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Welcome to anfield.
21st Jun 2013 10:28
21st Jun 2013 10:30
"on utube Luis Alberto Romero - Welcome To Liverpool Football Club.i think he will be class welcome to LFC luis good luck"
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 10:34
"11 goals in spanish division 2. Barcelona didnt take him for less than half of what we are paying. Not the most ambitious of signings "
21st Jun 2013 10:45
"Welcome to our red family.YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 11:01
"Save us Kenny please go support another club! 12 goals and 18 assists isn't a bad record in any division. Mind you, you probably thought Carroll at 35mil was a steal, and downing at 20."
21st Jun 2013 11:06
"Well said lusettigerrard absolute tosh by save us kenny our fingers were burnt badly by kk on the policy on buying mediocre players at harradds prices, do bad that kk should refund the loss we made on carall from his own pocket "
21st Jun 2013 11:21
"Be LOYAL and give 100 percent and the fans will love you. YNWA"
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 12:07
"Down 20m on Carroll overall, but we ripped off Chelski 50m for Torres, so no loss. We have plenty of young strikers, Sinclair, Yesil, Morgan, Borini, Ngoo, dont understand this signing."
21st Jun 2013 12:10
"Saveus Kenny, i think you were forced to support lfc, we lfc "SUPPORTERS" dont always look for every reason to antagonize our team and i think there are about 28 other teams to choose from so you can move on like Torres. "
21st Jun 2013 12:12
"The reason barca never signed him was because they have enough young players in that position,they want to spend their money on other areas ie defenders,goalkeeper and so on.Doesnt make him a bad player.If he was English the fee would be closer to 15 mil."
21st Jun 2013 12:14
"Really excited about this kid, my type of footballer. YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 12:15
"Save us kenny your an absolute tool,Barca opted to spend 50m on Neymar in the position he would of played for them they also have the likes of pedro,sanchez,tello that play his position.50m is a huge chunk of their budget thats why they never bought him.Alberto & Coutinho get used to those 2 names they will be our creative goal scoring mids that will set the EPL alight.Welcome Alberto YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 12:16
"SAVEUSKENNY, u might have overlooked this fact but let me be like Benitez here. City had a very expensive and somewhat overated squad last season. Their results were as follows- crashed out of champions leage without even qualifying for europa, lost le, out of carling cup and to add insult to injury lost the FA cup final to a relegation bound team~!!"
21st Jun 2013 12:16
"welcome luis"
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 12:20
"Larryhasit - being negative about being negative doesnt make a positive. I doubt LFC will be too antagonized by a comments thread somehow. I can see what they are up to. They will replace all our best players with unproven risks this summer, and even have you applauding them for it, you watch..."
21st Jun 2013 12:25
"Save us Kenny - for a start this guy isn't a striker. Second, the list of present players you give are not all strikers either. Why would anyone listen to what you have to say when you clearly don't know what you're talking about?"
21st Jun 2013 12:28
"Kenny many proven players have come to the premiership and failed,coutinho was unproven and turned out to be one of the signings of the season.Give the lads we've signed a chance to kick a ball before you slaughter them.They might surprise you!"
21st Jun 2013 12:29
"Saveuskenny take the point you made about Chelsea signing a proven star for 50m then put it beside your last point moaning about not signing proven stars from other clubs( CONTRADICTION). Just because a player is a star or considered a star player that means nothing its how they fit in & play for the club they move to,there is no guarantee any player will be as effective at another club. Cont..."
21st Jun 2013 12:34
"It doesnt matter what the fee or how highly they are rated elsewhere its about signing the right players that fit your system & compliments the other players in your team to create a working effective TEAM chemistry. The reason City struggled is they don't have team chemistry loads of good individuals but as a team as showing last season what did they win with multi mills spent?"
21st Jun 2013 12:39
"Balague said a couple of weeks ago that Liverpool have a great eye for talented players,and he knows a thing or two about Spanish football."
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 12:41
"scotty - No we sold Torres for extortionate fee, knowing he never really recovered from that injury. They had to sign Carroll, or there would have been uproar. Chelski got ripped off, so we cant really complain about Carroll signing"
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 12:45
"Nikofella - read the above ".. for Luis Alberto the Sevilla forward..". "
21st Jun 2013 12:45
"No matter what, he should be a good signing. Hope we can get Tello and Thiago also. Honestly, it is very stupid for KK to spent money for those over-price British players. KK thought only England players can help him. success. In addition, buying AC who need to rested for 2 months to recover from injury is super stupid."
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 12:48
"Hanomac - Not denying he may be good, but most budget signings turn out to be poor. Fact. We dont need 6 risky signings, just two or three of real quality and keep our best players here, especially Suarez"
21st Jun 2013 13:06
"OMG - Save us (from) Kenny... A forward is different to a striker mate. Luis Alberto hasn't been signed to play as a striker."
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 13:12
"A forward is different to a striker?! So forward players are not supposed to score?!"
21st Jun 2013 13:16
"I agree with nickofella. saveuskenny alberto has been bought to replace assaidi on the bench.."
21st Jun 2013 13:20
"come on mate, all players are allowed to score. Doesn't mean they should be called strikers. It's a 'position', not a frame of mind mate. Anyhow, I have a feeling you're getting a kick out of this playing dumb so that's my final word numptoid."
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 13:37
"Whats a numptoid? Is that a forward or a striker? "
21st Jun 2013 13:43
"Jose Enrique was looked down by fans like you Save us Kenny. Look at him fitting nicely to the team. Mind you, he was from Div 2"
21st Jun 2013 14:15
"This boy's got bags of talent and he clearly just wants to play. "
21st Jun 2013 15:23
"'Star to undergo medical' dno if this lad should be labelled a star .... i think jonjo had similar stats whilst on load and he is not a star .. yet!... but still its good to see young talent coming in... Good luck Luis and welcome to YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 15:26
"The gaffer obviously sees a lot of potential in him and if he comes with the same talent and promise as the 20 yr old we signed in january..."
21st Jun 2013 16:03
"saveuskenny go support city or chelsea if u want big players only baught should swansea be in prem no they shouldnt but brendan took them over and used this policy and look what he did with them and yes its slightly difrent when u compare that to his task here but go back 3 or 4 years and i was worried if we were gona be bankrupt not what players we signed cont"
21st Jun 2013 16:06
"last season wasnt about finnishing top 4 or winning any cups as much as it would of been nice it was about brendan getting the team playing the way he wants as he is the boss i have read every bit of "GOSSIP" posted in this section dureing this window and i dont recal u agreaing with anything "
21st Jun 2013 16:08
"if u dont like whats going on at LFC u know what u can do as the major majority of LFC fans and supporters do agrea with whats going on here and i certainly do in brendan i trust 100% YNWA"
21st Jun 2013 16:38
"r u fu....g kiding me??? WHAT star, some player who is not yet proven at all, is called a star, get a grip,, u mupets!!!"
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 17:13
"Because since football was ruined by big business, it takes money to win the premiership. Simple as that. And FSG have no intention of supplying the funds allowing us to compete at the top again, like they said they had when they took over. Man City and Chelsea are already miles ahead and still buying better players"
21st Jun 2013 17:23
"Save us kenny no they never had to spend 35m on a player that had done nothing at all to warrant such a fee. We cant complain why? Do you know how much the signing of AC & SD was costing us on a yearly basis for our financial reports? -19m thats how much so yes we can complain you muppet. You clearly don't have a clue the financial implications KK's signings had & still effecting us."
21st Jun 2013 17:46
"Not sure why Save us Kenny gets so much grief like me as a supporter for over 30 years he/she is frustrated. The teams above us are signing the likes of Isco, Higuain & Thiago whilst we are signing Alberto. Barcelona didn't want him, no other club seems interested he didn't even make the U20 or U21 Spanish squad hardly seems to be the next big thing cont."
21st Jun 2013 17:46
"We have plenty of young attacking players with potential (Ibe, Suso, Sterling etc. etc.) what we need is 2 or 3 experienced players who can come straight into the starting 11 and help push us towards top 4. For me, Wanyama would be a start. I was hopeful about the Mkhitaryan deal but that seems to have been made up. "
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 17:51
"How much was Torres contract then? If more or equal to AC, then no difference is there? We were lucky to get 50m for an injured player. And we recouped 15m from West Ham + we still have Suarez, so Kennys work was very profitable. Stop bleating on about how hard up LFC are, its an illusion"
21st Jun 2013 18:31
"Kenny, the club will not buy history of players. They try to buy more potential for less and much much lesser wages. So if they do well and compete in the team - they can be sold for profit or get a pay rise. We cant afford to gamble on big names. "
21st Jun 2013 18:32
Save us Kenny
21st Jun 2013 19:20
"Sell players for profit? So we are now are following the Arsenal example. In 8 years time we still have BR and no trophies. Coming 4th is our only ambition now, forget the league? Why are you happy with that?"
21st Jun 2013 19:22
"exciting times ahead!!!!!"
21st Jun 2013 19:49
"Save us kenny no point trying to explain to a total idiot like you how its not just players wages that effect the financial reports but hey you know it all eh lol your comments are pitiful always negative & anyone with decent knowledge can see things you say are just nonsense. I wonder if its just sour grapes because KK was replaced by BR hmm I wonder eh with a name like you picked MORON!"
21st Jun 2013 19:56
"Liverpool thought they had secured an agreement with the attacking midfielderâ"
21st Jun 2013 22:16
"we signed 2 decent young players in sturridge and coutinho so if we add a couple more out of our new signings we will progress. Brendan is doing a good job with LFC and im sure a good season lies ahead. come on you reds. YNWA J4T96"
22nd Jun 2013 0:36
"To any doubters just remember that man utd spent over 10m on zaha, all you got to do is look at each players highlight reel and that says it all. Where building for the future and we may not get champions league next season, but in my opinion we'll be close and dam good to watch. . . With or without Suarez!"
22nd Jun 2013 0:44
"Save us kenny. This kid isn't just a forward, he can play off the striker or out wide. Rodgers is building a team and to his credit he's doing it well. Are you not pleased with coutinho ? "
22nd Jun 2013 0:59
"Save us kenny. Yes 4th is our current ambition as we did finish 7th last season. Most genuine fans would be ecstatic with 4th as that is our most realistic position. Just look at our average age and talent we have. We can only progress, but sadly not at the rate you wish. "
Save us Kenny
22nd Jun 2013 11:25
"The longer you are out of the champions league, the harder it is to return. We only have one world class player, and he is being pushed out, its madness. Who will we attract now? The likes of Alberto and other youngsters are not up to it"
22nd Jun 2013 19:42
"Welcome Luis, you are now a member of the biggest football family in the world,, YNWA"