
21st Jun 2013 13:48
21st Jun 2013 13:50
"Enoug of these rumours.. Splash some cash on Rooney and get this Mersey guy to LFC. He can win us silverware, not Chadli!!"
21st Jun 2013 14:11
"unknown quany"
21st Jun 2013 14:14
"Excellent player, would fit the premier league perfectly. Would love to see some belgians in the team. Mignolet, Chadli and alderweireld would be fantastic! grts a belgian red."
21st Jun 2013 14:23
"Get a bid in for Wanyama. What's the attraction with Southampton - first Ramirez, then Lovren and now in the mix to get Wanyama. They're going to be one to watch next season!"
21st Jun 2013 14:25
"kingofclubs - their ambitious unlike us targeting 2nd division players"
Lucky Number 13
21st Jun 2013 14:28
"NadeemK - Yes, of course, Manchester Utd are going to let us have Rooney and we are going to pay him 200k a week. Some people really are beyond help."
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 14:31
"FSG dont mind paying Gonzalez and other Red Sox players obscene wages"
21st Jun 2013 14:59
"NadeemK: are you serious? Rooney with the Liverpool shirt? That must be a joke!"
21st Jun 2013 15:01
"just finish the job of henrikh,mignolet,atsu and albeto then these rumor we are tired of these, all you need is to finish the trans of all these 4 aces. "
21st Jun 2013 15:04
"BR need to stick on 1 task by now then others will follows."
21st Jun 2013 15:21
"Surely with aspas, alberto and possibly henrikh coming in we won't be signing anyone else in the attacking areas??"
21st Jun 2013 15:47
"Nadeem - have you lost it? Rooney can't stand LFC. Having played for the blue half of Liverpool and the red half of Manchester it's in his blood. Our fans wouldn't have it either!"
21st Jun 2013 16:09
"who s up these stories. after all the rumour-ering, all we have is kolo toure. when is something ACTUALLY going to happen so we can have our team in place before pre-season. or are we getting them 2 days before the league kicks off"
21st Jun 2013 16:16
"is every1 here that nieve that they think these signings happen overnight or in a couple of days and as for rooney thats the funniest thing ive heard in years hes passed it for a start whoever signs rooney is signing another torres to chelsea deal get a grip guys"
21st Jun 2013 16:18
"or is nadeemk actually david moyes desperatly trying to offload sum1 on to much money that is just average these days"
21st Jun 2013 16:37
"Nice player.."
21st Jun 2013 16:39
"bla bla bla bla"
21st Jun 2013 18:14
"oh je!"
21st Jun 2013 18:22
"Who makes this bull up.Never heard of this guy.Does anyone know if his any good?"
21st Jun 2013 18:57
"So many clowns on this site. And 99% of them know nothing about football. Mid table team you are a gimp. Save us kenny you are a tool. Some idiot even said Rooney. And BR cant sign any players until the transfer window opens officially. Rant over"
21st Jun 2013 19:46
"There are two transfer windows in each Barclays Premier League season. The first commences at midnight on the last day of the season and ends on 31 August if a working day - or, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board. The second transfer window commences at blah blah blah "
21st Jun 2013 20:01
"Go and get = Torres , Honda, , Alonso, Mignolet ,Astu,Alberto,Ilori,And Mkhitaryan. Get rid of - Spearing,Coates,Boroni,Allen and Shelvey And if Suarez leaves then go and get Benteke !! = Great squad = GREAT TIMES AHEAD . YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 20:13
"Blackyagogo. No it doesnt open the last day of the season at all. It opens on the 1st July. Unless you have transported yourself into the future we are in June. Proves my point most of the people on here know jack about football!!"
22nd Jun 2013 0:48
"KopiteKing07... well said lol... Blackyagogo... BR can only set deals in principle until 1st July, unless they're on a free "
22nd Jun 2013 3:49
"eyaqueen. heard of him but not much. hes a Belgium winger if im not mistaken. not a world beater but doubt were interested anyway. SERIOUSLY how do football 'fans' not know when the transfer window opens (JULY 1ST!!!). sick of ppl saying to hurry with signings, quite a lot of players are probably off on their holidays if not playing international comps."
22nd Jun 2013 3:54
"midtable your say we are not ambitious but yet say to get this guy, really?...he is average. Southampton might get 1 decent player each window, we will get more and better for that matter. You probably slate our signing, ie allen, but he had a way better season than Ramirez, "